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30 November 2009

Herbs promotion

I don't often post reggae dancehall tunes on here (purely because it's a hiphop/grime blog) but this one I felt needed to be an exception of. A great track here about the purer form of Tarrus Riley's favorite vice. Riley's certainly an underated artist in the scene and should be mentioned in the same conversations as Jah Cure for that 'easy on the ear' spiritual feel good reggae. He recently released his 3rd album 'Contagious' which I highly recommend as do the BBC (Babylon Broadcasting Corporation to some) and check below for a track you could have/need to have heard from Tarrus, "She's Royal"...

Download/stream:Tarrus Riley Ft. Demarco & Vybz Kartel - Herbs Promotion


The Spontaneous Revolt LP is a collection of tracks produced by DJ Downlow, with lyrics written and performed by Comrade Malone, 2 acts holding up the UK Hip Hop scene. DJ Downlow was a regular on Itch FM and now entertains listeners frequently on the online Hip Hop station Sensei.FM. Comrade Malone was previously signed to Kemet Entertainment Records before the label shut down. This collaborative project by DJ Downlow and Comrade Malone is a politically charged assortment of British Hip Hop music that speaks of issues that many of us can relate to in this politically turbulent time. The Spontaneous Revolt LP is dedicated to Alexis Grigoropoulos, a 15-year-old student who was fatally shot by Police in Athens last year.

Click Here to Download

New joint from 3 6 Mafia

Memphis Tenesee representers Juicy J and Project Pat 2 of the 3 core Three 6 Mafia members come back with this joint which was for me one of those 'like it on the 1st listen' kind of tunes.

And right here is probably one of the most bizarre colloborations of the year but definitly works at cementing 2009 as the year electro pop house joined the r&b/hiphop scene! Akon did all over his album Freedom and now (skipping a truck load of others) Three Six Mafia, Sean Kingston and Flo Rida jumped on this infectious track from DJ Tiesto (considered to be in the elite amongst biggest DJs in the WORLD). In all honestly as cheesy as it appears at first this is quite a big party tune (the exclusion of Sean Kingston could both help it and worsen the track tho).

29 November 2009

Westwood PARS Chase &Status

What other way is there to describe Westwood than BEAST (pause).... Here he is at 1xtra Live doing what he does best. The great thing about this is that Tim doesn't hide the fact he just doesnt get dubstep! Despite him still killing it at 53 with his new daytime slot on 1xtra take a look and see if you think he's dyed his hair black (to look like Eminem of course, not to hide the fact he's going grey!).

Free new mixtape from Big Cakes

I rate bigh cakes a lot and is one of the few artists in the Uk Hip hop scene still doing big things! This one is themed on MONEY and constructing with paper aka origami as cakes puts it. This is definitly worth the listen if you appreciate real talk and ipositive lyrics. He came on my show on urbanfmtv a little while back the vids are below, and make sure you download his mixtape for free, below!

Big Cakes is back with another superb mixtape that is already getting brilliant reviews and feedback from the streets. Now Park Street Promotions bring this release to you as a FREE download and need your support! Please take the time out to download this mixtape and review it, and feel free to add this information to your website or blog. If you can support please send us the URL link so we know you are backing it! Thanks in advance and feel free to forward this e-mail to people!

‘Money Talks… So Listen’ is the brand new mixtape from London rapper Big Cakes and features production from the likes of Rainmayqah, Morfius, Kilinikal, Grade, VLM, K Nite, Asaviour, Micall Parknsun, Tricksta from Wolftown and Del Boy as well as featuring collaborations with Dalmighty Ego, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Cocotone and TB/TBear. Twenty three tracks deep this is definitely on of the biggest UK releases of the year and is an excellent display from a talented artist & performer.


Also, check out

26 November 2009

Blatantly Blunt meets Class A Ents' JR

I recently interviewed a new up and coming rapper from London called JR, check it out...

1)So JR, describe your style as an emcee and what led you to doing what you do?

I would say my style is definitely unique. I don't use too many punch lines, i prefer to tell you a story about real life experiences. The positive and the negative really. I can go into a mode where I just start thinking these random thoughts where the vocabulary i use gets a bit explicit. Other than that i just keep it simple whilst maintaining the raw effect in the lyrics. A lot of these new artists out keep bragging and talking about how much punch lines the can use. If it don't make sense, its no point. It's my delivery and termerlogy that defines me as an artist. I've been rapping for since 15. Both of my brothers got me into it. I was so whack when i first started out. Then i just focused and got my verses together. Soon after the flows just came.

2) Who do you consider to be inspirations for your sound?

I have to admit, I listen to a lot of Lupe Fiasco, I recently got hooked on Gemini and F N F. They're diverse and creative. They educate and they also talk of a lot of positivity. The way they flow in and out of tracks is so unexpected, no matter how much I listen the same tracks, they always sound different. Anyone thats a true fan of hip hop would own at least one 2 pac and B.I.G record. same with Big L and Punisher and Shady. So i always have the influence off the best to ever do it. I'm trying to come up!

3) What's your view on the UK hip hop scene at the moment?

I think the UK hip hop scene is blowing up. Seriously. The last few years we've had a wave of artists that are holding it down. Myself. Ha ha! Gigs, Jmc. UK can only progress. We shouldn't be looked on as we can't do it because we aren't in America. We can do it wherever we're based, whether its here or out in the states. If I had a chance to work with some of my favorite artists, here or overseas, i would do it. regardless of the soil. At the end of the day, the game is hip hop and we should be embracing it. Me personally, I would do a tune with pretty much anyone that could a serious 8 on a track.

4) Where would you like to be in 2 years time?

Boy, by then, i should be an established artist. I work hard enough. Im on my own label so that in itself is gonna be blessed. I'm a realist, so I honestly see this music going places. If all is good in say 2 years time, ideally, I would like to work with the Cool Kids or Lupe Fiasco. Maybe even before then. All of my dreams and aspirations by then should be fore filled by then. I don't believe in hope so I guess in a sense, if it happens, it happens. It was meant to be.

5) Have you got any mix tapes or collaborations we should listen out for?

Yeah, my very first solo mix tape is out 'A Stroke of Genius' and is available to download on iTunes and off the myspace page. I'm currently finishing off my 2nd mix tape entitled '7 Magpies'. Yeah, don't ask! It's crazy, I know. It's a bit more vivid than the first one. A bit more in your face. The first mix tape was definitely more technical, where as 7 Magpies is some what more explicit. It's what all those that doubted me need to listen to. Look out for tracks 'Major League' and 'Get Gully' featuring my artist Blue S Diamondz. He has got some skills. You can hear those also on the my space and also on hip-hopkings. We also hooked up with Crakk Squad Unit from Sierra Lione and we got Lexwannie online and is now a Class-A recording artist. look out for our collaboration 'Top shop girl'. 7 Magpies set to drop late December/early January.

25 November 2009

RAPID - 'GO' (New music video)

Ruff Sqwad's very own RAPID with his new music video 'GO.' Directed by Luke Biggins and produced by Yasha Malekzad. For more on Rapid please visit

I GENUINELY rate Rapid both for his ability to produce hot grime as well as spit at a level you don't get with a lot of MCs.
Check this track he did with Ghetts a few months back, definitly one of the best deep grime tunes I've heard.
Rapid Ft. Ghetto - One Way Road

24 November 2009

Mr Hudson and anyone but Kanye

Make sure you take a listen to this remix of Mr Hudson's collabo with Kanye, a brilliant track called 'Anyone but him' off his latest album Straight no chaser, definitely recomend that 1!

However this remix features the latest grime artist to be abducted by a major label Tinie Tempah. Tinie's been putting out a good level of work over the last few years (Tears being his biggest) but sensibly tends to stay out of the 'madness' the scene can often find itself in.

Also on this one is grime's hardest barrer; Ghetts, a consistent heavyweight of the grime scene and has recently given the commercial scene a stab with Sing for Me (a great non bait mainstream track) and a couple other joints...Hopefully he'll get some bigger joints coming up after this one.

Mr Hudson Ft. Ghetts & Tinie Tempah - Anyone But Him Remix


@ THE KING STORE - THURS 26th NOV 6pm till 8pm!





6:00PM till 8:30PM







22 November 2009

BlatantlyBlunt meets C Gritz

I interviewed the newest member of Boy Better Know and Big Dada at his yard over here in North London where he revealed a lot of info about his recent label/group movements, what REALLY happened to his foot, Jammer and I also got a disgustingly sick freestyle from him. Check it...

2 new vids from Grime veterans

Both of these ones are definitly one for the club/party and are both targeted more to the dance music heads than the other side of grime (which they both also cater to) which is more for road content with substantial lyrics and context. Good effort from both of them tho and hopefully this will expose grime as a less instense/serious genre of music which is necessary to push it beyond it's current fanbase even further.
Wiley - Take That.

Jammer - Party Animal

19 November 2009

Terror Danjah - HardDrive Vol.2

This is bound to be one of the best producer led albums from the grime scene for 2009. Check the trailer for something to expect!

17 November 2009

New Video: Charlie Sloth - One More Drink

Here's the video from Charlie Sloth for his new single, One More Drink which is a story of how a good night can turn sour when you drink too much... In case you're not aware of Charlie Sloth he's made his name primarily through a number of online webisodes about his life as an independent rapper trying to make it in the cut throat music industry... I have a feeling this one will do well with that Mike Skinner-esque vibe to it...

16 November 2009

Griminal on Cheryl Cole remixed by Crazy Cousins

Wow. Didn't expect to hear this. Three huge names in the respective genres makes for an interesting remix... I had heard that Griminal, the prodigal son of East London's N.A.S.T.Y Crew had been signed, but if this is an official remix perhaps there are big things in store for the guy everyone says looks like TI.
Download: Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love Ft. Griminal (Crazy Cousinz Remix)

15 November 2009

Update on rapist Ribz' jail time

Earlier this year I posted a news story that also featured in both the grime scene and the mainstream media about Ribz' conviction of attempted rape of a girl at a train station (an indefinite sentence that he must serve at least 6!). Since then, it seems that Elias Kajue's not suffering as a lot of people would hope . The Sun yesterday published an update on the "sex fiend's" time inside saying he "spends hours messing about with his mates" (see a link there?___ pause)
With this type of publicity given to him how can The Sun justify their article, when it clearly doesn't discourage other's from commiting similar crimes.. ah, the hypocracy. Still it's not always bad press about grime music that the Sun publishes.. in all fairness how the hell are there 13 year old girls in places Doncaster and Glasgow screaming for Chipmunk?! Despite him being embraced in to the N Dub fanbase as what it seems like LL Cool J was to America in the late 80s he was recently considered amongst those you'd see on Lord of the Mics or a Rinse FM grime set.

12 November 2009

Fiddy owns WSHH and Rick Ross differently

If 50 cent's approach to beef was described like an attack on someone, it'd be a swift lunge towards the stomach with a hunting knife followed by a strong twist and firm tear up to his neck. This time he's announcing the law suit he's bringing to WorldStarHipHop, the biggest hiphop site on the web (fact), who used his image at the header of their site a little while ago. This is no random act tho. Not only are they now a rival to (Curtis' social networking site) but he insists they took a cheque from Rick Ross to promote his shit (literally). The best thing about this latest venture is that you know 50's not doing this because he needs the money...

An underated track: 50 cent and Akon - I'll Still kill

Preview D'explicit's new album here!

For FREE. The Norwich originating producer, who, in case you didn't know produced Pow! (not Lethal B as some may think) is killing it in the grime and bassline scenes and has finally released his highly aniticpated album, Digi Kinesis. D'explicit is a truly original and creative producer who's worked with some of the UK's best artists, regularly collaborating with Black the Ripper. Check this out if you appreciate strong bassline (or niche as some call it) focussed music with synths and other drops that I didn't think could be made! Expect to hear more from this guy who I expect to be behind artists chart reaching songs in the near future hopefully with some exiciting new vocalists also.
Digital Kinesis (The Album) by D'explicit.

Dead Prez at KoKo

Check these pics from an upcoming photography talent TomLRussell from the recent gig I went to in Camden Town where staunch black socialists and legends of the 'true school' hip hop scene performed their 1st major show in the UK, with support from an arguably more formidable act, Klashnekoff, repping Hackney. Hover over the right of the photo to move on to the next one..

Also check these vids from the heavy weight of the UK Hip hop video scene of 2009, DJ Gone.

While outside I also filmed a couple of MCs after the show...
First off, I was lucky enough to get some footage of Skandal, who's promoting his current CD mixed by DJ MK, called Hunger Pains

Also, check these guys repping W. London, some hot bars from the up and coming mcs known as BHM...

You can view my other videos on my YouTube Channel.

P money vs P money

Urban culture (Jeez I hate that term) magazine Rewind (or "Rwd") brought together the south London Grime artist P Money with the soulful hip hop producer P Money from New Zealand together and tried to get them to fight over the name. It ended up in a very British dignified discussion that ended in a manner that most disagreements should do...

Check it..

In case you're unaware who either of these guys are this is a big tune from the UK artist ( and here's one from the Kiwi ( The latter had a big hit with this one, as you can probably understand from the difference in sounds!

11 November 2009


Off Tinchy's sophomore album Catch 22. I like the fact that Tinchy's got his original crew on his new album despite him blowing up in a major way. Big up!

10 November 2009

New free mixtape from grime MC Skilzie

Check this latest free release from south london MC Skilzie called 'Prepare to Launch. Skilzie guested on my show on urbanfmtv. Prepare to launch features production from some of Grime's well established beat makers such as Silencer, Swindle, Z Dot plus more...

Download the mixtape free from SENDSPACE or DIVSHARE.

Here's a vid from one of his sessions on my show if you want to get a taste of what he's like

New ODB material!

ODB tells kids to just "Say NO" to drugs on this new track from Message To The Other Side. Wu-Tang is for the children!!

Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Say NO" MP3

Message to the Other Side - Osiris Part 1” features 21 tracks, is executive produced by Allah and features Wu Tang Clan’s ODB, The RZA, Method Man, Masta Killa, along with affiliates 4th Disciple, Brooklyn Zu, Allah, Free Murder and others. This record has the support of Dirty’s family and the entire Wu-Tang Clan, as a bonus there is a 20 minute DVD excerpt of the soon to be released film “Dirty,” a Rapumentary about ODB.

9 November 2009

Free Download: The Good People "About You"

Free Download: The Good People "About You"

Now available for free download is the latest single "About You" from The Good People (Emskee and Saint). "About You" is taken from The Good People's latest release "Home Coming" that is now available on Domination Recordings!

Free Download: The Good People "About You" MP3

The Good People "Home Coming" now available at:
- iTunes
- Emusic
- Rhapsody

7 November 2009

Free grime instrumental album from Teeza

Check this grime producer called Teeza (of Beat Creatures, producer group on M.I.K's Workaholic mixtape) who came to my attention on 1 of my shows on UrbanFMTV when a DJ I was working with played this track below which sample's Kanye's Love Lockdown..
Teeza - Never Know

Teeza's now come with a new 15 track instrumental CD for you to spit to, listen to or to take inspiration from...


6 November 2009

New grime 'n' dubstep mix from DJ Cable!

Check this Dubstep & Grime-orientated mix from DJ Cable, with a few commercial bits, some old tunes and some new tunes...some basic cuts/juggles thrown in here and there too...


01. MRK1 - Kill Zone
02. Skream - Burning Up
03. Sukh Knight - Beneath Your Blouse
04. Benny Page & Zero G - Trigger Finger
05. Rossi B & Luca Feat. Gully Gang - Music Money
06. Jakes & Joker - 3Klane
07. Tempa T - Boy Off Da Ting
08. Benga & Coki - Night
09. LD - The King Of Kong
10. Noah D - Seeeriousss
11. Flux Pavilion - Fucking Noise
12. Excision & Datsik - Swagga
13. Joker & Ginz - Purple City
14. Grand Puba - Get It (12th Planet Remix)
15. Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
16. Caspa - Marmite (Cable VIP Re-edit)
17. Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U

5 November 2009


This one's from the Mc battlers' eardrum breaker Kulez who's doing a lot in 2009. These 2 tracks are pretty big i gotta say, especially Creep which is getting a lot of love especially from those dubstep lovers!

Download for FREE by clicking here!

3 November 2009

2 new bangers out of Manny

This one from Virus Syndicate and it recently featured on the groundbreaking Dubstep LA compilation that included the huge UK / US Collaborations between Snoop and Chase & Status and Eve & Benga, Virus Syndicate where infact the only UK crew to appear!!
Winter 2009 / Spring 2010 see’s Virus hit the road with dates in the UK and Europe and the guys touch down stateside in March hitting TEXAS, MIAMI, LA & NY!!!

Also check this from 3 separate front runners in the Manchester rap scene...Lyrican, Hoodman and Shifty, who are all making big moves.. Watch out for the Manny grime scene which will be next to blow !

2 November 2009

1 November 2009

Real talk from Clef

On the use of guns.. I been listening to Wyclef for 12 years now (pretty much since his solo career started after the Fugees) and can still confidently say he's not lost it! This is off of his new mixtape, From the Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion, with DJ Drama dropping soon.

DOWNLOAD: Wyclef Jean – Walk Away

Mike Beck shot dead in NYC...

This story has a certain relevance to me as Mike Beck was the label boss of Heavy Bank Ent, who signed MC Raw, who's in charge at UrbanFMTV, where the BlatantlyBlunt radio show was broadcast on.

From RGF
Mike Beck, an aspiring rapper and affiliate of Fat Joe was shot and killed last night in Brooklyn, New York.

Mike Beck was a member of the rap collective K.A.R. (Kill All Rats), which also featured group members Rob Kash, Onez and Leader.

Sources said that Beck was shot and killed on Logan and Bellmar Street in Brooklyn, and that a botched robbery attempt could have been the motive.

Beck and K.A.R. were featured on Fat Joe's "300 Brolic" remix. In May, the group released a self-titled mixtape executive produced by Fat Joe and Pistol Pete. In addition to Fat Joe and Pistol Pete, K.A.R.'s mixtape features guest appearances from Ace Hood, Sheek Louch, Hell Rell, DJ Khaled, Jadakiss and others.

Beck was born and raised in East New York. At the age of 17, he was sent to prison for five years, for his role in a murder. A number of artists expressed their condolences via Twitter.

"R.I.P. Mike Beck!!!!!" Fat Joe Tweeted, as did Cool & Dre, DJ Khaled, Noreaga, Raekwon and others.


Vision Promo are doing a massive instore on Monday 9th November at the Carhartt store in Covent Garden [Earlham St] London to celebrate the forthcoming Souls of Mischief album Montezuma’s Revenge produced entirely by Prince Paul!!!

The show starts at 7:30pm till 9:30 and features:
Souls of Mischief
Deep Rooted
Charlie Sloth

Mr Thing
Charlee Brown

Hosted by the mighty Mystro!! Its FREE entry plus we have FREE drinks too!!

NEW VIDEO: Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind

This is easily in the top 3 commercial hip hop tracks of 2009 and has it all. Tho if you listen to any radio station you'll probably realize this has had a HUGE amount of exposure making me start to, well, tire of it. So when I found out the vid had been made I was slightly underwhelmed, especially with a name like Hype Williams in the credits. The whole photo use was over done, Alicia keys looks very uncomfortable attempting to sing dance and play the piano simulatenously and Jay looks a bit like he's carrying out the motions. Still, a great track that will go down as a classic New York themed track.

Slip 'N Slide Records Presents Trina's "Whos Bad" Mixtape Download

Check this mixtape out if you're a fan of Miami/Florida/Southern Rap. If you're not sure, check this track for a taster of this thorobred female MC whos been puttin in work for years and could probably give your old headmaster a run for his money in a tussle..Click image to download...