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19 November 2008

Classic Flashback: Kool G Rap - On the Run

Believe it or not, this track came out in 1992, and is the definition of REAL gangsta rap; if there ever was one. This dude has mastered the art of story tellin' to the level of Slick Rick, while keepin it gangsta to the point of to the point of [insert your favourite gangsta rapper].

"The only motherfucker left was Don Luciano, So I snuck up the sucker
Put my gun to his head, "Whassup now motherfucker?"
He said, "Wait, I want to talk"
*five gunshots* I put his brains on the sidewalk"

The only guy really putting it down like G Rap in 2008/9 is Uncle Murder who's got that raw NYC hard bodied feeling...He put this track out a couple of years ago and came up thru DJ Green Lantern and is now signed with Roc a fella. He's come out with plenty more street bangers so watch out for him if you like this!

1 comment:

  1. Ahh, I forgot about "Bullet Bullet"...Big tune.

    It's all about the "Anybody Can Get It" joint off GTA IV too....