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28 November 2008

GZA and Skinnyman - Electric Ballroom, Camden Town

So this was the London date of GZA the genius' UK tour in which Skinny performed beforehand at many. I'm gona say something controversial now. Despite GZA being considered one of the all time greats for that cryptic, mad flow, classic New York, Wu tang shit; his performance of the night resembled that of an ageing veteran; miffed at the young bucks of the game and those who've killed the market of 'real hip hop' with their pop influenced concoption of hip-pop. Luckily he was able to air these grievances when he performed his track of that exact purpose, going at 50 cent and Souljah boy on 'Paper plates'.

Other tracks he shone on included the classic opener 'Liquid Swords' and the best backronym in the music industry B.I.B.L.E (which stands for Basic Instructions Before Leavin' Earth, in case you were wondering), in which Killah Preist provided his verse on stage with plenty of flair and enthusiasm, exposing GZAs lack of those necessary qualitys on stage.

On a more positive note, Skinnyman absolutely smashed it, as he does 90% of the time, and you can tell he was feeding off packed Electric Ballroom's field of hip hop junkies as he made dedications to the fallen Wu soldier, ODB, which as you probably guessed made the crowd orally cream their proverbial pants. Check the image gallery below, provided by Melvs.

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