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30 December 2007

New Ghostface Doll.... this is JOKES

Ill let you make your own opinion of this one but props to Miss Info on this one...

29 December 2007

Some fresh grime and hip hop tracks for you lot...

Prodigy - My world is empty with out you

Frisco - Skengman mode (Ft. Chipmunk, Double S)

Frisco ft. Black the Ripper - Always recording

Tinchy Stryder - Nah Fam Ft. Dillusion Soljah Kid and Fuda guy.mp3)

Styles P ft. Jadakiss & Sheek Louch - Blow your mind (remix)

Sway - Black Stars (Bashy's Black boys remix about Ghana)


Skepta: "I don't care what you tell me, the t-shirt business is healthy"

You best believe that, this vid off youtube explains that BBK are makin DOUGH-LO... Here's a selection of vids from his youtube channel "Man Better Know"

This one aint from that channel but it gives me jokes every time i watch it... "Camels a guan"

and finally... over the top - skeptas 1st post 'Greatest Hits' video.. leave a comment if u got an opinion!

26 December 2007

Sway and Ian brown on an anti-war tip

Who woulda predicted this? 1st sway apparently signing for Konvict music (Akon's label) then making this trak with Ian Brown from the Stone Roses.. this track and vid is deep, trust. the video seemed a bit over the top at 1st but its clearly well made and theres a twist at the end which 'adds value' to the whole thing...Good to see an unbait (just about!) cross over tho, I think I smell mainstream money...
Sway comes across a bit more thugged out in this vid than normal tho, reminded me of Billy Danze (M.O.P) a bit?!
See how this goes down, wouldn't be surprised if this reached MTV Base/2 tho..
Also check Sways version of Black Boys by Bashy, this one entitled 'Black stars':

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24 December 2007

Christmas, grime style

Possibly the greatest (and only/closest thing to an) xmas grime tune..
Newham Generals - Walking in the air

Dirty Canvas: 29 December

Once again its time for the most gully regular event in the grime scene; Dirty Canvas! I rolled thru to the last two of these and they were both sick but this ones bound to be a banger as the Godfather of Grime has a deserved headlining spot:

DMX doing what he does best.....

Rumour has it that ex Ruff Ryder DMX "was rushed to a hospital Thursday after passing out at Sony Recording Studios in New York". Though his representative claims the rumours are "100% false", he must of had a REAL bad come down , unless these vids are also 100% false... oh, and watch out for X's stories of being in JA, and his Jamaican accent in the 2nd vid!

What do Amy Whine-ho and Fiddy cent have in common?

Apart from being international award winning "urban"* genre superstars?

They're so famous they don't need to worry about being bated up by peeps on the net, even though they're not in their own country.
* I really hate the 'urban' genre tag also so don't hate, it's just the only way of categorising these 2 millionaires...

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