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28 November 2008

GZA and Skinnyman - Electric Ballroom, Camden Town

So this was the London date of GZA the genius' UK tour in which Skinny performed beforehand at many. I'm gona say something controversial now. Despite GZA being considered one of the all time greats for that cryptic, mad flow, classic New York, Wu tang shit; his performance of the night resembled that of an ageing veteran; miffed at the young bucks of the game and those who've killed the market of 'real hip hop' with their pop influenced concoption of hip-pop. Luckily he was able to air these grievances when he performed his track of that exact purpose, going at 50 cent and Souljah boy on 'Paper plates'.

Other tracks he shone on included the classic opener 'Liquid Swords' and the best backronym in the music industry B.I.B.L.E (which stands for Basic Instructions Before Leavin' Earth, in case you were wondering), in which Killah Preist provided his verse on stage with plenty of flair and enthusiasm, exposing GZAs lack of those necessary qualitys on stage.

On a more positive note, Skinnyman absolutely smashed it, as he does 90% of the time, and you can tell he was feeding off packed Electric Ballroom's field of hip hop junkies as he made dedications to the fallen Wu soldier, ODB, which as you probably guessed made the crowd orally cream their proverbial pants. Check the image gallery below, provided by Melvs.

Mini documentary on ATG

This one from Current TV, a user generated TV and internet channel, that allowed users to upload their documentarys and share their view on the world. This ones about how ATG are more than just a crew of graffers, and have been pretty much the only graffiti artists to turn legit (apart from a certain Bristol originating paintsmith)...

26 November 2008

Blatantly Blunt Radio Episode #3

Once again shit popped off for the 1st show since Urban FM TV took over from Axe FM.
As well as the whole heap of brand new Hip Hop and grime tracks we had 2 guests in the studio; INC and Illa Man. Trust me, nothing in live radio runs smoothly (as also goes for hip hop its gotta be said) so it was a relief when the show reached a new level with probably the best pairing of emcees yet.

Radio Show Episode #3


1- Frisco and Faith SFX - Skeng_Box
2- Ghetto - Live Inda Booth
3- Little dee - Live in da booth
4- Freeway ft Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss - Walk wit me
5- Kool G Rap ft. DJ JS1 - Take a loss
6- Ruste juxx- Duck Down
7- Ludacris - MVP
8- Ludacris feat. Nas and Jay-Z - I do it for hiphop
9- Uncle murder - A Goood Man Is Gone
10- Skepta - Reflecting
11- Skrein - Reach
12- Frisco, Chipmunk & Double S - Skeng Man Mode
13- Little Dee - Star In Da Makin
14- Little Dee - The grafters
15- Foreign Beggars ft Rouge a Levres - Hit that gash
16- Kulez - Smell the tea
17- Nature ft NORE and Prodigy - Cold blooded killer
18- Uncle Murder Feat Jay-Z - He Asked For It
19- Show & AG - Experience

New 45 min Roll Deep Mix to download!

Brand new free grime mix available to download. Features Roll Deep, Wiley, Skepta, JME, Ghetto, Kano, Tinchy Stryder, OG'Z Plus Many More. Mixed by Karnage. This is a lot, trust!

25 November 2008

Three hot new videos

From three different sides of the hip hop scene.

1st is this one from Young Kingz, a crew representing my postcode (listen out for it at the start, not exposing my ends!) with a track called All Day. This one is grimey.

The next is a track from LA representor Alchemist featuring co-Californian Snoop Dogg, as well as Jadakiss and Pusha T from the Clipse. This video's sick with some really cool animation though I must admit the sound effects included in the video get a bit too overpowering for the more subtle beat. This tracks called Lose Your Life' and is cool as the content of the vid goes really well with the lyrics.

And the final video for today is a track from Young Jeezy and is called Crazy World. I'm glad a vid's been done for this as it was one of the few tracks that stood out on his new album, The Recession, which was highly anticipated, but didn't weigh up to the high level of quality heard from his first 2 records. This is another great example of how to translate the raw energy and feeling of a great tune into an audio visual horror song. Seriously, make sure you peep this video, and if you liked the style of it, check his video for one of the songs of the year (in my opinion anyway); Put On ft. Kanye, which I also posted a while back (here).

20 November 2008

Video: Wiley - Money in my pocket

So this is Wiley's new track, produced by Mark Ronson and featuring Daniel Mayweather, a vocalist who made a track with Skinnyman a while back which I posted footage of. As with Wearing my Rolex, Eski boy's not in the video, and instead, he's been replaced by a number of white collar workers in a corporate office somewhere in central London. Interesting idea for a video, even if 99% of them hadn't heard of Wiley before they were filmed lip syncing his bars. They've even set up a dedicated site for the track, inviting others (that's you or me) to make their OWN version of the vid for a chance to win £1000! Definitly a great idea to get the audience engaged in this and also hopefully come up with something a bit better than this one...

19 November 2008

Classic Flashback: Kool G Rap - On the Run

Believe it or not, this track came out in 1992, and is the definition of REAL gangsta rap; if there ever was one. This dude has mastered the art of story tellin' to the level of Slick Rick, while keepin it gangsta to the point of to the point of [insert your favourite gangsta rapper].

"The only motherfucker left was Don Luciano, So I snuck up the sucker
Put my gun to his head, "Whassup now motherfucker?"
He said, "Wait, I want to talk"
*five gunshots* I put his brains on the sidewalk"

The only guy really putting it down like G Rap in 2008/9 is Uncle Murder who's got that raw NYC hard bodied feeling...He put this track out a couple of years ago and came up thru DJ Green Lantern and is now signed with Roc a fella. He's come out with plenty more street bangers so watch out for him if you like this!

DJ Cable Mix #41

This week, Cable's decided to throw together a few Dubstep anthems from the likes of Benga and Chase & Status, and add a nice little Crunk/Dubstep Mashup from DJ Nappy. As usual, stream/get from the Zshare link below:



01. Ed Solo - Age Of Dub
02. SPL - Lust
03. Benga - 26 Basslines
04. DZ - Old Timers
05. Khalifah Feat. Bun B - Light A Fire (Nappy Vs. Ekaj Extended Dubstep Mix)
06. Chase & Status - Eastern Jam

15 November 2008

Eric Sermon Freestyle on Westwood

Unlike a lot of so called 'freestyles', which normally involve an MC spittin a couple of 16's with out having to do a retake, Sermon, a certified veteran in the game convincingly drops science from the top of his dome. You can tell he's done this all too often before and can't wait for it to finish but he smacks it either way.

12 November 2008

Blatantly Blunt Radio Episode 2

So Monday night was the 2nd radio show, live at Axe FM and trust when I say it was a show not to forget. As well as the biggest playlist packed full of new grime and hip hop, we had a an Obama themed competition, to win his mixtape. ON TOP of that came two emcees who absolutely KILLED it. They were Reain and Skilzie. Peep the pics from their session and the audio of the WHOLE show below:

1. Intro (Chunky Bizzle - Suck Who's mum?)
2. Thunderclaps ft. Orifice, Ghetto, Shameless - Judgement Day
3. Wretch 32 ft. Wretchro Kids – Be Cool
4. Prof. Green – Here I Come
5. Bustan Rhymes – Conglomerate
6. Ransom ft. Tom Gist, Sleezo Bang – Hood Vision
7. Ill Bill ft. Vinnie Paz – A Bullet Never lies
8. Asher D ft. Durrty Goodz, Sway – MO Pt. 2
9. OG’z – More money more obstacles
10. Black the ripper – Are you stupid
11. Bashy - Drive
12. Wretch 32 ft. Ghetto and Badness – Ina Di Ghetto
13. Foreign Beggars ft. Dubbledge – Bollocks
14. M9 ft. Skriblah - Cold
15. Louie V - Hataville
16. Ludacris ft. Floyd Mayweather - Undisputed
17. Statik Selektah ft. MOP and Jadakiss – For the City
18. Black the Ripper – Black Remix
19. Sway - Upload
20. Donaeo – African Warrior
21. Boy Better Know – Too many man
22. Roll Deep – Give up
23. Bashy – London Underground
24. OG’z – Get Down
25. Young Jeezy ft. Nas – My president is black

MC Session.

1) Reain
2) Skilzie.

Life imitating art... Clockwork Orange tho!

A great story I found in The Guardian's Music Blog... Could you see this ever happening over here? Let me know!

Alex in A Clockwork Orange

An amazing story from Urbana, Ohio, originally from the Springfield News-Sun:

Andrew Vactor was facing a $150 fine for playing rap music too loudly on his car stereo in July. But a judge offered to reduce that to $35 if Vactor spent 20 hours listening to classical music by the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.

Vactor, 24, lasted only about 15 minutes, a probation officer said.

It wasn't the music, Vactor said, he just needed to be at practice with the rest of the Urbana University basketball team.

"I didn't have the time to deal with that," he said. "I just decided to pay the fine."

Champaign County Municipal Court Judge Susan Fornof-Lippencott says the idea was to force Vactor to listen to something he might not prefer, just as other people had no choice but to listen to his loud rap music.

Jason Gross at hits the nail on the head: the assumption that rap is de-civilising, that classical is somehow its antithesis, and that merely to listen to it for a few hours will neuter any antisocial behaviour, is imbecilic hogwash. And to punish one guy in his car for noise pollution is wrong-headed when those responsible for the real musical pollution in our lives, here and all over the world – classical piped into the tube, chart music played to speed up your purchases in the high street, supposedly soothing light classics on planes – are never brought to book.

11 November 2008


Coming up this next Saturday: the Speakers Corner Quartet open for a Legend of the Jazz world, a prolific player.. a pioneer in electronic synth fusion and a hero to every self respecting composer and musician alive.. HERBIE HANCOCK.. !!! It doesnt get much better than this!!

Sat - Nov 15th [From 3pm]
Live @ The Royal Festival Hall - South Bank - London

[Royal Festival Hall] SOLD OUT!!

[The Clore Ballroom] FREE ENTRY!!


A fresh take on Herbie Hancock from Southbank Centre's multi-talented group of Emerging Artists in Residence (EAR). Experience a range of interpretations of Herbie’s music from some of the most exciting young jazz artists around, as well as genre-spanning performances from several of the EAR themselves.

This extraordinary and packed bill includes performances from Jazz Alive, the project facilitated by Orphy Robinson and Soweto Kinch, Speakers Corner Quartet, and Manchester-based brass massive Riot Jazz, as well as versions of classics such as Chameleon, Maiden Voyage and Butterfly by EAR artists Nila Raja, Mieko, Ping Lee and Max Hallett’s Super Best Friends Club.

HERBIE REMIXED event is FREE [3pm-6pm]

The SCQ will be playing a version of "Maiden Voyage". Exclusive.

8 November 2008

Video: Kanye - Heartless

Great animated vid and one of Kanye's better recent releases as he takes himself one step closer to t-pain with his "rappa ternt sanga" persona, after taking on the vocoder. Respect to 'Ye tho, this tunes cool and he's doing his thing 808 & Heartbreak is gonna be big I reckon.

6 November 2008

New free Stat Quo Mixtape

Free mixtape giveaway (by him, not me!) - The South Got something to Say.

Click Image to download!

All I want to know is when his album is coming out! Dude's gotta be the hottest artist on Shady/Aftermath that hasn't blown yet!


Time 2 Get Paid (Produced by Lyrics)
J Newt Speaks 1
The Dirty
The Sun (Produced by Illtone)
What It Is
That's Me
Fuck U
Im Sorry
Gutta Shit
J Newt Speaks 2
Act Up
Deez Nuts Skit
Go Ham (Produced by Ty Cutta)
Let The Beat Build Freestyle
Dear Summer Part 1
Dear Summer Part 2

***Bonus*** Dear Summer Part 1 (Ipod Video)

5 November 2008

DJ Cable & Rock The Dub Presents: Crooked I "The Block Obama Mini Mix"

So....If you've been following Cables blog - - You may remember that he posted up Crooked I's "The Block Obama" Mixtape a while back. He's thrown together some picks off the mixtape, adding the usual cuts and juggles, and came up with nice little mini mix for your ears...


01. Intro
02. Rappers Ain't Shit
03. Trafficin' Green
04. Circle Gang (Feat. Horse Show Gang)
05. Hood Politics
06. Welcome To My City
07. Straightin' It Out (Feat. Sauce Boss)
08. Fast Money
09. What's Hip-Hop?


Got any thoughts? Leave a comment!

4 November 2008

Freeze Festival 30 October feat Sway

Freeze Festival is a 2 day long Snowboarding music event, with Sway performing alongside Cypress Hill and a bunch of acts irrelevant to this site, but it was Konvicts latest signing who got the exposure today, shouts to Blatantly Blunt's in house snapper Melvs behind the lens. It was a good job we went on the Saturday as the event was rained off on the Sunday like a stereotypical Wimbledon Final. Unlucky for my boy Ben K who was invited down to ride that day, and despite having never snowboarded in my life, that slope in the first pic below seems to tick the right boxes.

Blatantly Blunt Radio Show (ep 1) on

Blatantly Blunt went live last night on legendary internet grime station Axe Fm for a first night that was unmissable. We were lucky enough to get DJ Madnice on the decks and MC's Luca Brazi (hip hop) and Untitled MC (grime); and they both smashed it. Big shouts to Raw at Axe.

Click here to listen to the show:

These are pics of the night:

# SWAY - Move Back
# KANO - Hustler
# ORIFICE - Hit That Gash! ft. Rouge a Levres
# DEVLIN - F U ft. Ghetto
# FRISCO - Ignorant
# JME- 96 Ambitions
# KRS ONE - The DJ
# METHOD MAN - Gotta Have It
# WILLIE THE KID - Splendid!
# KRS ONE - Phucked
# FOREIGN BEGGARS - Slow Broiled Ilk
# DOCTOR - Dun
# RANDOM IMPULSE - Sayin No Names
# P MONEY - Grime Scene
# INC - Bang Bang
# THE BUG - Skeng Ft. Killa P & Flowdan
# CAGE - Grand Ol Party Crash
# ILL BILL - Society’s Brainwashed
# HELTAH SKELTAH - The art of disrespektinization
# LUDACRIS & LIL WAYNE - Last of a dying Breed
# WORDSMITH - The Banga
# DEVLIN - Bottom to Top
# SKEPTA - Greatest Hits
# C GRITZ - Demons

3 November 2008

Fake internet rumour of the year: Wiley's Dead.

So I heard about this news story happening and if they hadn't given them selves away using their own domain name and didn't use Thames Valley Police statement for a Hackney based murder (lol), this could've been somewhat more believeable, but luckily.... it ain't.
Here's the article (click here for the link):

British Rapper Wiley stabbed to death

Wiley stabbed to death after an argument.

Richard Kylea Cowie also known as wiley a grime mc who recently got to number two in the chart was stabbed to death only hours ago.

Officers were called to Hackney at about 2200 GMT after reports of a disturbance.

They found 29-year-old Richard Cowie in an alleyway behind Cheshire Road. He had been stabbed several times. Police believe that an argument had taken place as shouting was heard by witnesses.

Cowie, from Bow, was taken to Hospital where he later died. Police are appealling for witnesses to come forward.

Detective Aaron Johnson said:

"We have now put high visibility patrols in place, including community contact points and we have set up confidential telephone lines.

"We will be working throughout the night with community leaders to ensure that people in the area still feel safe, and that the killers are caught"

Anyone with any information on Cowies murder is asked to call police or Crimestoppers.

BBC will keep you updated on this as more information becomes available.

2 November 2008

Blatantly Blunt Radio Show on Axe

Blatantly Blunt Radio show this monday night from 8 - 10 PM at Make sure you peep it.

We have live MCing from Jam Baxter of SMB and Untitled MC and DJ Madnice on the decks.

It's gonna be big so don't miss out and remember, is the site you need to be at!!


New Luda album's gona be fiyah!

Here's a little trailer for it. The production credits and features alone make it sick, then there's the man himself...

1 November 2008

Some new videos from the UK Hip Hop scene.

LAZY HABITS make their welcome return with two singles EVEN OUT and PLEASE PEOPLE.

Even Out - Lazy Habits

Lazy Habits - Please People

Hit That Gash!!! - Foreign Beggars vs Rouge A Levres

Expect to hear this one on the Blatantly blunt radio show this Monday from 8-10 PM (GMT) on