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30 November 2010

The Sun Article: 'Kids study grime MC for GCSEs'

LUCKY schoolkids got a treat when their teacher used a grime MC to help them prepare for their GCSEs.
The ingenious idea came from teacher KATE MEAD, who got children to use JME's Twitter page to create a brainstorm of his idiolect.

"If you're not up to speed on idiolects - in basic terms, it refers to the language used by an individual. Some people's use of launguage is more unique to them than others.
Hence why JME is a good subject, because he really does have his own take on language.
Throughout his career as an MC, the north Londoner has always been known for his emphasis on particular words.
In his early years he used words like 'serious', and helped to popularise the term Boy Better Know - originally used by fellow MERIDIAN CREW member BIG H.
Nowadays catchphrases like Blam! (the title of his latest album) and 'Well well well', as well as his Tweets where he uses the same word in every post for a day, mark him out from other MCs.
Amazingly, the class' other subject was none other than sharp-witted comedian and writer STEPHEN FRY.
Grime stars will have their own panel shows in no time.

I just can see WILEY hosting 9 Out Of 10 Brrraps..."

Source: The Sun.

Even if there are some shocking puns and stupid statements on here like ''In his early years he used words like 'serious''', it's always good to get some positive PR for grime. As sensationalist as The Sun can be, they do cover a lot of grime music so props to them (Marcus Barnes is the most regular grime contributor as well as the writer formally known as Prancehall who provides a variety of content for the The Sun).

29 November 2010

Video: Dream McLean, Row D Beats, iRate @ Terror Danjah album launch

Check my latest vid here from Terror Danjah's 'Undeniable' Launch Party down at the club East Village in Hoxton which in my opinion has the best quality sound out of most of the major small/medium sized clubs..

Make sure you watch till the end to see a guy that didn't get a chance to check the mirror when he left the toilets...

28 November 2010

Video: Swizz Beatz Dicusses DMX's Struggles, Jay-Z Beef

Anyone that knows me or follows my site will know that Swizz Beatz is one of my favourite hip hop producers ever. For those with amnesia or a limited knowledge of the game, Swizzy has been killing it on productions duties since 'ruff ryders anthem' so knows a thing or two about making hits... oh he's also married to Alicia Keys.

La The Darkman aka L.A.D - Gangsta Shit

2 new vid's in one here from the ex Wu Tang affiliate that never dented the scene like he shoulda, but he's released a lot of good material with DJ Drama and Willie the Kid. This guy's like a more underground version of the Game but a little more authentic in the way he does it.

La The Darkman aka L.A.D "Gangsta Shit" Official Music Video (MitchWhy from MitchWhy on Vimeo.

Video: Sheffield gets grimey over bassline

Gang of MCs up in Sheffield spit bars over bassline and grime in a varying degree of slapstick and straight braggadocio styles! Feeling the rawness on this tho I have to say! None of them are familiar to me but for the record they're Jyzerr, Harmz, Ramsay, AK, Coco, Vipes, Kombat, Scliffy, Rawkid, Mr.Greenman.

Video: P Money Feat. D Double E, Footsie & Blacks - Slang Like This Remix

P drops the remix video to what has been undoubtedly one of the grime anthems of 2010. Alongside D Double E, Footsie & Blacks this mammoth of a track takes a grimey injection from three more distinctive MCs that need no introduction.

Look out for P Money and Blacks' forthcoming collaborative mixtape. No date set as yet, and OGz season Vol. 2 is another one due for release shortly.

27 November 2010

Wiley & Westwood to be on Never Mind the Buzzcocks

I had pretty much given up on this ever happening but I now believe the hype! Noel Fielding and Phill Jupitus are joined by guest presenter Tim Westwood and panellists JLS, Holly Walsh, Russell Watson and the one and only Wiley. I know this will be VERY entertaining! I hope JLS get rinsed to death by Wiley & Tim and everyone else!

It's on BBC 2 Thu 2 December!

Video: chats to Giggs is 50 cent's social networking site (as if a simple website would be sufficient for 50!). The main video guy on the site Jack Thriller chats to Giggs about a bag of stuff including the obvious ones like being from London, his album, "Let Em Have It", selling dope when he was younger, and musical inspirations... Giggs' mumbling and/or accent has led them to subtitle it!

25 November 2010


Ever wondered how to make the music game profitable? Well, meet the entrepreneurs and industry professionals who’ve converted beats and bars into big bucks and business.
Cop your tickets and get more info here

Mix: Motive Monthly: November 2010

DJ Motive drops his latest monthly mix. This one's on more of a Funky vibe this month with some new bits, bangers & remixes from the likes of SBTRKT, Wiley, Katy B, Redlight, R1 Ryders, Roska, Girl Unit + more!

Download here

24 November 2010

Audio: M.I.K - Trouble Maker 2 (Prod.By Wiley)

Brand new [uploaded 6 minutes ago] tune here, M.I.K coming with raw energy and a fresh flow. Showering down as ever.
M.I.K - Trouble Maker 2 (Prod.By Wiley) by MIKMUSICUK

UK Producer on upcoming TI & Aguilera track

Producer Alex Da Kid, who has worked on B.o.B and Hayley Williams' Airplanes and Eminem and Rihanna's Love the Way You Lie, recently revealed that he has another star-studded collaboration in the mix between T.I. and Christina Aguilera called Castle Walls, which will be featured on the rapper's new album, No Mercy!

"It's going to be T.I.'s next single. I love it. I think it's amazing. It's my sound, just kind of an evolution of that. I think it'll cater to a lot of different people."

Source: Perez Hilton

I'd only heard about Alex Da Kid recently but of course 'Airplanes' and 'Love the way you lie' are practically Jim Jonsin/Just blaze/Swizz Beatz level productions so you gotta take notice!! Also I found out he was also on production duties for Em & Dre's absolute banger 'I need a Doctor'; almost certainly one of the tracks to be featured on Detox. Check it here:

Alex was ranked #2 on Music Week’s Top 30 Songwriters list earlier this month and was also named one of Billboard’s Top 5 Songwriters. Not bad for someone that moved to NYC from London just a year ago! Here he is talking to US site,

23 November 2010

Download: Z Dot - Route to Success Part 2

The second part in the series from one of 2010's best grime producers Z-dot - showing off a little of what he’s been up to recently. If you're not familiar with the name, just think Ghetts - Artillery and Wiley - Mastered the Craft aswell as countless Dollar the Dustman bangers! If you missed the first then you can download The New Wave Vol.1 here.


Tracklist – Vocals:

Wiley – Roaming
R.I.O Feat. Shifty & Ghetts
Doller Da Dustman Feat. Mercston & G Frsh – Slugs
Griminal – E.T
Wiley – Mastered The Craft
Maxsta & Griminal – Grimsta
Doller Da Dustman – Morning Sex

Zdot – Shake The Room
Zdot – Fire Bars
Zdot & Dan Dare – Lock Stock
Zdot – Show Room
Zdot – Solo Effort
Zdot – Money Man
Zdot – Technician


New hood vid here from D Power, an East London grime artist affiliated with the likes of Jammer and Neckle Camp. No silly business or cheesy hooks just straight barrin, how the real grime MCs do it best!

Audio: Papa Duck, Deebo, Lost Child # Finland 2 Orlando (Overseas Hustle Edition)

No idea who these guys are when I got sent it tonight but I've managed to listen thru 11 tracks of the mixtape and liked all of it. They do southern rap and there's a few big features on here to keep it all in context. If you're into dirty south hip hop like Plies/Jeezy/Lil Boosie type shit give this a listen!

Audio: Chipmunk ft Chris Brown - Champion

1 year ago, Chipmunk was snapped with Rhianna at the-club-that-makes-the-word-'bouji'-sound-ghetto; Mahiki, in Mayfair, Central London. Now he's just released the track that was dreamt up in the office of the Chippy and Chris' respective A&R's?

When I first heard about this track happening about 4 months ago I didn't think I'd be 'watching the song on youtube' this side of 2011. But as we approach X Mas can this be the anthem to be expected in millions of kids' Christmas e-stockings?

22 November 2010

Video: BlatantlyBlunt meets Reps - interview and freestyle

I recently met up with Reps to talk about his new single Like 2 Party. He has a massive fanbase in Poland, partly thanks to the Polish producer of the track; OSTR. The single is out today on Flash Fry Records!

Here's the video:

Video: The Alchemist + Oh No (Gangrene) - Take Drugs

Latest video here from Alchemist and Oh No's new collaborative project 'Gutter Water'. From what I've heard so far it's sounding VERY SICK. The album's out January 2011 so make sure you look out for that!

Def Jam Rapstar: Think you got what it takes?

The only music videogame that focuses exclusively on Hip Hop, you and your social networks! It's out on November 26 and looks big!!




1. SKI BEATZ ft CURREN$Y & SMOKE DZA - Nothing But Us
3. NOTTZ - Fair Warning
5. SONNY JIM - Airtight (prod Savvy)
6. NIKAL FIELDZ ft SHA STIMULI - One Of The Greatest (prod Heist)
7. EMILIO ROJAS ft YELAWOLF - Turn It Up (prod DJ Green Lantern)
8. MED ft ALOE BLACC - Where I'm From (prod Oh No)
9. NOTTZ ft BLACK MILK - Blast That
10. REDMAN - Tigerstyle
11. TERMANOLOGY ft M.O.P - Thugathon 2010
12. SKITZ ft RODNEY P - Left
13. FASHAWN - Remember The Times (prod Black Friday)
14. VADO - Celebration (prod Feva Beatz)
15. RUSTE JUXX ft SKYZOO & LETIA LAROK - Music To My Earz (prod Endemic)
16. NEMS - Deal Or No Deal
18. BLACK MILK ft DANNY BROWN - Black & Brown (prod Black Milk)
19. JACK FLASH - No Strings Attatched (prod Wizard)
20. EDO G - Acting
21. LUNAR C - Salad Of A Wookie (prod Exp)
22. CHAUNDON ft ERICA THOMPSON - The Blacker The Berry (prod D.K. The Punisher)
23. EVIDENCE - To Be Continued (prod Sid Roams)
24. SKYZOO - Langston's Pen (prod Illmind)

21 November 2010


Yasmin performs a live version of her new/debut single, produced by D&B hero Shy FX - 'On my own' for 1xtra. You might recognise her from featuring on Devlin's 'Runaway which fully regained my faith in Dev's ability to make dignified commercial music. Even tho she's been in the scene for a while as a DJ I think now she'll be pushed as mix of Amy Winehouse and Katy B with a touch of Lauryn Hill.

Video: Skepta vs N-Dubz - So Alive

New video here and a ridiculously powerful line up. I've never dismissed the 2 MCs from N Dubz but on this track Dappy and Fazer do actually deliver sick verses. Skepta provides acceptable bars for his standards but I must admit that his 'consistent' rhyme pattern/flow is starting to wear thin on me!

Regardless, the guys making big progress so all respect is due. For those that didn't know he used to be Big H's DJ so you can't really chat to him!

20 November 2010

Audio: Baobinga & Mensah - N.S.G.

Bad boy instrumental here, described by the producer as 'Epic 80s crunk-grime' which I agree with to a certain extent but could be easily summed up by one word. Filth. Never heard the producers' names before but they're off to a good start in my books!
Baobinga & Mensah - N.S.G. - BUILD004 by Build Recordings

Download: Beat Creatures Present Creatopia Series 1 – Vocal Valley Volume 3

Grime producer crew Beat Creatures have recently dropped the third release in the Creatopia Vocal Valley series, which are a collection vocals made by producers in Beat Creatures.

MCs on there include Wretch 32, Sway, Dot Rotten, Dream Mclean, Maxsta, Voltage and more. The production comes from TruOmega, Teeza, Jimmy K (KaOs), Darkos, Caina, Dj Impact, Renoe and Stylez Davis.

Download 'Vocal Valley Volume 3' here.

Audio/download: Sway - WOW (Pow 2011)

Sway does his version of Lethal Bizzle's POW 2011 and rips it to pieces! Definitely shows his versatility as an artist!

Download: Sway - WOW

19 November 2010

Hip hop takes another massive step to taking over the world

Tinie Tempah and Snoop Dogg are hot favorites to perform at Prince William’s engagement party according to The Mirror. The bash is reportedly being organized by Will’s younger brother Harry.
A source told the newspaper: "Tinie has been approached to perform at the engagement party”
"William and Harry hit it off with Tinie at the Wireless festival and requested that he perform at their shindigs. Tinie's schedule is packed, but he will clear his diary for this. The party will be low-key but fun with mini-burgers, fish and chips. They'll do a formal party with their family too, but this one is for the cool kids."

The old guard must be pretty pissed that Wills is not only marrying a non aristocrat or 'commoner' but also that he's potentially got an ex gang member performing alongside an ex grime MC!

Audio/Download: DJ Cable - BBC 1Xtra Guest Mix For CJ Beatz

As if doing a guest mix for RinseFM wasn't enough, DJ Cable guests mixes for CJ Beatz's show on 1xtra. Expect 30 minutes of New Jack Swing/90's R&B, some uptempo club joints, southern Hip Hop, Dubstep, Grime, and a live acapella mashup too!


01. TLC - Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg (U.S. 7" Edit)
02. Keith Sweat - I Want Her
03. Boyz II Men - Sympin’ (Remix)
04. Bobby Brown - My Prerogative
05. Boyz II Men - Motown Philly
06. R. Kelly - You Got That Vibe
07. Iconz - Get Crunked Up
08. Common Feat. Pharrell - Universal Mind Control
09. Clipse Feat. Keri Hilson - All Eyes On Me
10. LMFAO Feat. Lil Jon - Shots
11. DJ Class Feat Lil Jon - I’m The Ish (Remix)
12. Roscoe Dash Feat. Soulja Boy - All The Way Turnt Up
13. SX - Woooo Riddim
14. Rude Kid - Electric
15. True Tiger Feat. P Money - Slang Like This
16. Gucci Mane - Lemonade (Instrumental)
17. Ludacris - How Low (Acapella)
18. Redlight - MDMA
19. DJ Cable Vs. JME, Tempa T & Noah D - CD Is Seeeriousssly Dead
20. Ginuwine - Pony
21. Loefah - Disco Rekah

Video: T-Pain - Rap Song feat Rick Ross

T-Pain brings it back to what he does best and makes a tune about making love to a certain theme (similar what R Kelly's frequently done). In the past he's done 'Chopped & Screwed', 'in the studio' and a few others but this one brings it home to 'rap music' and knowledgable hip hop heads will clock most of the references. The video itself is original - you can tell a lot of creativity, expertise and money's gone behind it. Look out for the cameos!

Audio: Badness & Dizzle Pow 2011 Refix

Yep the new Pow! 2011 was played on Westwood's 1xtra show on Wednesday but I didn't bother posting it, take a look on one of the other blogs. Anyway here's Badness and Dizzle Kid's refix! LAAAAVA!!!

Badness & Dizzle - Pow 2011 Refix

Here's the interview with Badness last week I carried out. I'm not the interviewer but was behind it!

and here's the freestyle!

17 November 2010

Video: Visual - Never Sold Crack feat. Cap D of All Natural

This guy's never sold crack and is so proud of it that he made a whole music video about it. You gotta have pride in what you do in life (or what you don't do)... I can't hate tho, this is a cool tune and it's always good to give an alt. view on what people expect to see.

16 November 2010

Audio: Young Don ft. Project Pat - Shawty Bad

Dope new track here featuring a Memphis based rapper Project Pat who's closely affiliated with Three 6 Mafia. Hadn't heard his name about for a while so thought I'd check this out and it's banging! Reminded me why I love down south hip hop!

Young Don ft. Project Pat - Shawty Bad

Video: Kashmere (Galaktus) BANG! SPLAT!

UKHH legend Kashmere drops a video for his new joint which can only be described as comic book character Galaktus on Viagra, in a particularly non-prudish undergound hip-hop format! Kashmere's new release 'Galaktus: Power Cosmic' is available on Limited Edition LP, CD & MP3 now. Video by Ed Grace

Video: Jay-Z chats to CNN Money.

Jay-Z who's certainly well within his comfort zone here talks to the news network about his new book 'Decoded' and why Obama becoming President was so inspiring for others. Very insightful and it seems the CNN girl learnt a thing or two!

Event: DJ Premier & Royce Da 5'9" Live in London [Flava of the month]

All Hip Hop heads know that Premo is amongst the very elite of hip hop producers and was one half of GangStarr alongside the late Guru, as well as being one of the top Hip Hop producers in the game today. He has honored numerous classic cuts with his trademark scratches and production credits include, Big L, Das EFX, D.I.T.C, Group Home, Jay-Z, Jeru the Damaja, KRS-One, M.O.P, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Rakim and many more.

Royce da 5'9" is former member of the rap duo Bad Meets Evil, together with Eminem and is the current member of the group Slaughterhouse (Joell Ortiz, Crooked I & Joe Budden). Having previously linked up with Premo and Statik Selektah on the 2007 mixtape ‘The Bar Exam’ he went on to later work with Premo once again on the studio release ‘Street Hop’ in 2009.

Featuring special guests, DJ Premier’s label signing Nick Javas and the UK’s Prose. The night is hosted by the mighty Mystro with DJ 279 blessing the decks.

Venue: Fabric, 77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6HJ
Tickets: Only £15 in advance
Doors: 8pm – 2am
Info Line: 07977 431 430 or 020 7336 8898
Check out: for tickets

Video: Method man/Redman backstage in London

Mr Iron lungs and Funk Doc recently played a big show in London for DJ 279's 'Flava Of The Month' which unfortunately I couldn't make but they did chat to Sumit from the Hip hop chronicle about the first time they met each other, what Redman's album will bring to the game and when he can battle them on Def Jam Rapstar. Dope interview followed by Method Man showing off his magic skills!

Video: Dot Rotten @ RoadSound Live at Cargo

Here's my footage of Dot Rotten's set at one of the biggest lineups for a long while! He performed some new tracks which sound overly promising so I can only assume his next CD should be yet another solid output from the MC/Producer. It's rare that Dot does stage shows so good to see some fresh footage!

15 November 2010

Audio: Random Impulse - Overload

Legend amongst men, Random Impulse drops his debut single - Overload. Having built his buzz amongst the grime and indie scenes steadily over the last decade, Impulse drops this one which is due for release in February/March time but the video's dropping in January so look out for that!
Random Impulse - 'OVERLOAD' by Joseph 'JP' Patterson

I caught up with Mr Impulse recently @ I luv live.. have a butchers!


Strong new one here from Little Dee. Lyricism is on point and production here is more on the jazzy hip hop vibe compared to what we've come to know of Littles but I'm not complaining. Good to see some more diversity in the scene.

Video: Bruza - Barclays Freestyle [S-StarTV]

Shouts to S Star TV here as they get Bruza involved on the latest track, 'Barclays' (produced by Teddy) that's doing the rounds ever since it dropped on Tinchy's latest free download, III EP. This time it's Bruza's turn and he doesn't dissapoint, coming with that irregular cockney flow that's he's come to be known for. I've seen his name around a bit recently so I anticiapte a comeback in the near future... Get mayyyyyy!!!!!

14 November 2010

Video: Badness Interview & Freestyle [BLATANTLYBLUNT EXCLUSIVE!]

Earlier this week I went down to DJ Magic's studio in East London to chat to Badness and get a freestyle video from the man himself. Interview by Remel London.

13 November 2010


The Grime Report caught up with Jammer fresh off stage at the 'This is UK Grime' Album launch and he broke down a lot including his new album, how he views the future of Grime as well as which MCs he is cosigning plus his next release Back to the 90's

Check my freestyle/catch up video with Jammer and C Gritz from a few months back once you've seen the one above!

Video: Vice Mag presents 'The Producers' Episode 1: Toddla T

Check the first episode of a six part documentary from Vice Magazine's 'VBS TV' showcasing a selection of the most exciting producers in the world. The first instalment features Toddla T who, aside from being a globetrotting DJ, remixer, and BBC Radio 1 presenter, lists Roots Manuva and Tinchy Stryder as artists he's produced for. Here he joins forces in the studio with Dave Okumu from Mercury Prize-nominated The Invisible on a new track for his forthcoming album on Ninja Tune.


Check Fort Nott's 'J.Gold' trade verses with fellow Nottingham MC 'Mindzeye' over moSS' 'Roughnecks' beat. Straight gullyness here. Can't decide whether this is grime or hip hop but it doesn't really matter so I'll just class it as 'sick'!

Download/Audio: Maverick Sabre - The Travelling Man

Debut mixtape from perhaps the most original talented artist to emerge from the UK urban scene. Maverick Sabre came into the game as an acoustic singer/MC but has since diversified to voalling all types of beats from hip hop to dubstep, featuring on Professor Green's latest video, Jungle. Check my review of the opening track for Urban Development, 'Run to the roof'.

Video: Big Cakes feat. Don Strapzy & Selftaught Beats - Pengaleng

Jeeeez. Cakes and Strapzy kill it on this one!!

12 November 2010

Video: Chipmunk - Flying high

I know it's really trendy to rinse Chipmunk for selling out and making 'moist pop' etc. It gives a sense of unity amongst us "underground heads" that "know what real music is". I've been one of those people in the past, so much so that Chipmunk blocked me on Twitter. However 'Flying high' shows how he's matured as an artist. I know it ain't grime but he comes with tight bars and flow tho, although the video's a bit OTT I must admit!

I say good luck to the guy and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing his alleged collabo with Chris Brown! It was meant to happen!

Video: J.Peace - Champion

New video here fusing live Jazz with rapping from London MC J.Peace. Good track and it's always refreshing to see someone taking a different approach to the music. Feeling this one!

10 November 2010

Audio/Download: Byron - Lonely

Byron drops his new banger with producer Loco. As a team (and as individuals!) they're a force to be reckoned with so take a listen to this and feel free to download it also! Byron comes with some real descriptive bars that definitely provide imagery and gives his reflective of thoughts on this thing we call 'life'!

Byron - Lonely (Produced by Loco) by byronjackofnone

Also he's jumped on the classic Mobb Deep instrumental of 'Get away', give this a listen!
Byron - Get Away Freestyle by byronjackofnone

Check his latest mixtape here:

Download: Ramar - Life In The Booth (The Promo).

Check this mixtape from an young grime artist from SE London I've been aware of a for a little while. His name's Ramar and present this, his promo.

Download here:

Check this video from him over Maxsta's 'East London is back'.

Video: Grizzly - On 2 Da Next 1 [+ free mixtape]

South London rapper Grizzle goes hard on this grime track produced by S-X. Download his mixtape AWOL Vol 2 here .

9 November 2010

Audio/download: Newham generals - Hard (Redlight remix)

Wow this is disgustingly sick. One of 2010s best dance producers drops this heavy remix of the grime classic which was originally a track called 'together' by Breakage. Enjoy!
Breakage - Hard (Redlight Remix) by factmag

Audio: Dubbledge - Making Of A Slave

Brand new tune from one of the country's most thought provoking rappers, Dubbledge. With production by Metabeats, 'Making Of A Slave', is packed with an important, if unnerving message. The track, which also comes with a PDF of the book that inspired Edge's lyrics, can be purchased from Dubbledge's Bandcamp, and all proceeds from the song go to the charity Save The Children.

Video: KINGS OF THE CITY - Listen To The Old Man

New video here from grime/blues rock collective Kings of the City. Following the release of the debut single 'I Try' earlier this year, Ali Bla Bla (rapper/producer), KoKen (rapper), Danny Wilder (rapper/lead singer/guitars), Rich Pun (guitars), Memari Man (bass) and 8 Bit (drums / co-producer) are back with this stonker!!

Video: Professor Green ft. Maverick Sabre - Jungle

This gritty realistic video drops for this instant banger from Professor Green and Maverick Sabre, produced by True Tiger who're knocking out the bangers like it's nothing! Jungle is probably my favourite track of Green's album...
Get this from iTunes for 99p: and get the album 'Alive Till I'm Dead' for £4.99:

Audio: Swizz Beatz Ft. Rakim - King Tut

Two legends of hip hop in their own right come together to bring you this one. Swizz Beats is amongst my favourite and the most consistent hip hop producers of all time and links with Rakim who's "stll a problem" in the words of Swizzy. Feeling this one!!

Audio: Swizz Beatz Ft. Rakim - King Tut

Video: True Tiger feat P Money - Slang Like This

SB.TV bring you the video for undoubtedly one of the iconic tracks of 2010. Loads of cameos from people in the UK scene including Sukh Knight, the main producer of True Tiger.

8 November 2010

Video: DUBBLEDGE - AssociatedMinds Spittin Pt.7

New promo vid from Dubbledge, one of the best uk rappers that never 'made it'! All u need to do is peep this to get my point! This was filmed on set at the recent shoot for the forthcoming Metabeats & Dubbledge track EyeSeeYou.

7 November 2010

Random Impulse X Tinchy Stryder - 'Game Over' REFIX

Random Impulse drops his EIGHTEENTH in the series of his re-fix tunes! This is a topical one as he goes in over arguably the biggest collab in the UK since the 'she likes to' remix! Shout out to Impulse, the work rate is a lot! Download his re-fix series for free here.

Check my backstage chat with him:

Video: ABOUT TO B: RIVAL [BSomeBodyTV]

Grime MC Rival drops bars over beats from Marco Del Horno & DJ Swerve, Dot Rotten and an exclusive from dubstep producer Nytz. Rival's an artist I've been rating recently and comes with that brutal grime style, no watered down ish here! Shoutout to Nik @ BSomebody TV.

5 November 2010

Weezy F Baby released from Jail

F is for Free cos that's wat he is...

Video: Rival - Dirty Date/Funkyhouse

I know I'm a little bit late with this but these 2 track's that Rival has on this video are what grime music is about. The production and vocal on 'dirty date' are worthy of a MOBO each and 'funky house' is definitely a track that represents what a lot of grime heads are feeling.

Personally I can tolerate funky but like any genre there's the good stuff and the shit stuff.

Check his mixtape to stream/buy here.


New video from Lil Jon off his latest album Crunk Rock. This is one of my favourite joints on the album and is that real ATL crunk ish. WHUTT?!

Download: Mr Mitch - The Unsigned Mix

Check this new mix of completely unsigned and unheard tunes from up-and-coming [alternative] grime producer Mr Mitch.


Mr.Mitch - September
Mr.Mitch & Tom Fuller - Dinner Jacket
Mr.Mitch - Hydrogen Fuel
Mr.Mitch - Troubadour
Mr.Mitch - Whatever it Takes
Mr.Mitch - Crash City
Mr.Mitch - 66
Mr.Mitch - Red Knuckles
Mr.Mitch - Wildfire

4 November 2010

Mix: DJ Complex - 140 bpm business

If you ever unsure what 100% real grime sounded like take a listen to this one from DJ Complex and you shall be educated. Some big underground names here, predominantly from South East London aka Blue Borough so definitely look out for them hitting your ears soon. No gas mask needed here!

DJ Complex - 140 bpm business [mix]

m.i.k-dj complex dubplate
spooky dj-curry chips
merky ace ft ego-curry chips vocal
faze miyake-sholin
p money-slang like this
spookydj ft kozzie-destruction
faze miyake-screwdriver vip remix
merky ace ft kozzie & shifman- screwdriver vip vocal
rude kid-rain drops
mik-straight jacket freestyle
faze miyake-bawse
merky ace-d.d.t.2
sharky major ft griminal- do this ting
rival-funky house
rival-dirty date
merky ace-i will never quit
rude kid-always ready
newham generals ft esco-im a general
newham general ft skepta-bag of grease
faze miyake-take off
merky ace -boxed
faze miyaze 140bpm
family tree-140 bpm vocal

Download: BlatantlyBlunt Presents Trozion - Soul of a soldier EP

The long awaited highly anticipated debut mixtape from 16 year old lyrical powerhouse Trozion.
The mixtape features big names on vocal and production such as Badness, AL Bennet, Lewi White (Devlin, Klashnekoff), Rowntree, Skeamz, Direman, G Tank , Disrupta and RedSkull (Lowkey) who've all got a rich musical CV in their own right.
Despite this Trozion's a confident and hungry in his own right and is sure to kick the industry doors down when this is let loose...

Become a fan on Facebook

Check his debut video released earlier this year; Zombie Nation (on the EP!!), featuring AL Bennet and produced by Lewi White. Video shot, directed and editd by INC Visual Media.

2 ex US presidents talk about 2 hip hop superstars

This seems to be a bit of a coincidence, makes me wonder if the hip hop police are up to their old tricks again (whatever that may happen to be apart from culling hip hop icons). I noticed I'd seen these two stories today which are both pretty significant considering all four of the people in question's history!

Five years after Kanye West called out former President George Bush at the Hurricane Katrina telethon, Dubya tells Matt Lauer that he was so appalled by Ye’s comment. The full interview airs on NBC November 8th at 8pm.

“It was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency. He called me a racist. I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true.”

And this from Youtube, from Pittsburgh’s 96.1 Kiss Morning Freak Show, "Mikey and Big Bob" got former president Bill 'I did not inhale' Clinton to share his thoughts on Lil Wayne’s release from Rikers Island Prison on Thursday:

I'm struggling whether to figure out whethere these two events are
a) Good for hip hop
b) Not good for hip hop.

Please help me decide!

Audio: Shaolin MCs - Swagger In Boxes

Shaolin MCs Sifu Chan, Points and B Zang go in over this dirty beat from 'Filth Collins'.
Shaolin MCs - Swagger In Boxes (Preview) by ShaolinMCs

3 November 2010

Video: Maxwell D - Trendsetter

Wow this is sick. Proof that Maxwell D is a don and lives by what he says by creating his own flows and drum loops (even if they do sound like a metronome!). Dude makes his own content regardless of what the rest of the scene is doing! He talks more about his thoughts of grime on my video with him below this one.

I chatted to him at the Luton Carnial earlier this year; hear what he had to say about the grime scene and a plenty more. Maxwell D interview from 5:06 minutes in...

Download: Random Impulse - The Refixes Vol. 1

Random Impulse flipped the game on it's head by releasing a weekly re-working (or re-fix) of some of the biggest tracks from the UK & US, by re-playing the track on his electric and creating his own lyrics to spit over. No one's done this before so props are due! Here's numbers 1-14, with more due out every Sunday!

Click to download!

Check my quick video interview with him a few weeks back at 'I Luv Live.'

Download: Wardie Burns & UvBeatz - Mummy's Boy

The word's 'Scottish' and 'rappers' aren't the two most associated words from my experience but take a listen to this one from Wardie Burns & UvBeatz. Don't be one of the prejudice people and dismiss it just because you've never heard of a Scottish MC!

Download: Wardie Burns & UvBeatz - Mummy's Boy

Download: Row D Beats - Row-d-ness

Row D beats has just made this mixtape available for freedownload so get it while it's hot! The north london rapper/producer who crosses the boundaries of both hip hop and grime has worked with Flowdan, Flirta D and Suparnovar so give this a listen people, it's fire!

Event review: 'This is UK Grime' CD launch @ Fenchurch Store

Check my video of the recent launch of the CD brought to you by Defenders Ent. Massive line up on the night and free rum provided by the good folks at Abuelo. Check some of the pic's on the night, below also.

Video: Lloyd Banks - Beamer, Benz, or Bentley Remix feat Jadakiss

New vid here from Banks' upcoming album, 'Hunger for more 2' out 22/11. I like this version of the beat, a bit more underground sounding and Jadakiss drops a hot verse also...


About a year ago I posted a blog about Ghetts being commissioned to help increase census participation for the upcoming census in 2011. This came about in order to gain more representation from the youth, particularly from the ethnic minorities. Here he is a year later with this video, as we approach 2011 so listen to the bars and get involved! For more information visit:

2 November 2010

Grime Blogger on big US website

Blogger/photographer in the london/grime scene Mr T Remix caught in the act here and someone else [I'm hoping] has submitted the pic and added the caption (type thing) on a pretty damn big website network over in the US called ''.

It started off as people "pretending their cat's saying something cute", like on the 2nd image, but has since branched out into user generated content on anything.
You can't hate on Callum, especially as the image is mocking the guy on the left, I just bet he wishes he was wearing his mr t remix tee!

Happy Birthday (and free) Prodigy!

Happy Birthday to Prodigy, one half of Mobb Deep, the illest partnership in hip hop. Although he's currently incarcerated he's not forgotten and is presence in the game is missed, so shout out to him! Check the video below, and listen close to the bars from one of the most under rated hip hop tracks of ALL TIME!

Event: Industry TakeOver @ Rich Mix

This Thursday leave the stereotypes about sex and gender in the music industry at the door and find out about the powerful females smashing through the glass ceiling. only £5 entry and there'll be industry Q&As, live performances and open mic!
Check the facebook event here !

Event: Joseph 'JP' Patterson Presents: LIVE-O

Good value for money at £0.00, line up is better than a lot of £10 entry nights, some real emerging and established talent. No excuse to miss this 1!

Video: Rewd Adams - Suttin To Prove

The Rewdest member of the Adams family who we used to know as Skandal drops his new video 'Suttin to prove' which is taken from his unmissable 'Hunger Pains' mixtape. The beat is T.I's track 'Hurt' which featured Busta Rhymes and Alfa Mega, the Grand Hustle member who doubled up as government insider and certified snitch. Talk about "keep your enemies closer"!
Shout out to Global Faction on the video! Check Rewd on the twitter also.

Video: Phil Ade - Toast 2 Life featuring Kevin Ross

Feel good hip hop from the man like Phil Ade. Been promoting his ish for a little while now. I dig the red new era cap with the tuxedo. Strong look!