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30 April 2009

New Video:Bashy - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

This one produced by Toddla T as is the brand new single from Bashy, taken from his debut Album 'Catch Me If You Can' - OUT JUNE 1ST 2009. Go cop that!!
Directed by Adam Brown & Greg Duffield and Video Production by Digital Sneakers Ltd

28 April 2009

MOP interview

Check out this dope interview with Brooklyn legends M.O.P talking about how they got into the game and the journey they been on since then. Seems like they in a pretty jovial mood contrary to their music! Doesn't surprise me as Billy Danze was friendly as hell when I met him a couple years ago!

27 April 2009

Blatantly Blunt Radio 27 April



1. Jay V - Dem Boy
2. Tinchy stryder-sorry u are (ft.chipmunk) (prod. by maniac)
3. Mark henry g frsh- Flygeria
4. Rob kelly charlie sloth crash
5. Bashy - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
6. Banner and dj shadow- seein thangs
7. Lil Wayne - Yes (ft Pharrell)
8. Drake-Im Goin In Feat Lil Wayne
9. Boaz-wellconnected-dirty
10. Rick ross ft. kanye west lil wayne tpain - maybach music2
11. Sincere Turn my flee on edit
12. Raw, Jeeday Jawz, MIK -saw riidem
13. Tempa t-next hype
14. Esco - Bad Man
16. shaggy – badman dont cry
17. Mr Vegas - I AM BLESSED
18. Asher roth slick rick - you
19. Eminem – 3am
20. nemesis arrogance - north ldn ft skinny
21. Nemesis arrogance - let go ft mr drastic
22. lil wayne ft jae millz - dick pleaser
23. Ralphy Boy- FlyShitTalk
24. Rick-Ross-Blow-Dre
25. prodigy - my world is empty without you
26. Jim Snooka - Kill em all

25 April 2009

Shifty movie launch at Bar Rumba

Went down to the Shifty Film Release afterparty @ Bar Rumba last night (24th April, day of movie release.)
After nearly not getting in due to OTT ID harshness (what do you expect from a central london bar/club?), finally got in to see the like of Riz MC, Plan B (Sway did a no show).. but the night really got good when the DJs came on who all smacked it as you could imagine .. shout out especially to Slugz and Boyson as well as Higher Elements and Kulez and Melvs and Vagabondz Jack, co-organizer.

PLASTICIAN (rinse fm), SLUGZ & BOYSON (vagabondz/swagger), DJ CAMEO (bbc 1xtra), SUKH KNIGHT b2b SCANDALOUS UNLTD (true tiger), HENY G (anti Social), RICH REASON (Warehouse Project, Hit&Run), CHANTELLE FIDDY & HATTIE COLLINS (RWD, Ctrl.Alt.Shift), BLUE BEAR (true tiger)

Here's some pics of the night as provided by this site's photographer; Melvs

The movie itself looks pretty sick, I've not seen it yet but heres a little synopsis i found:

Riz Ahmed (Britz, Dead Set) takes the title role of Shifty, a thriller charting an action packed 24 hours in the life of a young crack cocaine dealer on the outskirts of London. The sudden return home of his best friend sets in motion a chain of events that see Shiftys life quickly spiral out of control. Stalked by a customer desperate to score at all costs, and with his family about to turn their back on him for good, Shifty must out-run and out-smart a rival drug dealer intent on setting him up. As his long time friend Chris, played by Daniel Mays (The Bank Job, Plus One), confronts the dark past he left behind him, Shifty is forced to face up to the violent future he's heading fast towards.

“Our favourite film of the year so far” – RWD Magazine,
“The real deal.. Shifty never once strikes a false note” – Total Film

Also check some more pics from Melvs of a night I went down to, the Outlook festival launch night at the Coronet who shot the pics. Was a crazy night to say the least!

23 April 2009

Wiley and Skepta: Who Will Be Crowned King of Grime?

Joseph Patterson. From his guest article on Ministry of Sound's blog about the June 1 release of Wiley's new album,
Race Against Time and Skepta’s 2nd full-length, Microphone Champion.

You’ve all seen the ‘Get It Off Your Chest’ thing over there on the right. You know, the bit that says ‘send us your blogs’. If you haven’t, scan your eyes over to the right. No, not ‘Feed Me’, down a bit... That’s it. Well, Joseph Patterson is the first man off the mark to send us his work, and a fine blog it is. Join him now as he takes a look at the burgeoning rivalry between Boy Better Know grimesters, Wiley and Skepta...

Skepta, who taught the nation the Rolex Sweep on his Data Records debut, and Wiley, whose Wearing My Rolex featured on the Annual 2009, are two of the biggest grime acts to emerge from the ever-growing underground London music scene for quite some time. Both part of influential grime crew Boy Better Know, they have, with the help of fellow members JME, MC Frisco, MC Shorty and DJ Maximum, built an empire together, as well as a enormous reputation.

2008 was the official Year of the Rolex as both MCs stormed the charts with grime beats, witty lyrics and even joined forces to produce a grime version of the Macarena. The Bless Beats produced track, Wearing My Rolex, saw Wiley reach number two in the UK charts, a huge feat at that time for a grime act, which previously had never reached the top five, let alone number two.

The craze continued to grow as Skepta gave the nation the Rolex Sweep and its signature dance move, which saw the likes of Busta Rhymes and daytime TV presenter Paul O'Grady recreating the steps. Coldplay's Chris Martin performed his own rendition during a gig at Brixton’s Mass, and even Timmy Mallett got on the bandwagon to create the Boy Better Know Sweep Show.

Now, however, the strong bond between Skepta and Wiley is to be broken, as the two heavyweight mic men take to the ring and battle it out to see who will be crowned the king of grime. On 1st June both acts release their latest public offering; Wiley with his album, Race Against Time and Skepta’s full-length, Microphone Champion. It's officially war.

What does it take to be the king of grime? “King of grime? Ha, I am Grime!” Wiley insists. “If there wasn't Wiley, there wouldn’t be grime, so everyone else needs to seckle." Joseph Junior Adenuga, aka Skepta, also had his say on the matter, “To be the king of grime you need to be the best at DJing, producing and MCing. I started off as a DJ for my crew Meridian, back in the day, and everyone knew me as a big DJ. Then I started producing, and every DJ used to play my tunes. After that I started to MC and now everyone knows me as one of the best MCs in the country; so that’s why I am the king of grime."

Will record sales settle the dispute this summer?

Joseph Patterson is the self-styled ‘Hoods Journalist’ and runs his own J.P. blog. As a freelance writer, he has contributed to SUPERSUPER, iDJ, Mixmag, Dazed & Confused and many others.

New preview track

Check this video of David Banner, 9th Wonder and Remo in the studio listening back to a new track they just made.. Sounding hot!

22 April 2009

Eminem's new album cover

21 April 2009

Frisco's latest mixtape launch at The Social

All Frisco fans come along and support the launch of Back2Da Lab Vol 3 Mixtape on Thurs 14th May 2009 @ The Social (west End). On the night Frisco will be performing his latest tracks from the new Cd alongside special guests.

Admission is FREE so there is no excuses to miss this one-off event from the Boy Better Know MC.

For more info contact - 07961 977 703

Blatantly Blunt radio 20/04/09 with JPMD

Was a crazy show as ever down at with east London based hip hop outfit JMPD making it across the to other side of London to touch mic with nuthin but real road rap.

Part 1

Part 2

Videos of JPMD spitting live on the show:


  1. Terra Firma -War
  2. Terra Firma - Firma fam
  3. Direman - I'm looking for a girl
  4. Kulez - Easy P's
  5. Rick Ross - Blow
  6. Rick Ross feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne T-Pain - Maybach Music 2
  7. Mr Ti2bs - Black Man Rise
  8. Mr Vegas - I am blessed
  9. Sizzla Capleton Buju Banton Eazy E - Nuthin but a g thang (Medly/Blend)
  10. Big Scube - My Hood
  11. Naps N Dreds - Bully! feat. Kool G Rap
  12. Ghetts - When the things come out
  13. Hollowman Jendor - pose on the phone
  14. Hollowman Jendor - Damn
  15. MOP - Here today gone tomorrow
  16. DJ Premier & Pitch Black ft. and Styles P
  17. Juganot - Nevastop
  18. Klash - pressure
  19. Durrty goodz - battle with the fans
  20. Lil Wayne & Pharell - Yes
JPMD step on the mic
Natty Reals, Angry,Rambos, Greeze

19 April 2009

The Saw Riddim

What do you think of this one? Sick line up from MC Raw (Urbanfmtv/Heavy Bank UK), Jeeday Jawz, MIK and Chico on the hook. Shouts to London Luke (Heavy Bank/K.A.R) and look out for MIK's new mixtape 'The workaholic' coming out mid may on Blatantly Blunt.

Also check the behind the scenes of the video shoot filmed (not very well) by me...

15 April 2009

Free copy of Blood in the sand..

Check out one of Blatantly Blunt's partner sites; [freshly served] HipHop's contest "Who Got Smoked?" where you can enter to win a copy of 50 Cent's Blood On The Sand game on the X Box 360.
It's your chance to say who you think won in the recent 50 cent Vs Rick Ross beef (it ain't over by the way!).

Click here to check it out

13 April 2009

Blatantly Blunt Radio 13 April

This week unfortunately, despite 2 acts being booked, both cancelled last minute (thats the nature of it and anyone working in the industry esp. hip hop/grime will know this kinda shit happens) but I came prepared like a veteran pornstar and filled the time with tracks so it's all good. Check out the audio and playlist below!
Part 1:



2. Black The Ripper - Im From London (Maniac Production)

3. president t ft skepta-large way

4. Jeeday Jawz - Run Up In Da Game Boom boom Clap Clap

5. Nasty- run it up armor stormin nasty jack

6. Smasher - Back In The Day

7. Virus Syndicate – vibrator

8. Tinie Tempah Ft. MIA - Im Hot

9. collie buddz-blind to you


11. Badness-when we rise (ft. chipmunk)

12. Durrty goodz-superhero (prod. by nocturnal)

13. FOREIGN BEGGARS- Gash Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs mix

14. Dizzee - Bonkers

15. DJ Detox - Dirtee Swagga (Dirty)

16. redman & method man - city lights

17. Three 6 mafia - i'd rather (feat. unk)

18. Jadakiss - something else

19. Durrty goodz-this is what they want (prod. by joker)

20. MIK - Basic Training 3style (Prod.By Smurf)

21. Jadakiss – Pain and torture

22. UGK - that's why i carry feat. n.o. joe

23. Kanye West - Throw Some D's (Prod. By Broadway/Polow Da Don)

24.Tona - U Know It - Tona feat. Skyzoo (Prod by Lyve)

New vids from the radio show

Check these vids of various mcs who have been on my show in the past few weeks on

Big Cakes:

Big Cakes and Frantic Frank:

Nas and Damian Marley: Distant Relatives

So Nas and DamianMarley are planning a collaborative album together, should be BIG (like chris wallace); check this article from PyroRadio.

Nas and Damian Marley are releasing a collaborative album entitled Distant Relatives, due out June 23rd. The album features the signature instrumentation and musicianship of Marley with the hard hitting beats and lyrics of Nas. Throughout the course of their musical careers, the duo has taught each other and always admired each other’s style. Since first meeting in 1996 the two artists have shared a mutual respect and camaraderie that was most recently showcased on “Road to Zion,” a standout track from Damian’s critically acclaimed album, Welcome to Jamrock. After having such a positive experience working together, they have now joined forces again for Distant Relatives.

The album title refers not only to the bond of Nas and Damian, but the bond to their African ancestry, which inspired the album both musically and lyrically. “Africa is the backbone of the world and the foundation of everything and Africans are in a situation where they need help more than anywhere else,” notes Damian Marley. “We know there are dire situations here in America but when you look at America—with public libraries and free education—these are not opportunities most Africans have. It’s a completely different scale of trying to help people. As humans beings, we’re part of a human family.”

Nas agrees, “As an American, we have so much even in a so-called recession that a neighborhood like Queensbridge or Red Hook is Beverly Hills compared to the way people are living in Nigeria, Sierre Leone, and Ghana,” says the emcee. “So obviously if we making records with that theme, there’s gonna be things I want to build on. I think Africa has a lot to teach us.

10 April 2009

New Grime mix from D'explicit

(That guy who produced Lethal B's Pow; one of the grime scene's top producers)

Click to download:

1. Marvell- Make Noise
2. Skepta- In a Corner
3. Hammer- Stinkin'
4. Sway ft. Stush- F Ur' X
5. Lethal B- MR
6. Durrty Goodz- Smash
7. Frisco ft. Double S, Lay-Z, Danny B, Macksta- Busy Wid Da Bars
8. Lay-Z - We Stay Fly
9. Black the Ripper- Wow
10. 9 Milli Major- Bars Ain't Clean
11. Random Impulse- I Need You
12. Durrty Goodz- Party N' Rave
13. Wiley- Sorry Sorry Parden What
14. Fumin & Jookie Mundo- You're Not Alone
15. Diesel, Fumin & Jookie Mundo- I'm a OG
16. Jeeday Jaws, Random Impulse & Black the Ripper- One
17. Dimples- Watch No Face
18. Random Impulse- Doubles
19. Black the Ripper- Bedtime

9 April 2009

Official Video: Boy Better Know - Too Many Man

Finally it arrives! This track featuring the whole crew: Shorty Smalls, Wiley, JME, Skepta and Frisco. In my opinion the video lets the track down a bit. The facepaint is a nice idea, but doesn't really work too well I reckon. Still, I can see this track making big movements. Look out for the numerous cameos in the video. I spotted Chipmunk, Jammer and Westwood but know there loads more dotted around...

Free grime rave this Friday in Kings Cross.

You already know im gonna be there!
Cameo, Marcus Nasty, Tomb Crew, Spooky DJ. Big!

8 April 2009

MC Eksman talks criminal music

Normally I don't cover D&B in my blog posts but seeing as this feature from Current TV is based around the art and impact of emceeing (where the mc happens to be from the D&B scene) I thought it'd be relevant. Eksman, a legendary MC in the scene (I say legendary thru seeing his name on countless flyers/posters in places like old street and camden and thru word of mouth, despite the fact I'm not a huge & D&B head) discusses whether his lyrics (or anyone else's for that matter) could incite someone to carry out an act of violence.

For more like this tune into Current TV's 'Breaking the Law' season on April 10th 2009.

Bonus:Dj Zinc MC Eksman - Drive By Car

Bashy gets kidnapped!

This is a cool video and an innovative form of marketing for his new album, "Catch me if you can", which is the highly anticipated debut album from NW Ldn native.
You might recognize fellow grime-hop stars Wretch 32 and Scorcher in this video. Hopefully we'll see a part 2!

5 April 2009

Gunchester rap

They say it's grim oop naarf.. well take a glimpse of the Manchester (aka gun-chester) rap scene.

Chopps Derby - Back to your yard

"Bare buff subject matter, gangs of drug dealers actin’ rude, rabid pitbulls, badass grime beats, that niche bass sound, Stanley knives, regionalist claptrap, multi-coloured wheelie bins, shot after shot of council estates (somewhere near Moss Side)....

What else could any self respecting 'Bassline' raver want?........"

M16 Productions - Round here da estate
This vids kinda gutter and makes you glad to not live in Moss Side (sorry if you do) but I can't understand a frikkin word of wat the first 2 mcs are saying (nuthin to do with their accent either). I duno if the other 610,000 viewers of this would agree with me tho.

Watch out for the Manchester grime scene tho. It's still in pretty early stages but there are cats like Lyrican and Virus Syndicate who are pushing shit forward and providing some infrastructure for the scene to flourish as is now happening in the good old LDN.

4 April 2009

New video: Nemesis & Arrogance - Live from the capital

The North London Hip Hop duo NEMESIS & ARROGANCE have been working hard for some time now releasing their debut album last year and underground smash single ‘Change Your Heart’ ft Skinnyman.

With the unquestionable quality of their latest offering Da Real Sho, they stand to start seeing some of that hard work pay off.

This radio-show-themed project, spawned from their popular radio show of the same name and features a breathtaking list of talent including: BASHY, WRETCH 32, SKINNYMAN, SINCERE, FLIRTA D, FAITH SFX, MR TI2BS, MR DRASTICK, SUPAR NOVAR, JELLUZZ, NUTTY P, SUGA DZL, LAZY HABITS, MARK HENRY, BIG BEN and many more...

The first single taken from Da Real Sho, is this massive - Live From The Capital
- Featuring fellow north Londoner Jelluzz and Starry Dayz. Da Real Sho is out on the 1st June 2009 on Real Records.
Check out this video below, its a lot!

2 April 2009

Jadakiss talks about his new album

Pretty good interview here, as Jada talks about "The Last Kiss" out soon. The interviewer seems like a bit of a geek but seems to know his shit (as you'd expect from a geek).

1 April 2009

DJ Furious presents Shynes newest mixtape

DJ Furious Styles preps for Shyne release with his mixtape; "25 to Life plus 9"

Having served almost nine years behind bars rapper Jamal 'Shyne' Barrow is set to return to the real world this summer. To celebrate the release of the former Bad Boy, DJ Furious Styles has concocted one of his exclusive mixtapes to bring Shyne back to the forefront of our memories allowing us to reacquaint ourselves with the Brooklyn adoptee yet again.

Click cover to download!

Laced with tracks from his previous projects released before and during his highly publicized incarceration, 25 to Life Plus 9 is a mixtape not to be slept on as we head into the second quarter. Like anything Furious Styles attaches his name to, the results are always favorable to both the artist and the DJ and this project is no different.

Interwoven with interviews of him speaking on that notorious night back in December of 1999 and all that came along during and after the trial which saw him facing a possible life sentence, 25 to Life plus 9 proves that this entertainer needs to be back where he can be seen and heard.

"Shyne is a MC that lives by a code that is seldom followed by any individual. It is monumental to hear Shyne's point view on his court case, the shooting and the time that he is serving." - DJ Furious Styles


Cargo. 4 April. UK Hip Hop. Don't miss out!

Back once again, Kung Fu are bringing the ruckus to east London's Cargo this Saturday 4th of April 09

Joining DJ GONE to promote his new Mix CD Sin City on the night will be:

Charlie Sloth
Ramson Badbones
Harry Love
Big Deal
Speech Debelle [Big Dada]
Sarah Love

Plus a special performance from the legendary Skinnyman.

Check this dope freestyle from DJ Gone, Reveal & Jargon Live on Kiss with MK & Shortee Blitz March '09.

Kung Fu Presents: DJ Gone Sin City - Is out now, go cop that!!