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27 February 2010


  • DJ JJ
This looks so dutty check the facebook event page
This Wed. 3 March!
10PM - 3:30AM - Entrance only £3 B4 11 £5 after on the guest list

The Den
18 West Central St

Ever wondered where that song was sampled from?

I found a cool site yesterday called 'Who Sampled' which basically lets you browse artist from various music genres and see what tunes they've sampled or who's sampled them! Really good if you're the type of person (like me) that hears a sample in a tune and won't rest until they find out where it's from!
Take a look (oh and by the way they didn't incentivize me to do this post!)... you can browse by artist, year, genre or even submit your own!

25 February 2010

Shyne signs out of jail and on to Def Jam

I highly doubt Shyne dreamt this up once during his 9 year stint of his recently expired jail term but perhaps his prayers have in fact come true as he signs a multi million $ contract with Def Jam, weeks after being deported back to his home country of Belize, where his father is prime minister (!). Damn Diddy, looks like another success for one your former artists...

24 February 2010

2 country & western inspired hip hop bangers!

Juelz Santana feat. Yelawolf - "Mixin' Up The Medicine
I heard this one a good few months ago, only just remembered about it but didn't kno about the video... REAL big track here, Juelz should be bigger than he is, and this may be where Drake (and consequently loads more big artists) got their new flow from, removing 'like' from similes and replacing it with a gap...particularly overused on Bashy's recent F64 for SBTV

B.o.B - I Am The Man f/ OJ Da Juiceman & Bun B
This one from my favourite new hip hop artist, who's signed to TI's Grand Hustle label (who have an impressive roster). B.O.B tends to sample some great tracks, and this one's no different, using ' I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow' from the movie 'O Brother, Where Art Thou'

BlatantlyBlunt meets S-X

Producer of one of 2010's BIGGEST instrumental's 'Woooo Riddim', I caught up with S-X; member of Midlands'/Birmingham's Stay Fresh Crew, who've made big moves recently, including being featured on Tim Westwood's Crib Sessions.

1.How long have you been producing?
I've been producing since I was like 11 when my friend gave me Fruity Loops 3, and I was like "Oh sh*t, you can actually make music on just a laptop" and I pretty much just went from there. I'm 17 now so thats 6 years, but I decided that this is what I wanted to do as a career about a year and a half ago.

2. How did Stay fresh start?
Damn, StayFresh started back in like 05, 06 those kind of times and was pretty much one of the biggest teams out in the Midlands, then it went quiet for about 2 years and it came back in 2008. I met Jamie Dred at a radio station and gave him 2 of my instrumental mixtapes which I had been selling to buy some equipment, and he could see I was hard working and had a good vision of where I wanted to take my music. So I got put in StayFresh, along with MenacEivy, Casper, Macca, Raider, MoVeZ, J1, Saf.One, Deadly, P.R.e, NatzSoBossy, Moky & Mental. We've also got Jamie Dred and Despa for management. And we've just been going hard since then man, we have put out 7 mixtapes and 3 music videos all in two years, which is pretty cool.

3. I hear you're working with some producers outside the UK, what's going on with that?
Yeah man, I mean you know, I think to get somewhere in this game you gotta be able to connect and stay connected, so I've been working really hard on that side, I won't say any names but people are definitaley gonna be interested and hopefully proud that I'm gonna be putting the UK on the map.

4. Which midlands artists should we look out for?
I think you should get ready for Macca, he is part of the StayFresh label. I think he is gonna do really well over the next 2 years, he has got a mixtape dropping soon called 'Reborn' which is sounding really good! There are other midlands artists such as Trilla, Raider, J1, MenacEivy & a few more, but they're all part of the StayFresh team, you can check them out on

5. How is the Midlands grime scene different to London or Manchester?
I wouldn't really say its 'different' as such, because we do the same music, I think its just a lot harder for Midlands MC's to get known in London and get the same level of respect as people who come from there. But I think its about the music, if you've got good music, what can go wrong?

6. Who in grime are you liking at the moment?
In grime right now I'm liking Skepta, he's just done the Bad Boy song, which is commercial but he's also dropped the 'Been There Done That' mixtape which I really like. I'm also feeling P Money, Devlin, Wiley, StayFresh (of course) & really just anyone who makes good music and works hard.. I respect the hustle more than the music, but the music has to be good of course LOL.

7. Have you had much mainstream response been to Wooo riddim?
Not so much mainstream response but underground definitaley! Everyone I've played it do really likes it so I really hope it does well, people keep saying its the best Grime beat of 2010 and we're only 2 months in.. thats crazy! We're looking to release it around April/May. But also thanks to that beat, it's opened up a few doors which I hope works out well.

Check S-X out online:

Check Trilla's vocal of the Wooo riddim:

Also check StayFresh artists Raider, MenaceIvy, Macca, Movez & j1 spitting over Wooo with Tempa T.

Big new hood video from Jammer

The guy's an undisputed legend in the scene and in this track, produced by Rapid of Ruff Sqwad he shouts out the big dogs of the grime scene to remind you that you ain't better than none of them!
Big up to SBTV on the video...

Also check this recent big boy promo vid from Jammer, Leave me alone, off 'Are you dumb' vol 4.

Juttla & Manny Moscow - 1kg

Coming soon from Midlands producer JUTTLA and London Rapper MANNY MOSCOW is ‘The Forbidden Temple EP’; a project mixing up Dubstep, Hip-Hop and Grime in a new and unique way. The first track to be taken from this EP is ‘1KG’ which is already causing a stir with some of the UK’s leading DJ’s as well as getting used in a training film for an education programme at schools and colleges.
Check it here:
Juttla & Manny Moscow - 1kg

23 February 2010

DJ Premier and KRS-One Team Up for Return of the Boom Bip

Good news for real hip hop fans as 2 of the greatest artists to ever make hiphop are teaming up for a collaboration album!

Gang Starr production legend DJ Premier has shaped a lot of classic records in his time making beats. Among them was KRS-One's 1993 effort, the excellent Return of the Boom Bap. The album was KRS's first foray into solo territory after five albums with Boogie Down Productions, and was strengthened by Premier's seven contributions. Now, nearly 17 years later, the pair have teamed up again for a new KRS-One album.

According to HipHopDX, the album is a sequel to Return of the Boom Bap, and is called Return of the Boom Bip. Premier was recently quoted as saying, "It's going to be one of the illest albums of 2010," and Q-Tip, Grand Puba and Ice-T are among those confirmed for the album.

No release date has been set for Return of the Boom Bip, but it should be out this year. Based on the track record that these two artists have, and the quality of recent sequel records like Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II, we certainly have high hopes for this album.

Source article

22 February 2010

Free West Midlands grime mixtape download

I can see this grime/rap crew, who go by the name of Stay Fresh Music doing big things soon.
Consisting of 9 MCs (Macca, Menace Ivy, Raider, MoVeZ, J1, Deadly, SafOne, Pressure. and Casper), a vocalist (Natzsobossy) and three producers (DJ Moky, Mental and S-X) they're a crew to watch out for in 2010.
You may have already heard DJs like Mistajam on 1xtra and Scratcha on rinse fm playing various vocals of 'the wooo riddim', produced by S-X. Check their site for more freebies...

Download 'go hard or go yard'

UK Hip hop lives on

2 great videos here undoubtedly proof of the fact UK Hip hop continues to surprise you with originality just when you think it's a rarity these days
The 1st is a DJ Gone exclusive of Chester P of Taskforce, one of the greatest lyricists to bless a mic, either side of the Atlantic. It's just unfortunate he's not had the recognition he deserves from outside the community. Make sure you check his freestyle and words of wisdom at the end.

The next one involves Chester's brother/Taskforce member Farma G sporting attire only a few could get away with, featuring with Charley Sloth and Black the Ripper on a monstrous track filmed in East London's Brick Lane. (altho why does it zoom out to the West coast of USA?!) .This track's taken from the Charley Sloth's Black Book CD which is available for FREE download from 1ST March 2010 from WWW.CHARLIESLOTH.COM.

20 February 2010

Video: Wiley feat. Emeli Sande - Never Be Your Woman (prod. Shy FX)

It's tracks like this which re-affirm my belief that Wiley is the greatest UK rapper/MC (at least over the last 10 years anyway). This one produced by drum and bass pioneer Shy FX, a remix/re-fix of the original, which adds the musical sample to the vocal sample on the hook from the 90s dance/pop tune Never be your woman by White town which I remember well from when i was a kid. On top of the track, the video itself is well thought out and creative, showing various stages of Wiley growing up, represented by different people, passports, birthday cakes and even drinking vessels! I like this track a lot.

Free download: English’s new promo "Local Hero Episode 2"

Fresh from Left Turn Records, English’s new promo “Local Hero Episode 2″.

If you've not heard of this guy make sure you check this, the latest of his free downloads. He's been around for a few years now, forging his name as a talented wordsmith and an MC that happens to make hip hop but not someone you'd immediately associate with the 'uk hip hop scene', due to the fact he just makes good music without attempting to box himself in.

Check his other free downloads on his myspace including his 'Left turn radio' series, a collection of features, live sets and radio play along with Danny D, C Gritz, Jammer, Kipo and a singer to lookout for called Rosie Greenwood.

Download Here!

19 February 2010

Griminal jumps on a dancey autotune trak

Seriously, what's happening to the integrity of some people in the grime scene. I understand there's a need to make money but since his chart friendly track Invincible, he's released this SP1 talkin about having 'sweets in his pocket, ready to pop'. What I don't get tho is how Grim gets cut off in the middle of his verse for more auto tune melodies.. Personally I can't see this track going too far but you never know!
Download: SP1 ft. Griminal - Tonight

MIK Ft. Kwam - Never Seen, Never Heard

New video from MIK. Make sure you cop Workaholic and look out for his forthcoming mixtape grime to five

18 February 2010

Ludacris x Joker - How purple can you go

Big up to White Folks Get Crunk who posted this. I have to say I'm not a massive fan of either of these tunes (not to say I don't rate them) but I felt this had to be posted as it's not often the music scenes from Bristol and Atlanta get to merge!
How Purple Can You Go (Ludacris x Joker & Ginz) by hoodinternet

*Bonus* Download here

17 February 2010

DEDICATED (To Sam's Chicken)

If you audaciously assumed that ghetto fried chicken shop themed grime/hiphop songs only went as far as the infamous 'Junior Spesh' by Red Hot Entertainment (check my interview with Terra K.I.D from the group here), feel free to bow your head in shame. This is a recent track from an artists I've not previously come across by the name of Shawalin who spits about his love for this particular chain of chicken joints, comfortably over the instrumental of the smooth Leather so soft by Birdman and Lil Wayne... It'll be unfair to make the obvious comparison but this is definitly one to watch!

16 February 2010

Foreign Beggars on E4

Foreign Beggars are here at the Skins house (yea, the HOUSE for the other show on Channel 4) performing to a bunch of people who've never heard of them but like wearing skinny jeans with new era caps and an emo side-parting. The interviewer's scared out his wits at the thought of interviewing an underground hip hop group and is releived to leave the interview without any gunshot wounds. big up to Orifice and co tho, they must be raking it in.

Party Grime!!

Underground Unit - House Party.
This is nothing but good vibe party grime brought to you with production from one of the hottest producers from 2009, Silencer. OK, I know the video's not exactly big budget but the overall party vibe of this tune makes up!

Download this track here


Make sure you check out this new mixtape from a UK hip hop veteran and all round good bloke, Mystro. Good to see this guy back in the scene, especially for me as he was in the very 1st UK hiphop track I heard back in about 2000 on the track 'the word's out' which still sounds sick today, and is on this mixtape!! This mixtape is hosted by the self proclaimed 'UK mixtape messiah' DJ Ames, who has worked with some of the biggest US rap stars.

1.A Spitta Spotted Intro Feat Anecdote (Produced by Mystro)
2.One Of Those Days (Produced by Yesking)
3.Who You Gonna Blame (Produced by P-Money - New Zealand)
4.The Words Out Feat Skinnyman & Jargon (Produced by DJ Kuku)
5.Come Fly Feat Daniel Merriweather (Remix) (Produced by M-Phazes)
6.I Got This (Produced by Jehst)
7.Like Dat Potion
8.There’s Something About DJ Ames (Interlude)
9.Awkward Thief (Produced by Blufoot)
10.U Live And U Learn (Produced by Earth Hip Hop)
12.Fling Him On The Barbee (Produced by P-Money - New Zealand)
13.My Type Of Party (Remix) (Produced by C-Swing – (Black Einstein)
14.Step By Step (Produced by Keith Lawrence)
15.Open Mic Part 2 Feat Cuts By DJ Shortee Blitz (Produced by Shape Shiftah)
17.Rock This World Feat Dawn Penn & Kenny Knotts (Produced by Yesking)
18.Mess I Ever Had
19.09 UK Rap Up (Produced by Black Einstein)

Bonus Tracks
20.Overqualified (Produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe)
21.I Wanna Rock Freestyle

Contact Mystro


Also download the 2009 UK Rap Up Produced By Black Einstein by clicking here

And you can also check out the video on youtube by clicking here

15 February 2010

P Money vs Ghetto; finally a beef we can believe in.

2 of the hardest most relentless artists in the scene go toe-to-toe in a battle that can be considered an clash of artists in (roughly) equal standing. This is great to here as a grime fan as recent clashes that have happened either weren't showcasing like for like artists (eg Wiley vs Goodz) or were fabricated (Wiley Vs Skepta).
Both Ghetts and P Money are gimick-less non-commercial MCs that have proven they can make grime as it's meant to be made (whatever that is) over the hardest beats with the best collabo's rep can buy.
Ghetts really put it out there by releasing 'Suicide', a track where he battles himself. As innovative as this may appear to be, hip hop fans may remember Cassidy sparring with himself on The Problem vs. The Hustla. Whether Ghetts got his idea from Cassidy we'll never know.

Theres a series of 'back and forth' dubs which I'm not going to list in full as I'll almost immediately be out of date but instead direct you to the relevant thread on GrimeForum and give you a 1 dub from each artist.


Thanks to Logan Sama
you can download the full and complete unedited dubs RIGHT HERE!

Ghetto – All Black Winter
Ghetto vs Ghetts – Suicide
P Money – The Dub
P Money – The Warning

12 February 2010

Lil' Wayne 'Looking Forward to Prison'

Lil' Wayne has opened up about his forthcoming stint behind bars and has shockingly claimed he's looking forward to it. The 27-year-old MC will head to jail for a year in the next few months after being convicted of gun possession in late 2009.

He told Rolling Stone mag: “I didn't know I was gonna be going to jail, This happened at the height of my career! Nobody knows the future.

"This is not something you get no advice on. This is Lil Wayne going to jail. Nobody I can talk to can tell me what that's like. I just say I'm looking forward to it.”

Weezy continues: “I look at things as 'Everything is meant to be,' I know it's an experience that I need to have if God's putting me through it.

“So I don't look at it as wrong, I just ... I damn sure don't look at it as right, that's all.”

His sentence stems from an arrest in New York in 2007.

from Urbanworld

Jeff Johnson - Marketing Genius, Branding Tycoon Mixtape with DJ Slikk

Check this mixtape from Jeff Johnson. Check this guy if you like Cuban rapper Pitbull.

5 February 2010

F the Met says mr blu ray

If NWA were from London and decided to release their seminal track Fuck the police in 2010, it might sound a bit like this. Mr Blu Ray comes with this track, 'PC 187' over Kanye's classic; Can't tell me nothin'.





4 February 2010

New monthly mix from DJ Cable

DJ Cable, a long time allie of this site has put together another free podcast/mix for you lucky guys, this one focussing on my area of expertise; Grime and hip hop...
Make sure you check this, he's a big DJ with big playlists and has put been asked to put together a guest mix for BBC 1Xtra, which is to be aired on Mistajam's show on 9th Feb...Make sure you check it!


01. Podcast Intro...
02. Jay-Z Feat. Swizz Beatz - On To The Next One
03. Snoop Dogg Feat. Jay-Z - I Wanna Rock (The Kings G-Mix)
04. Snoop Dogg Feat. Kardinal Offishall - I Wanna Rock (Remix)
05. Gucci Mane Feat. Pharrell - Soldier
06. Pete Rock Feat. E-Villz - Rapper's Jail
07. B.O.B. - The Biz
08. Statik Selektah Feat Lil Fame, Saigon & Sean Price - Critically Acclaimed
09. Asaviour & DJ IQ Feat. Sir Smurf Lil' - No Days Off
10. Rhymefest Feat. Phonte - Say Wassup
11. Rakim Feat. Styles P, Jadakiss & Busta Rhymes - Euphoria
12. Giggs Feat. B.O.B. - Don't Go There
13. Clipse - There Was A Murder
14. Bun B - Mr. Hit Dat Lick
15. Gucci Mane Feat. Lil Wayne & Cam'ron - Stupid Wild
16. Bun B - Pants On The Ground
17. Crookers Feat. Kelis - No Security (Tomb Crew VIP)
18. Doctor P - Sweet Shop
19. OGz - Hot Ones (Royal T Remix)
20. Royal T - 1 Up
21. DJ Primecuts Feat. Dynamite MC - Warning
22. Sub Focus - Could This Be Real (Joker Remix)
23. Numan - Warp Acid
24. Numan - Secrets
25. Starkey Feat. Badness - Ok Luv (Inst)
26. Ludacris - How Low (Acapella)
27. Fused Forces Feat. Riko - Ease Off

2 fresh grime videos

INSIDERS:- BADNESS PRODUCED BY ROWNTREE. FILMED EDITED AND DIRECTED BY RISKY ROADZ. Badness get's setup by a snake in the grass. Let this be a lesson to you all!

Next one is a hood video from Newham Generals for my tune of 2009; 'Hard' produced by Breakage. I just hope this tune gets a full budget video, no disrespect to Lock Down who did this, they make big videos but it don't do the track as much justice as it deserves.

1 February 2010

TMZ have an informal natter with The Game

TMZ, the Warner Bros owned Celebrity/Entertainment digital news giant chats to the Game, another artist who's undoubtedly a victim's of 50 Cent's wrath as is visible by his recent absence from the scene. Let's just say when he tells the interviewer he's writing for Dre (despite the dr sideing with Curtis), take it with a pinch of salt, tho don't rule it out completely as 50's latest output hardly flirted with the sales volume of Susan Boyle. But Game seems to be definitly left out in the rain, with his history coming back to haunt him as he confirm's, 1st hand that he was indeed on trashy love chat show Change of heart, 'before he was famous' tho is right back at 'em by claiming it's all scripted!

J Beatz - 1st of the Month (Free Download)

J Beatz
is certainly a name you should expect to see behind some BIG productions in the UK urban scene in 2010. Having worked with the likes of Devlin, Big H and M.I.K to name just 2, the north london teenager who sounds like he's been grafting for years presents us with the first of surely more to come. Watch the name!

*BONUS* Download his remix of Skream's classic track; Tortured Soul
Skream – Tortured Souls (J Beatz Remix)