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31 May 2011

Interview: DJ Muggs

DJ Muggs does not really need a lengthy introduction; with over 25 years in the game, he has done it all. Apart from being Cypress Hill’s primary producer, he has worked with legends from Dr. Dre and Ice Cube to rock bands Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth, as well as releasing many successful solo and collaborative projects. Over the years, he has set up a number of established business and radio shows. Our contributor Toby Kay caught up with Muggs last week, just before the Gumball 3000 Rally in London...

Q: Taking it back, 25 years, how did you get started on the production tip and with Cypress Hill?
I started as a DJ. I was in a group called 7A3. I didn’t produce shit, but I had all the records and ideas for the album. Somebody else produced my ideas and I didn’t like the way it ended up sounding. So when I got a little money I bought a drum machine and said “I’m gonna do this shit my way from now on”.

Q: What big differences and significant changes have you seen the game go through in that time?
Everything, the world has changed as a whole! Things change everyday up here, man. Just like people change. It ain’t the smartest person who wins, it’s the person who is able to adapt the quickest, you know, shit moves so quick. If you can’t adapt…those who cease who change, cease to be. It’s all about adaptability, man. To me, I stay true to being an artist and the music…I can never say what’s going to inspire me at what time. I don’t particularly go out of my way for commercial success or to please anybody. I do my shit, if they don’t like it, then you can eat a dick…

Q: Who have been the favourite artists you’ve worked with?
RZA, Dr. Dre, Prodigy and the Infamous family, KRS-One, Xzibit, Ill Bill, SickJacken, the list goes on.

Q: Anyone that you haven’t managed to work with, but would like to?
There’s nobody. I’m not about wanting to work with people. If we’re going to work together, we gotta be able to vibe on an everyday level. I’m not on that “put something together” shit; I don’t send too many beats out.

Q: You played a large part in Alchemist’s come up. How’s it for you now, watching his success?
He’s amazing, he’s inspired me to do greater things! That’s what it’s all about, helping each other and inspiring each other. We’re on a winning team together! Alchemist, Evidence and myself actually share a spot in LA where we have separate studios set up, each one where we write and record our different shit, we can bounce ideas off each other whilst there. Like, I might be making an electronic track in my studio, pass through Alc’s or Ev’s studio and then completely change it into a grimy hip-hop track!

Q: The Vs. Series seems to be where we can hear a lot of your hip-hop production these days, who’s up next?
It will be me, with Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz for sure. Then I am like “who’s the next person?”…I want to do Roc Marciano, he’s one of my favourites. I might do another one with Sick Jacken…or maybe one with all the guys that I’ve worked with, do one if all five of those guys. If they just gave me two songs each, we could work that real quick man. I could do that within a month.

Q: I’ve also noticed that you’re starting to get involved with the Dubstep scene, which is taking off majorly over here, can you explain a bit about that?
The electronic scene globally is amazing. The dubstep scene is ridiculous. Kids are out there banging their motherfucking heads, going crazy!

Q: How about studio time with any UK artists while you’re here?
I was working with Itchy Robot, a dubstep dude; did a track with him. I sent out a couple of beats for P Money, the guy who did the Slang Like This track with True Tiger, that track is huge! I like P Money a lot, he’s dope. I like Sukh Knight, I like his beats, they’re banging! Also, I'm meant to hook up with some drum & bass dudes.

Q: The West Coast is starting to make some mainstream noise; do you think it’s their time again?
I mean, outside of Cali, and especially over here in UK, you’re only going to see the mainstream shit. But I think LA, the underground LA, has one of the most progressive music scenes going on right now. It’s ridiculous. Kids are becoming sick of the pop shit. Artists on the come up now ain’t even trying to be on the radio or MTV. It’s probably the most avant garde it’s ever been! You can look at everybody at ‘Low End Theory’ (weekly club night in Los Angeles) and the guys at Alpha Pup Records, what they’re all doing is ridiculous, dope shit!

Q: What are your thought about upcoming Cali cats like Odd Future
For me it’s going to be interesting to see where it goes. They’re at the stage where everything is cool…like Cypress was right there 20 years ago. But when you get the fame, everyone is going to be telling you you’re better than everyone else. Everyone will start getting separate managers, accountants, lawyers…start getting new girlfriends, and separate friends…let’s see how they handle that.

Q: I know that Yelawolf, did a take on (Cypress Hill’s) ‘We Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That’. What do you think of him?
Yela’s a real dude. He’s doing something original, a super nice guy. I know he’s worked with Raekwon and hear that he’s opening for Wu-Tang in a couple of weeks here.

Q: Rock The Bells was announced earlier, I see you’re performing the entire of Black Sunday, you looking forward to that?
Yeah, we’re doing that. But, I’ll be back in the UK for the V Festival on the 21st July! Certain acts are making $200,000 a fucking festival DJ’ing for an hour and a half. Dudes need one hit song and you’ll make 50, 60,000 dollars on a night at one of these festivals, come every summer, imagine that shit!

Q: What else is planned for you this year?
My plan is to put this album out called Bass For Your Face, it’s an electronic record. Then work on my next hip-hop album with Ramel Zee. We gotta wait on who we’ll feature on that one though.

Q: I know you fuck with a lot of rock music and had your Mash Up series…if you could assemble a dream line up, who would it be?
John Bonham (Led Zepplin) on drums. Jimi Hendrix on guitar. Jack Black and….John Lennon.

Q: Any last words?
Man, I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s lent an ear to listen to my music throughout the years. Everyone who paid a couple of pounds to come check out any shows. Thank you to you for taking time out of your day to come interview and hang out, we appreciate it. I’m lucky to be able to make music and travel the world, and motherfucking…live my dream!

Video: Macca - Reppin for ages

The West Midlands crew Stay Fresh brings this new energy filled visual from Macca (@MaccaStayFresh). Beat produced by Emvee (@emveeflush) and is to be featured on Macca's upcoming mix-cd, Keep Up Vol.2. Feeling this a lot!

Video: Kay 2 - Hard To Say

The west London due from who name check Mike Posner, Wiz Khalifa, Jamie T, Kid Cudi and N-Dubz as some of their musical influences drop this, cover of The Streets – ‘At The Back Of The Line'.


Emerging star Trozion drops the latest of his weekly series of tracks [Trozion Tuesdays], this time vocalling Wretch 32's recent hit Unorthadox. Give this a listen and try and say it ain't all that!! Follow him on Twitter @Trozion.

30 May 2011


I don't post up a lot of Joelle Ortiz' material but this one right here is something else! Big Pun hasn't risen from the dead, but Joelle is claiming to be "the new Christopher Rios of rap" which is a large claim that I think Fat Joe will have a some reservations over. Ortiz delivers over the beat with passion, and shows respect to his Puerto Rican countryman. RIP Big Pun!

Check the behind the scenes of the video here:

Download: Spooky - Bag of Myths EP

Due to legal restraints Spooky's gone and pulled a Wiley and is giving away his latest EP for FREE both on download AND all 300 copies of the EP on vinyl. The grime producer and DJ has re-fixed some well known grime tracks and put his own take on them. Expect the unexpected. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is unprecedented in grime so all due respect to the man himself.

Download Spooky - Bag of Myths EP here for free.

If you're a DJ or vinyl collector, you can catch him at the following places for a free vinyl copy:

• Thursday 2nd June @ Richmix, EC1 8-12pm
• Thursday 23rd June @ Rude Activity, The Wall, Leeds
• Friday 15th July @ Hereford (more info TBC)
• Satuday 16th July @ Bristol (more info TBC)
• Friday 22nd July @ Young Man Standing, Walthamstow E17
• Thursday 28th July @ Music & Cultural Festival, Ancient Olympia, Greece

Follow him on Twitter:!/spookybizzle.

Check our interview with him, by one of our contributors DJ Lubertz here.

Catch Spooky every Wednesday 8-10pm, every Wednesday night 12-2am & 103.0 FM & every Friday night 12-2am

Video: Rival - Charlie Sheen (Winning)

The in-demand grime MC drops his new one, joining Snoop and Tony Yayo by incorporating Charlie Sheen's recent webisode antics.

I grabbed some live footage from Rival and Kwam spraying bars over Darq E Freaker - What You Got recently at the Kids of Grime photo exhibition in shoreditch...

29 May 2011

Video: ABOUT TO B: Remus 'Task Force' (Charlie Did It)

B Somebody TV chat to Remus, who has arrived from a very rich musical heritage, as son of Farma.G (Task Force) and nephew of Chester.P (Task Force).

At the youthful age of 17 Remus can be found delivering highly evolved rhyme patterns packed with diverse content ranging from the urban storytelling science to heart racing verbal pugilism. Remus pulls out the guitar and vibes to this storytelling rap, blended in with a short introduction. The snippet is entitled; ‘Charlie Did It’…

Make sure you check out more of Remus at:

Video: Iron Solomon - Sucker MC's ft. DMC

The battle rapper drops this new video with one of the members from legendary group Run DMC...
Look out for Solomon dropping his debut album, "Monster" in Autumn of this year.

Exclusive Interview: Teddy Music

Grime producer Teddy Music (formerly known as Silencer) is with out a doubt considered amongst the leading producers over the last few years. Having been chosen by Lethal B to re-make the 2004 classic Pow!, Teddy released 'Wow Bass Level 4', his sixth instrumental E.P today. We spoke to him about this, as well as his aspirations, his group and who he'd one day like to make beats for.

BlatantlyBlunt: Been locking in to your Rinse FM show for a little while now, you have a great hosting style! Ever considered being an MC?
Teddy Music: Well I was an MC when I started out, but I found the production more enjoyable, and I have always been a DJ from young, so I thought I wanted to get more into that. I still write choruses a bit and suggest it to MCs though…

BB: What has been your proudest moment so far?
TM: It was when I first was recognized on DJ Cameo’s show alongside JME and Skepta. I was not aware of how good people thought my tracks were. I was in competition with people like Bless Beats, Skitz Beats, Maniac and Rude Kid. I played my track and people got excited, so I thought I definitely have to keep at it, so that was probably my proudest moment.

BB: How did the 'Pow 2011' remake come about that Lethal B asked you to produce?
TM: I was just at home, and when I saw Lethal was calling me, I knew it was something significant. We chatted for a bit, and he said “I’m ringing you because you’re the guy right now – Pow 2011, that’s you fam”. I didn’t want to tell anyone about it, and he said not to as well, so it would be more of a shock to the scene when it happened. I got straight on the job instantly, and dropped everything else I was doing.

Pow 2011

BB: Despite all the high profile names already, who else would you have on it?
TM: Skepta, Tinie Tempah, and Tempa T.

BB: How did your ‘Teddy’ sound signature come about?
TM: It was from my sister. She is into a load of old school R&B slow jams and she was playing once, and as soon as I heard it, I decided I needed it! I sampled it and ever since, I’ve been using it.

BB: What is your favourite production?
TM: It has to be ‘Dirt bag’. When I made that, I got excited! I called one of my mates to come down to listen to the part of it I had made and when he heard he just dropped my headphones and said, “That is SICK!” So I finished it off and since then it has been a big tune in grime…


BB: What production software do you use?
TM: Currently using FL Studio 9, not upgraded to 10 yet, as 9 is good enough! I’m making the tunes and Fruity, break them down into parts and taking them into to logic to get that wider sound.

BB: Outside of grime, what artists would you like to work with?
TM: I would say Rick Ross. He talks about the things I enjoy hearing. Hearing him on my beats would definitely be satisfying.

BB: What is happening with your group Underground Unit at the moment?
TM: They are now called Oceans 6, and are coming out with singles; the next one is called Champagne, and is on a club vibe… Myself and G Tank are providing a lot of the creative input for that.

BB: You changed your name from Silencer to Teddy Music. What was the story behind that?
TM: I believe that if I continue progressing at this rate, I cannot continue using that name, despite that some people think it’s a better name, it’s hard for me to present myself to people with that name, particularly those in their 40s and up! It would lead people to judge me, which I don’t really want.

BB: Any label deals in the horizon for you right now?
TM: I would like there to be at some point, but right now I’m looking to start my own label to release other artists’ music as well as my own and sign different artists to it.

BB: What was the first music you bought that made you want to work in music production?
TM: This goes way back to when I bought ‘Tings in boots’ by Rapid/Ruff Squad from (grime record store) Rhythm Division. I was mixing this one track for hours, and from there I decided I need to get into producing my own stuff. I found some of the sounds used in that tune in Fruity Loops, which spurred me on even more!

BB: Which other producers in the scene right now are you looking out for?
TM: I was say the people that are definitely doing well in the game right now are Spooky, Royal-T, Rude Kid, J Sweet & Alias, and Teeza. In terms of the youngers, they come and go a lot of the time, but ones I’m feeling are Blizzard, who did the ‘Mike Lowery’ remix, there’s J Beatz who did the Tarzan track and Nu-Klea who is doing his thing.

BB: What sound are you bringing on Wow Bass Level 4 that is different from the last three?
TM: I have used a lot of sounds on this one; coming on a more hip I hoppy/grime side of things and when it comes to Wow Bass Level 5, the sound is going to be very different on that as well…

BB: When it comes to working with people from the UK that are not making grime, but within the ‘Rinse FM sound’ who is that you would like to work with?
TM: I really want to work with Katy B, to hear how she sounds on a grimy track. I was speaking to (Rinse FM boss) Geeneus about the possibility of getting her on a track but she’s crazy busy until the end of the year. So for now it’s not happening, but one day in the future hopefully I will get a chance.

Wow Bass Level 4 is available digitally via the following outlets: iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, Juno, 7 Digital,, Tesco, Mixmag Digital, Traxsource and many more, make sure you grab a copy!

Download the EP via Amazon now!

Follow Teddy on Twitter:


Audio: Vybz Kartel - British Love [Anything For You]

The outspoken dancehall star drops this one, about a girl he's feeling, spitting a lot of the bars in a British accent! Some funny lyrics throughout. The only people I've heard do this in recent years is 50 cent, and in terms of stardom, you could say Kartel is the dancehall equivalent...

28 May 2011

Download: Jeezy - The Real Is Back (mixtape)

With four classics under their belt and after five years of differences, Jeezy has finally reunited with DJ Drama for a fifth mixtape as he warms us up for his highly anticipated forthcoming album Thug Motivation 103. High off the success of his recent banger with Lil Wayne 'Ballin'', 'The Real Is Back' features that classic Jeezy sound with his CTE team (including the highly rated new signee Freddie Gibbs ) as well as Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, Alley Boy and Fabolous.

Stream below or click here to download.

Interview: Swizz Beats chats DJ Semtex on 1xtra

A legendary producer as well being a visual artist, most people will have first heard Swizzy on the Ruff Ryders anthem back in 1998. He talks to Semtex about producing and the pressures of working with superstars such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Bono Beyonce and more. He also reveals details of Jay and Kanye's Watch The Throne album project...

Audio: Badness - Shout out Prince William

Don't expect anything about the Royal wedding here!

Badness - Shout out to Prince William

26 May 2011


Say no more. These are 3 of some of the hottest names in London rap music right now.

News: Mobb Deep and Nas to collab on an album?!

Perhaps the biggest news to hit East coast hip hop for years, as Havoc recently revealed himself and P are to work with Nas, who the Mobb have squashed their long running beef with.

"We’re gonna do a Mobb Deep and Nas album. It hasn’t begun but we tipped the iceberg a little bit with the 'Dog Sh*t,'" Hav said. "I think as we was working, doing songs back and forth with Nas recently, I think it was just a mutual thought, like, 'Yo, let’s make a f*cking album.' Everybody was like, 'Yeah, that would be dope. F*ck it, what we waiting for? Let’s do it.'"

Hopefully this album will surface, and with crossover dedicated fan bases, this is set to be a beast of an album, should it actually materialize! Between them, they could re-ignite the flame that Queensbridge once had, with countless MCs like AZ, Nature, Infamous Mobb and more repping the largest housing project in USA. Here's a recent track Nas and Mobb Deep made, with dope production from The Alchemist...

25 May 2011

Video: DJ Vadim presents The Electric - Toot Toot

This new(ish) project from DJ Vadim, Pugs Atomz and others drop their second single from the album 'Life is moving.' This creative video combines Wizard of Oz, 90s video game graphics and feel good hip hop... Dope!


Fem Fel is the latest of MCs to get involved with the Hyperfrank and Roundhouse project entitled 'Volume Control', which was kicked off by Dot Rotten back in February. On this episode Fem blends in some familiar names with his bars. Give this at least 2 listens! Oh and his album's out in June.

Release: Mr Shaodow - Get Stronger ft. Ghetts

The London and Oxford based Shaolin Kung Fu trained artist teams up with grime A Lister Ghetts to deliver a high‐energy tune coupled with a truly unique animated music video. Produced by Mr SnoWman 'Get Stronger' is a hard hitting, bass heavy blend of dubstep & grime with intricate lyricism from both ShaoDow and Ghetts.

The music video will premiere on SB.TV on Saturday 4th June but until then check the preview here!

Released on Friday 3rd of June, the digital single will include the more commercially tuned 'Get Stronger AK Remix'; a Dubstep/Rock/Drum & Bass invention. The third track on the release entitled 'Stay Away' is a Mr SnoWman produced banger featuring lyrics from Mr ShaoDow, Ghetts & Birmingham's grime veteran  'Vader'.

Check Shaodow out online at and


Video: RICKY RUDE - F.U.2

I'm NOT going to use the Marmite analogy but you'll either love or hate this guy. If your opinion is of the latter, he feels the same. Come see why. This kid will do well as long as people don't compare him to Eminem too much, cos they ain't the same, despite what the un-trained ear might think!

24 May 2011

Video: Real Life - Never (prod. by Skitz Beatz)

East London hip hop duo drop this new one, which I can confidently say is DIFFERENT to the norm. Produced by the legend that is Skitz Beatz (the guy that brought you Tempa T and Chronik), the concept and video for this track is original, and these guys have upped their game a lot. If you're impatient, skip the extended intro to 2mins in as the track's definitely worth a listen! Off their free mixtape TIR which you can download here:

Video: Mobb Deep Performs with guests at Best Buy Theater (NYC)

The Mobb re-unite after P's time 'up north' (No Yorkshire) to perform some of their classic tracks. As you'd expect there were a few other legendary guests on stage like Ghostface, Raekwon, Black Thought and Lil Kim (looking fly as ever). With so many bangers in their catalogue, this was always going to be a sick gig. #wishiwasthere.

News: Damian Marley forms supergroup with Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, AR Rahman, Dave Stewart

Source: HipHop DX
Fresh off of his Distant Relatives project with Nas, Jr. Gong joins the newly formed Super Heavy.

After a successful run with Nas to promote their Distant Relatives project, Damian Marley is joining another supergroup. The Jamiaca native will serve as one-fourth of the all-star quintet Super Heavy with The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart and Indian film composer A.R. Rahman.

According to, the fivesome has been secretly recording its debut over the past 18 months, with plans to unleash its first album in September 2011. "It's different from anything else I've ever been involved in," said Jagger. "The music is very wide-ranging – from reggae to ballads to Indian songs in Urdu."

The group formed after Stewart, who resides in Jamaica, called Jagger in hopes of starting an experimental fusion group. Jagger asked Marley, Stone and A.R. Rahman to join the group, banding together in Los Angeles, California to begin writing songs. "We didn't know what the hell we were doing," said Stewart. "We were just jamming and making a noise. It was like when a band first starts up in your garage. Sometimes Damian would kick it off and then Joss would sing something on top of it. We might have a 22 minute jam, and it would become a six minute song."

There are currently no tour dates scheduled for Super Heavy, but they haven't ruled it out. "We're experimenting at the moment and just taking it day by day," added Stewart. "I think if we're rehearsing and it sounds great and people love the idea then nobody would rule out the possibility of it."

23 May 2011

Video: Cassidy & Ar-Ab - 'Come Up Show' Freestyle

Cassidy who was recently nabbed on a warrant for violating his probation drops a sick freestyle and is fresh out of jail, sporting a dirty scar. However Cas was initially suspected in a murder and two attempted murders in Philly. In the second video, he speaks about the rumours of his case...

Mixtape: Southern Hospitality & LuckyMe Present: ’600%’

The UK's Southern US hip hop specialists joins forces with Glasgow record label, art collective, sound system and just general global creative conglomerate 'LuckyMe'. Expect some of the absolute wildest, craziest and gloriously weird new music that you're likely to hear at any and every Southern Hospitality party year-round. '600%' is what feeling 600% sounds like!  Tracklist below...

Download: Southern Hospitality Presents: '600%' (Mixtape)

Tracklist -
01. Who Da Neighbours – Juicy J
02. Hypa – Trae Tha Truth
03. Mask & Glock – SNO
04. Tupac Back – Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross
05. Show Money – Future and Young Scooter
07. Cocaine Runners – Waka Flocka Flame, Cartel and P. Smurf
08. Meet Me In The Tunnel – Mo Pain feat. Young Jeezy and Chubby Baby
09. Pills, Weed and Pussy – Project Pat
10. Inkredible Pt. 2 – Trae Tha Truth feat. Rick Ross
11. 600 Benz – Wale feat. Rick Ross and Jadakiss
12. Driveby Music – S.L. Jones and Errol Westbrook
13. Money Mane (Remix) – Project Pat feat. Tity Boi and Tatala Licius
14. Pancakes – Gucci Mane feat. Waka Flocka Flame and 8Ball
15. Zan & Lean (Remix) – Soulja Boy
16. Let's Get It – Plies
17. Bill Bellamy – Lil B
18. Laid Back – Rapid Ric



Snoop Dogg drops in with Tim Westwood for an interview on 1Xtra. From the outset, this interview proves why these two guys are certified veterans of the hip hop game, as they reminisce about their best memories.

Snoop also talks about his first time in the UK, working with Pharrell, thoughts on the why Dr Dre's Detox album is taking so long to come out and more.

22 May 2011

Audio: RD - Hoods Up (prod. by Jon E Cash)

The grime collective 'Nationality' member drops a crazy new vocal over the classic grime riddim. Keep an eye out for this guy, definitely an emerging talent in grime! Make sure you check the video we filmed with him below...

RD - Hoods up

Video: D Power ft Jamakabi - Grime Veteran (+ interview vid)

Diesle/D Power reminds you who the F he is in this sick new track produced by G Tank of Heavy Trackers.

Check this exclusive video interview and freestyle with Diesle from the Grime Report:

Video: Mac Miller - Wear My Hat

Pittsburgh's Mac Miller continues his rise to stardom on this dope new video, with non-predictable production from Chuck Inglish. As a Rostrum Records label mate of Wiz Khalifa, Mac doesn't get nearly the shine he deserves, and in my view is much fresher talent - taking a different approach to the hip hop game. Will be interested to see how he's received over here in UK when his first single, 'Knock knock' drops on June 13. Oh and the girl in the video? All I can say is shout out to the casting team on the video!

Event: Just Blaze vs The Alchemist The Sound-clash UK Tour 26th – 29th May 2011

Two of the hottest producers in the world are coming to England to battle each other head to head for four nights back to back. With a catalogue of hits for the biggest names in the game these two legendary beatsmiths are showing their skills on the decks as they go up against each other in a display of skills and selection in true soundclash style. Check for full info and to buy tickets online for the full the tour.

Video: SB.TV 1,000th Upload - UK Legends

SB TV brought together a few of the legends of UK hip hop to celebrate their 1000th video! Good to see some old names back doing their thing. I created a poll on grime forum's UK rap discussion to see who came best. Get involved here!

Video: Victizzle - Take You To The Future

The MOBO award winner drops the video for his futuristic banger, produced by him also. The only criticism I'd have is that it's a bit American sounding but the dubstep drop towards the end makes up for that! Cop it off iTunes here.

20 May 2011

Grime awards - place your vote!, the on line centre of all things grime, are now taking votes for what YOU think is the greatest grime of 2010. Click here to find out how to get your votes in and links to check out individual articles on each award and the nominations with audio, video, information and more, so you can make an informed vote or catch up on some of the best of the year you might have missed.


These are the awards up for grabs:

  • Best Artist Release
  • Best Breakthrough MC
  • Best Breakthrough Producer
  • Best DJ
  • Best Instrumental Release
  • Best Instrumental Track
  • Best MC
  • Best Positive Contribution
  • Best Producer
  • Best Radio Show
  • Best Set
  • Best Track
  • Best Video

Mix: Spooky’s 2002 ‘Roots of Grime’ Show

Spooky dropped this on his a little while ago, with the track selection going way back to 2002!
Keep an eye on his blog

Download the mix here, and drop it at a house party to liven things up.

J Da Flex & El-B – When I Fall In Love
Mutiny – The Virus (El-B Vocal)
TNT vs. Outlaw Breaks – Transmission
Wiley – Freeze
Roll Deep – Bounce
Big$hot – Stomp
Danny Weed – Creeper
Wesley J & Shimano – Jazz Music
Blazin Squad – Standard Flow (D’N'D Remix feat. Elephant Man)
TNT presents Outlaw Breaks – Nissi
DJ Wire – Believe Me
Musical Mob/The Ends – Are You Really From The Ends
Sticky – Golly Gosh
Menta – Sounds Of Da Future
El-B – The Spooks
Wookie – Duppy
Blessed Crew – Jaws
Dom Perignon & Dynamite – Hungry Tiger
DJ Wonder – Shower
Hindzy D – Target (The Capsule)
Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U
Wiley – Eskimo
Wiley – Eskimo (Devil’s Mix)
Youngstar – Bongo
Dizzee Rascal – Hoe
Skepta – Pulse Y
Youngstar – The Formula
Wookie – Weird Science
Centurions – Midnite
The Streets – Don’t Mug Yourself (Jammer Remix)
Wiley – Snowman
Geeneus – Thunder
Target – Earth Warrior
Wizzbit – Jamhot
Big$hot – Glitch
Macabre Unit – Slowjam
J Sweet & DJ Cameo – Hi-Grade
Wiley – Before This
Naughty – Pussy (DJ Hype Remix)
Skepta – Pulse Eskimo (aka Gunshot Riddim)
Wiley – Eskimo 3 (New Brand Flex Refix)
Wiley – Tweet Riddim (aka The Bird Tune)
Ruff Sqwad – Tingz In Boots
2 Twisted Family – Strike The Match

Video: Remtrex - Flush Raw (Big L's Ebonics grime remake)

Birmingham MC Remtrex drops his version of Big L's 'Ebonics' over the classic 'No help or hand outs' by No Lay/Unorthadox which was an early tune from the early 2000s!

Video: Swindle - Moodswings

When it comes to instrumental grime, Butterz is the label to look to, and Swindle's that guy you know can deliver. Feeling this one a lot, especially the artwork & animation by Mr. Tit (Karimo & BDID).

Video: True Tiger - In The Air (feat. Professor Green & Maverick Sabre)

The production team join forces with Prof. Green and Maverick Sabre, following the success of their last hit together, Jungle. Pro G's on point here and the videos strong at the same time...

Review: It's a sneaker thing!

Way back on ‘Illmatic’ in the early 1990s Nas exclaimed how “Nikes on my feet make my cypher complete”, whilst only last year Jay-Z claimed to be “searching for kicks like a sneaker head” on The Blueprint 3. Just two of the countless references that have seen hip-hop and sneaker culture grow together over as the last 35 years like Abigail and Brittany Hensel, the dicephalic conjoined twins.
Respect on the streets was how it started, and if you had to carry a tooth brush to clean a scuff you picked up at ‘The Ruckers’ (aka Harlem’s infamous Basketball court Rucker Park) then that’s what was required. As the street culture became a cultural movement, the brands moved with them – launching desirable, durable footwear that was often in limited editions. From then onward, the ‘sneaker head’ became synonymous with customised kicks, hip-hop music and shooting hoops beyond sundown.
Books have been published, conventions have been organised and super limited editions can be bought on e-bay, but sneaker fiends can now celebrate their obsession online.

It’s a sneaker thing’ is a user-generated website from Footlocker where sneaker heads all over the world can share their memories, discoveries and passion.

Imagine a multimedia montage containing classic sneaker movie clips and stills (think Marty McFly fastening his Nike ‘power laces’ in Back to the Future II) to boredom breaking viral videos for when you are “on a break” at the office. You can also stay updated via their Facebook page and see which of your mates has kept their hidden obsession quiet.

The site has been launched alongside ‘’, an open source catalogue built for and by the world’s most ardent sneaker fanatics. Footlocker’s marketing president Stacy Cunningham explained how this project is “bridging the gap between continents and raising awareness of a shared passion for sneakers”. Ms Cunningham went on to say how “sneaker enthusiasts can now share their knowledge, interest, and expertise of the products that unite us." 

Expect to see viral videos of people like Adam Smith, who did not exactly feel valued at work when his boss gave him grief over wearing his fresh Jordans in the office on this clip which went viral!

I can think of a few things worth posting up without a doubt! For example the Brookyln based designers, Sneaktip had their renowned T-shirt with the slogan ‘99 problems but my kicks ain't one’. It works a great icebreaker at house parties when your mate’s getting intimate with the toilet bowl…

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News: Assassin vs Vybz Kartel

The on-going alleged war between Agent Sasco aka Assassin and Vybz Kartel still continues as Agent Sasco is set to take 2011 by storm, with the release of his new song “Yuh Madda” which apparently is directed at Vybz Kartel. The conflict between the two was publicised when they both produced “real bad man” tunes a couple of years back, indicating some sort of rivalry.

Sasco doesn’t say Kartel’s name during his new song, so we’re left to put the puzzle together! I wonder how Kartel, who in other reports has been described as the “Bleached DJ with the Devil tattoo”, will take Sasco’s new release. I don’t know about him but that description already would have thrown me off! RUDE!
Source: Urban World


19 May 2011

Video: Logan Sama presents KeepinItGrimy Sessions feat. Merky Ace, MIK & Ego

The family tree boys get involved in the first installment of Logan Sama's KeepinItGrimy session at the Kiss 100 studios. EURGH!

18 May 2011

Video: Vato Gonzalez ft. Foreign Beggars - Badman Riddim (Jump)

The Beggars have been repping North London since 2002, with their 2003 classic 'Asylum Speakers' being one of UK hip hop's greatest albums. They gradually shifted into the dance scene, gaining huge popularity in Europe and have now got their first big hit in the UK, the official remix of Badman Riddim! Glad to see they've finally got recognition.

Audio: DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Spooky DJ Remix)

Hackney grime producer Spooky drops this disgusting remix to the track that was already a certified grime classic, sampling Badness.

Scratcha DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Spooky's Remix) by spookybizzle

In case you're not aware of the original track, check Lil Nasty's vocal, which came out thru grime label 'No Hats No Hoods' earlier this year... GRIME!

Mix: SK Vibemaker Summix part 1

The Rinse FM hip hop DJ gives you the first edition of 'Sum-mix' AKA 'Summer mix'. Dropping every 2 weeks expect over an hour of straight mixing. The mix is literally FX rolling up his sleeves and splicing up mostly Hip Hop with sprinkles of assortments similar to the radio show on Rinse FM.


Video: Jon Stewart & Bill O'Reilly Debate About Common. Who Do You Think Won?

Hip hop's most famous 'hater' Bill O'Reilly and left wing comedian Jon Stewart has a clash of the titans moment as they debate Common appearing at Michelle Obama's White House poetry evening. The figureheads of the contemporary right and left wing (respectively) locked horns on O'Reilly's notorious Fox show the other night (May 17).

So who do you think won the debate? Personally I think they both have valid points but in all honesty I see it more of a lack of research on the half of the White House, not realising he had these skeletons in his cupboard, choosing instead to recognize his more peace-loving material.

Video: The Beekeepers - Queen Bee (feat. Mystro)

Feeling this new relation-hop track that my boy Mystro's featured in. Produced by The Beekeepers - a duo from Bristol whose debut album ‘Apiculture’ is OUT NOW.

Audio: Big K.R.I.T. - Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Encouraging...

Think Ice Cube at his most political, or Dead Prez on a normal day. Think Bashy's 'Black Boys' or NY Oil's 'Y'all Should all get lynched'.

This was the most notible song on Meridian, Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T's newest mixtape 'the return of 4eva', which you can download FREE from

This mixtape is the first I've heard from the 24 year old who ex G unit guy Sha Money XL signed to Def Jam as one of his first priorities in his new position as senior A&R in may last year.

17 May 2011

Video: D Power ft. Fumin - They're not wicked

New banger from two certified heavy hitters in the grime scene.

Video: 'About to B' - Terrorsum (Pop the Trunk Freestyle)

Terrorsum vocals Yelawolf's banger 'Pop the trunk' For B Somebody's ‘About to B’ series. I'm rating a lot of what Terrorsum's doing right now, and has been co-signed over Twitter by Wiley. Don't miss his recent music vid for 'Zoot in my hand', banger!


One of the most underrated UK rappers over the last few years has to be Harry Shotta, an artist known for his heap of witty and fast paced, feel good bars and on-point flow. DJ Semtex has been trying let to people know about this guy via his 1Xtra show over the last ten weeks. He's invitied Harry in each work to to wrap up the past 7 days in the world and music over a variety of beats. Think Skillz/Mystro's The Rap Up but on a weekly scale. Not an easy task but executed in a suave manor by Mr Shotta!

Here's a recent track he was featured in alongside Dazzle and Terrorsum.

16 May 2011

Video: Byron - Demons (prod by Kharnivor)

Whenever Byron  - drops a video you know it'll be something special. This one's taken from his forthcoming project Deep Lyrics/Dirty Beats. The project will be crazy as the Slough MC is taking a completely different approach to the music to the sea of other artists in the scene right now.

Audio/download: Purpose - The Proton Pack

For those that appreciate their golden age/sample based but still contemporary hip hop beats, check this instrumental album from South London producer 'Purpose.' If you're a real hip hop geek (like myself) you might recognize a couple of the samples from other obscure tracks, but if you feel like a spontaneous MC cypher, throw this on!!

Range Rover Evoque - Being Henry

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Try out this new interactive action-love-fantasy-comedy-adventure from Range Rover about choices. Where will you end up? Take a look at this, it looks pretty fun from the trailer! More info on the campaign here:

Video: Magnetic Man & P Money perform Anthemic at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2011

Some great footage here from the event that happened over the last couple of days in Carlisle.

Also take a look at Professor Green giving Tom Deacon a tour of his dressing room...

Video: Telemachus - Ferndale Road/Scarecrows

Sick instrumental video here from the producer/engineer also known as Chemo, who's worked with the best of the best in UK Hip hop. This instrumental video documents Chemo's favourite road in Brixton, South London and is the short version of 'Ferndale Road' - the B-side to 'Scarecrows', featuring ex Flipmode Squad New Yorker Roc Marciano which you can watch below!


Audio/Download: Sean Price - F*ck outta here

One of the most under rated MCs out of NYC drops a new mixtape containing features from heavyweights such as Styles P, MF Doom and more. No feature from his Heltah Skeltah partner-in-rhyme Rock tho, which came as a surprise! Login to download or just stream below!

Interview: Adaggio the violinist

Rarely seen without his fitted New Era cap, Nike high-tops and his distinctive gold tooth,  28-year-old Adaggio from Hackney looks more like an extra from a grime video than a classically trained musician.

At some point you would have heard Adaggio's strings, either watching Hollywood movies and various TV spots, or performing alongside The GameMacy Gray, N-Dubz, Estelle, Maxi Priest , as well as Goldie in an ad for car manufacturer Fiat!).

Having just released his latest mini project, 'M.I.T.O' he's set to carve himself a name of his own. Our contributor Toby Kay find out who his inspirations are, his song-writing process and what M.I.T.O stands for and more!

First off, how are you right now?
I’m good, we’re in Shoreditch, enjoying a few drinks, chilled out.

Taking it back, how did you first get into playing the violin?
I started in primary school, in Hackney, about 7 years old. They were giving free lessons, and I saw Nigel Kennedy who’s a famous violinist, on TV a couple of weeks before. As soon as I found out that they were giving free lessons, I just got in there…and that’s where it all started!

When did you start to believe you could use your violin over the non-traditional tracks that we hear you on?
At the age of 18, that’s when I stopped practising classically. I’m a classical violinist originally. By 18 I started going partying, hearing the bass of R&B and garage at that time. That’s when I was like “Right, I want to put my violins to this!” If I’m honest, it’s from my raving, that’s how and why I crossed over haha! I thought “forget classical, I want to move over to something more fun!”. But, I do love classical music as well.

Do you produce the tracks too?
Yeah, I’m also a producer, and composer. So I produce my own tracks sometimes, even though I’m known for taking other peoples tracks and doodle all over them with my violin. I’ve just posted up the Kelly Rowland/Lil Wayne - Motivation track onto my YouTube channel!

Rowland ft. Lil Wayne - Mr. Adaggio

What other producers to look up to, or take influence from?
Obviously Dr. Dre is one of my big, big, big influences. I like Ryan Leslie… his creative process, I like how he lets people in on his creative process. i.e his YouTube videos, where he lets you see how he produces. Also a Miamio producer called Red Spyda (G-UnitMobb DeepAmerie) I like a lot, especially his drum sounds.

What are peoples usual reaction when you describe to them what you do?
They’re usually shocked ! People don’t get it. Sometimes people don’t believe it until they see it! That’s been my little jinx over the past couple of years. People have to see me perform to understand it. But people are cool you know. Then they are like “But you don’t look like a violinist!” (High-tops, fitted New Era, hood etc….) But, how is a violinist supposed to look?!

I recently read a tweet of yours saying that you are no longer putting yourself out as a “session” musician, and from now on it will be “Featuring Adaggio”…
This is just an angle for myself since releasing the mixtape. I’m putting myself out there. I’m fed up of doing strings for people as a solo violinist, and not getting any credit. I’m not going to say names, but I’ve been ripped off so many times, and not credited. So I just thought “Right, I’m not doing that no more.” I’ve had my own MTV Base - About To Blow, put out my own mixtape, had massive features…why should I cast myself as just a session musician.  I’m holding myself back like that. So, from now onwards, I’m going make sure my name is a feature, all the time. If it’s not a feature…you’re not getting Mr. Adaggio.

Mr Adaggio - Buggin'

So, who have you worked with in the past a session musician?
Putting me on the spot…I’ve done KanoJennifer HudsonThe Game…a lot of people. I cast session ones as when you’re not getting named.

What Game track was it?
'Dreams', it was good. I just got found somehow! That was near the beginning of all this. I think it came about via the record label people. It was a good gig! It was all a live performance, I turned up with my hair all up, rowed, like a Coolio style. I had just come back from New York, so I had a big baggy t-shirt on…I was easily influenced back then!

How about in the future…is there anyone you would like to session for?
You know what, my musical taste is slipping all over the place. I came across a group called Metronomy. You should YouTube them, I have fallen in love with their music! It’s part indie, part  funky. Anyone who’s musical has vibes. I’m very anti-vibeless music! If you’ve got a vibe, and it’s warm and stuff, then I’m with it.

When writing a song…do you have a similar approach to an MC, where they have a feeling that they want to express though words and their voice, but you use your strings instead?
Yes, definitely. I approach the track like a singer. But, also like a MC, where I’m trying to get the vibe. So if the track’s dark, I’m going to play dark. If the track’s bright…I’m going to play bright. If it’s a typical slow jam sound, I’m going to do that. So yeah, I approach it like a singer. I actually hum the melody to myself first. So I’ll turn the beat on, listen to it, get the melody, and then play it on the violin. But sometimes I just freestyle and go crazy on it! There’s no typical Adaggio recording method…unless the track’s boring haha!

When recording with other artists, do they come to you with an idea, and just let you do your thing…or do you build it up together?
Usually what happens is that they’ll press play on the track, I’ll freestyle, then they’ll be like “That bit!”, “That bit!” and “That bit!”. Then we’ll piece it together on the track. Sometimes they’ll have ideas, but usually they’ll leave me to it.

How about with the movie scores?
That’s totally me. There’s nobody telling me what to do. So far all the movies I’ve been working on are American, so they just send the track to me and it’s been up to me what I do. Which is a beautiful thing.

You must have more than a few musical influences, who are some of your main ones?
I’d say, anyone from Stevie Wonder to Coldplay to obviously Michael Jackson. You know, anyone I grew up on. I think I can actually hear in my violin, their kind of voices, and I try and imitate on the violin.

The free sampler/mini album M.I.T.O…firstly what does that stand for?
It stands for 'Murder In The Orchestra'. The meaning behind that is what I see myself as to the violin world. I’m completely different. I’m not saying that in a “look at me” way, I just am different. I’ve got a gold tooth, I got long hair, I party hard. Not saying other violinists don’t party…I just party harder haha! I always say I’m the UK’s number 1 bad boy violinist! That’s my brand.

Mr Adaggio - Crazy

So why are you 'The UK’s Number One Bad Boy Violinist'?!
I party ‘till I drop, I speak my mind and I rock out on stage! If you come and see me live, I can promise you that you’ll never have seen a violinist like me before.

Has it been put out to test the water and gain feedback, or did you just feel the need to get something out in the public?
This is the first time I’ve ever put anything out there that’s just me. So it was really to get feedback. But it was also because I’m always gigging and people are like “where’s your material?”, so I want to provide for those people. That’s why I put it out.

Do you have a goal with the release, or are you just enjoying seeing where it takes you?
The goal was the people. Give them something to listen to. Something that was completely me. Something that was organic. Recorded in the bedroom. No high end producers. Just me.

How about live performances, can we expect any?
At the moment, the only live performances that I’ve got are in foreign countries. Over the summer there will be a lot of PA’s. So far it’s just Thailand and Dubai though.

Now that the release has dropped to a lot of positive feedback, solo wise, what else are you planning on doing over the coming months?
I want to release an E.P, which features other acts, and me. So all the tracks will be features. So, basically, Mr. Adaggio featuring…. Also my group, The Element. The Element are like an experimental, R&B, pop, reggae, ballad, it’s everything, it’s very versatile. But, it’s very dark as well. I’ve got my hand on the production, so I’ve got control on that. Some of the songs are happy, we’re trying to steer our way. What I’d say we are…is like a new version of The Coors…gone wrong haha!...and a bit street too! You can expect to hear something’s over the next few months. And, I’ve got my own video coming for two tracks off the mixtape.

If you could work with 3 current artists of your choice, who would they be?
I’d say…Stevie WonderDot Rotten, and…Two Door Cinema Club. So I’m down for everything! I’m not a musical snob, I like everything! From the most ghetto, ghetto, ghetto beats, to indie, to jazz and piano. I like dark music though, I’m a fan of dark music. I don’t know why. Even dark pop I like!

If you could work with 3 artists who aren’t here anymore?
MozartBeethoven….Bob Marley. I’m one of the biggest fans of Bob Marley, I love his music.

Any last words?
Nice interview, thank you!

Mr Adaggio - E.T.

I seriously advise downloading M.I.T.O for free RIGHT HERE!!
Twitter: @MrAdaggio1
YouTube channel: Official Adaggio

Interview by Toby Kay for BlatantlyBlunt
See more of his work at