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25 November 2008

Three hot new videos

From three different sides of the hip hop scene.

1st is this one from Young Kingz, a crew representing my postcode (listen out for it at the start, not exposing my ends!) with a track called All Day. This one is grimey.

The next is a track from LA representor Alchemist featuring co-Californian Snoop Dogg, as well as Jadakiss and Pusha T from the Clipse. This video's sick with some really cool animation though I must admit the sound effects included in the video get a bit too overpowering for the more subtle beat. This tracks called Lose Your Life' and is cool as the content of the vid goes really well with the lyrics.

And the final video for today is a track from Young Jeezy and is called Crazy World. I'm glad a vid's been done for this as it was one of the few tracks that stood out on his new album, The Recession, which was highly anticipated, but didn't weigh up to the high level of quality heard from his first 2 records. This is another great example of how to translate the raw energy and feeling of a great tune into an audio visual horror song. Seriously, make sure you peep this video, and if you liked the style of it, check his video for one of the songs of the year (in my opinion anyway); Put On ft. Kanye, which I also posted a while back (here).

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