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31 March 2010

Black The Ripper Ft Dimples - Weedman (FILMED IN AMSTERDAM)

SICK! Black the Ripper combines his recent trip to Amsterdam with a music video for this track with Dimples; 'Weedman'. Big track big vid!

30 March 2010

New joint from Big Cakes

Check out this new one from established UK Hip Hop artist Big Cakes, called 'Let's get some'. Also look out for his new mixtape which will be a free give away! Check info on the launch party on 9 April!

Free download: Nolay – Big Trouble In Little London

New mixtape from one of the hottest female MCs in the game! Click image to download.

Dot Rotten duppies the Woooo Riddim

Mentions beef with Wolf from Hoodstars days plus a few other issues make sure you check this it's big!
"i aint a violent fool, im smart like i spent my life in school"

Momma I Want to Sing Remix (Springtime Surrender: 60 Minutes of Ignorance)

New mix from Ace Jones with the theme of violence!

Download: Springtime Surrender: 60 Minutes of Ignorance


Springtime Surrender

1. Intro b/w 50 Cent- Paranoid
2. Sean Price ft. E Ness- Momma I want to sing remix (link)
3. Young Chris ft Freeway & Beanie Sigel- The Last Two
4. Hell Rell ft. A Mafia- Criminal Minds
5. Catalyst- Inferno
6. Joe Budden- Hello Expectations
7. Ruste Juxx ft. Sean Price- Fuckin Wit A Gangster
8. Rick Ross ft. Florida- Street Money
9. Termanology ft Lil Fame- Thugathon
10. Tony Yayo- Du Rag 2 A Ski Mask
11. Jojo Pelligrino ft. Sean Price & Rebel INS- Triple Homicide
12. Styles P ft. Jadakiss- Holiday
13. Max B ft. French Montana- No No No (Hey We Love You)
14. Project Pat ft. Juicy J- Fish Aint Bitin
15. Vado- No Turning Back
16. Big Twins ft Prodigy- Bacon n Cheese
17. Raekwon ft Game- Falshback Memories

29 March 2010

Trozion & Badness radio set

2 BIG MCs here on set with DJ M1 on an exclusive radio set on Also check out the massive tune from Trozion ft Badness called Guidance from Trozion's debut mixtape 'Ahead Wid Da Barz' coming soon!

2 New Videos from Skandal

If the PT1 remix of 'Kill 'em wit the flow' with Klashnekoff and P Money wasn’t big enough, this time round Skandal is joined by Little Dee and Black The Ripper to smash up this Beat Butcha rhythm once more!

The original and PT1 of the remix will be available to download from all good digital retailers from this Monday 29th March. Make sure you support UK talent!

This one is a DJ Gone exclusive over Angels by Diddy and Skandal pours out his emotions over this hot beat... much better than the over dramatic version from Mr Combs (apart from biggie's verse!)

Make sure you go and cop Hunger Pains; Skandal's current album its massive!

27 March 2010

Free Download: M.I.K - The Sick Pay EP [mixtape]

Make sure you check this free download, and look out for MIK's 2nd CD, 'Grime to Five' out soon. If you can't wait till then cop Workaholic from, iTunes and more

Download from here:

24 March 2010

Free download: J2K – #NowPlaying [Mixtape]

New free download from easily one of the most articulate MCs in the game, J2K who's been putting in work for a good few years now and appeared on Wiley's debut album, 'treading on thin ice'. Since then he joined Roll Deep and is in Wiley's latest collective, 'The A-List'. Don't get it twisted tho, he's a very strong solo artist in his own right, make sure you check this!

Just in case you were wondering, the # at the start of '#nowplaying' is a Twitter reference where tweeters want others to know what they're listening to!

Download: Lil Silva – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

I don't frequently post up UK funky on here but due to the fact that this is from one of the scene's best producers, 19 year old Lil Silva, it had to be done!...
Check his mix for 'Fabric Live', full of exclusive dubplates, remixes and future classics...
Lil Silva FABRICLIVE Promo Mix by fabric


Lil Silva - Jam
Lil Silva - Im The Man (Instrumental)
Lil Silva - No Hook/Untitled
Fuzzy Logic ft Jay Sean & Skepta - Rush (RMX)
Lil Silva - Different VIP
Unknown - Sweep me yard
Lil Silva - Perfussion
Dru Hill - In my bed (Brett Maverick RMX)
Lil Silva - Shout Out
Bok bok & L Vis - In the morning RMX
Lil Silva - Against Yaself
Champion - Mother Board
Dj Naughty ft Miss Fire - Its u
iLL Blu - Magic
Yourican - Broken Soul
HardHouse Banton - Colonel
Lil Silva - Madness

Interview with Canadian grime MC Tré Mission

Check my interview Canada's hottest grime MC which was recently featured on MTV's 'The Wrap Up'.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the Canadian/American grime scene...

Tre Mission: When I first started listening to grime a few years back I didn’t know anyone outside of my immediate circle that was into it, or had even heard of it. It stayed like that for a while until I went online and did some research and I found out about a few small promotion companies that had set up grime nights at local club venues in Toronto. I also found out that Montreal had its own grime scene even bigger than Toronto’s. After I saw SB.TV upload the promo for Intoccabile's EP's, I realized grime was bigger than what I thought. I believe dubstep is bigger in Canada than grime though. As for the U.S, I wouldn’t know about their scene, Americans are too caught up with Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers right now anyway [Laughs].

2. I noticed you MC over both grime and dubstep beats, but which do you prefer?

TM: The thing about grime is that it’s a name which suits the sound more than any other urban genre. It sounds grime-y and that's part of what had drawn me towards it in the first place. The first time I ever heard grime music I was thinking this right here is different. Dubstep evoked the same emotion from me; the only difference is that it was purely instrumental. I instantly thought to myself, Imagine grime and dubstep combined. Shortly after, I started discover a lot of grime artists were doing just that, so I think I would say I like grime beats more than dubstep, but I like grime MCs better over dubstep beats.

3. You've had a good reception on the UK forums to your style of grime. How has it been over in Canada, especially by those not used to the beats and MCing style?

TM: I was really shocked at the amount of positive reception and support I got on the Grime Forum. I was expecting a lot more haters saying that I was “biting UK style,” but the grime fans are very open minded. I've already been doing hip-hop for a good while now, so when people in Canada hear my music they just say that I’m doing something different, they don’t know its grime specifically. However, I always get a good reception because I’m producing quality lyrics over quality music, so it’s undeniable. In Toronto, everyone’s next door neighbour is a rapper and they all seem to be doing the same thing, so I try to give people a breath of fresh air and it seems to have worked so far. Of course it will take people a bit of time to get used to the new style, but most people are tired of recycled music so they enjoy what I bring to the table.

4. You mentioned your musical background comes both from hip-hop as well as reggae. Which of these have a bigger influence in your musical output?

TM: I would say hip-hop is a bigger influence in my output, simply because I stopped listening to reggae for a couple of years now. They started coming out with all these dance songs and I just wasn’t into it anymore. Also, I’ve never been a reggae artist, but I’ve been doing hip-hop for many years so my those roots are naturally projected through my music. Some grime fans hear my grime stuff and say it sounds like hip-hop, but I think it's only because they need some time to get over the accent.

5. Considering the diversity of the scene which UK grime acts do you think would be most successful in North America?

TM: Right now I think Chipmunk, N-Dubz, and Tinie Tempah have the greatest chance of being successful in North America right now, mainly because their music tends to be more on the commercial side. I'm not one of those people that complain that artists are crossing over or "selling out" and I applaud any artist’s successful attempt at breaking into the mainstream. I believe Skepta also has a good chance, because he's a bit easier for North Americans to understand and his cross over tracks are quality as well as his grime stuff.

6. Have there been any UK grime artists like Wiley, Dizzee, or Tinchy Stryder that have made some noise in the mainstream/underground scenes in Canada?

TM: Dizzee Rascal was the first grime artist I ever heard before I even knew what grime was. There’s a program on Much Music (Canadian music channel) called "The New Music" and I saw his video ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ on there and all I can remember thinking is, he's coming hard right now but I can’t understand what he's saying. He's huge in North America. I always hear Dizee Rascal's songs on the dance music radio stations, but not on the hip-hop channels. I heard Chipmunk's ‘Oopsy Daisy’ in FootLocker a couple months ago, as well as last summer I was in the Eaton's Center in downtown Toronto and I heard ‘Wearing My Rolex’ in a clothing store. Other than that you don’t really hear any British urban acts except for M.I.A.

7. Are there any plans with any UK artists? And who would be your dream collaboration?

TM: So far a few underground MCs and producers have reached out to me to collaborate but as of today not anyone that is really making any noise in the scene. As far as a dream collaboration I'd have to say either P Money or Skepta. That one wasn't hard at all.

8. What do you make of the recent beef between P Money and Ghetts clash?

TM: Before the clash I didn’t like Ghetts. I found him incredibly hard to understand to be honest and I thought he was way too hype, but I have always rated P Money ever since I heard ‘Wot Did He Say’. The clash really showed me what the hype about Ghetts was. It’s not just bars you can tell he really feels and believes in what he’s talking about. I started giving him a chance and I realized he really is one of the best in the scene, but I still think P Money won though. I want to see them clash live, that’s what I’m really looking forward to, some head to head combat. I heard P signed the contract already so we'll see.

9. You're part of a group called DSReligion. How many of you are involved and what can we expect to hear from them?

TM: DSReligion consists of me and my long time friend Rjaye aka Prince Protejaye. We also have a circle that we work with who are all heavily involved in DSReligion which includes Jason Packs, Seeza Benji, Youngin and our engineer and mentor Sunny Diamonds, as well as others. Right now Rjaye has an R&B single available on iTunes called ‘Poison’ which is getting its first spins on radio stations around America as we speak. We also have a DSReligion EP in the works as well as my own solo projects. In the next couple of months I will be releasing a free promo on the internet so look out for that on the as well as various other grime/music blogs. Videos are in the works as well so stay tuned!

Check out Tre Mission's freestlye over the S-X produced 'Woo Riddim':

Stay up to date with Tre Mission on Twitter -

As of today, some unnamed grime MC has sent for Tre saying he doesn't know shit about London or the grime scene. Right. I'm not gonna give the guy attention by posting the link but all I'll say is that when you got haters, you know you're doing something right! Look out for Tre's mixtape coming soon...

23 March 2010

Tre Mission - Hold Up (Woooo Riddim)

Tre Mission, a promising (and maybe the 1st) grime artist from Toronto, is the latest to jump on this riddim which has gotta be the hottest beat of the year, produced by S-X of Stay Fresh. Check my interview with him here and look out for my interview with Tre Mission on MTV's the Wrap Up very soon!

Jay-Z in an Arsenal State Of Mind

Jay-Z has announced he’d consider investing in Arsenal football club.

Speaking to the club’s official magazine, the Empire State Of Mind rapper said, “I am a businessman, and I will always look at an opportunity, and if it feels right great. I don’t know a lot about the business of soccer, but in the future if the right opportunity presented itself, then who knows?”

The rapper, who already owns a stake in the New Jersey Nets basketball team, says he got hooked on the Gunners after seeing Thierry Henry play a few years ago.

“When Thierry Henry was at the club I saw him play and I just thought he was an amazing player. Ever since then I have been a big fan of the club, following you guys, and still today you play the beautiful football that Thierry did. I think he had a real long term-effect on the team.” He told the magazine.

Last week it was rumoured P Diddy was interested in buying Crystal Palace football club, but a bid failed to materialise.

Source: MTV

22 March 2010

Wretch vocals Sade's 'Soldier of love'

When I heard the title track of Sade's comeback album I knew it deserved an MC's input as a remix and who else to do it but Wretch 32. I'm surprised it's taken this long for anyone to drop a verse on it but maybe I'm just late (doubt it tho !).

New video: Fatima - Soul Glo

Something slightly different here, on a more hip hop soul vibe. This is Fatima's first official solo release and is produced by Funkineven on Soul Glo which is headed up by big boy DJ Alex Nut. Check the mini documentary below!

19 March 2010

DJ Whoo Kid presents XXL "10 Freshman For '10" Mixtape

Since 2007 XXL Mag have run a special issue covering their 10 MCs to look out for in the coming year. Last year's list included the likes of B.O.B, Asher Roth etc and those in 2008's list have all pretty much 'made it'. This year's includes names like Nipsey Hussle and J Cole, so check this free mixtape from DJ Whoo Kid to hear what they have to offer.

18 March 2010

New hot UK Hip hop

Both these are definitly worth checking. 1st is from English and is a vocal over the Kid Cudi/Kanye/Common joint 'make her say', which is a sample of Lady Gaga's 'Poker face'. Tight flow, strong bars and all round good vibe on this version of the recent hit.

Make sure you download English's latest free mixtape 'Local hero vol 2'.

Next joint is from a true UKHH veteran, DJ Skitz with Buggsy, and is called Born Inna System. This one's on more of a up beat dancehall vibe; will be looking forward to 'Sticksman', out 3 May.

New Mixtape from Tinchy Stryder

Click cover to download for free!!

Or download it from here!
NB this is the new working link in mp3 format at 320kbps!

17 March 2010

Tony and Souljah Boy make a banger

Despite the majority opinion of most 'knowledgable' hip hop listeners I'm actually a fan of Souljah boy and Tony Yayo purely for the fact they make well produced tracks with a rapping style that represents accurately where they're from and what they're about. This one over sinister instrumental present Tony and Souljah boy collabing both on form...

Forget their most famous tracks, i.e. the mega hit 'Crank dat' for souljah boy and 'So Seductive' by Yayo the truth is they've both put out classics, eg Turn my swag on by souljah boy and Tony's features on 50's early mixtapes and Mobb Deep's punishing 'Click Click'.

At the very minimum this track isn't aimed at the pop charts like Banks and Juelz Santana's Beamers benz and bentley which is a decent track but I can't see either of them rtearing up the chart with it, whereas 'King of the pyrex' is strictly for the streets and white suburbia!

Tony Yayo ft. Uncle Murda “Murder Remix”

Does New York get more gully than this? Tony Yayo and Uncle Murder drop raw bars over the dirtiest beat that would make grime producer Silencer proud!

Download - Tony Yayo ft. Uncle Murda “Murder Remix”

Ghetts' Jail Tale on BBC3

One of the greatest recent achievements from the grime scene was camera guy SB.TV getting hired at the BBC as assistant producer. A bunch of different names in the scene have told their own story/cautionary tale about 'going pen' but it was Ghetts' which taught my attention. BBC won't let you embed so just click the image to see it on their site.

15 March 2010

Sickest bassline I've heard in a while

And the producer's not from Sheffield/Birmingham/Other bassline orientated area. Scrambled Ed, a dubstep/bassline producer from Brighton is someone you need to listen to. Make sure you check the track 'Bun Tang' which has a Wiley and Dizzee vocal in the 2nd half.
<a href="">Get Ur Ears Round Dis by scrambledED</a>

12 March 2010

Thinking outside the box

1st I've heard of this new viral site I heard thru Jammer who released a DIRTY remix of Better than on his Twiter.

The most odd tune I've heard in a LONG time

To me this guy's tune is a painful to watch inspiration of Eminem circa 1999, Ghandi and a campaign by Nick Griffin to appeal to the 'urban white kids' (he's the head of the British National Party, for those outside UK!). I don't like to slate artists on this site but the closest resemblance I saw from "Ashdotman" was the guy from Sheffield who spat as Eminem on the X Factor (a must watch b4 u die video)

"im not even white, im a whitey pinkish creamy colour"

Luda does an album for the fairer gender (or gash)

I've got to give an e-pat on the back to Ludacris (and his whole marketing team) as he's done well at finding a gap in the market. Rather than making his next album, 'another Luda album' (as a result of his gradual slide into un-greatness) it's themed on 'women' as a whole and features the likes of Lil Kim, and the loveable Nicki Minaj to try and reverse the tables on who's fuckin' who (a kind of hip hop feminism... take note Germaine Greer!). Lead single How Low is definitly strong on paper and has all the elements but doesn't compare with the standard of 'Stand up' (1 of Kanye's greatest productions) or even recent a hit such as One more drink with t-pain. I'm not even gonna listen to his new track with 16 year old Justin Bieber, I'd rather try and earn the fee he got for that collaboration! Anyway here he is talking about the album on

10 March 2010

Dot Rotten - Woah Ouh Woah (Prod. By Teeza)

JEEZ-US. This is straight brutal grime. Produced by Teeza from Beat Creatures, a producer you need to look out for in the underground grime scene right now. Rotten comes with ferocious vocals, standardly and I heard a send for Fumin' somewhere too.
Dot Rotten - Woah Ouh Woah (Prod. By Teeza) by TeezaMusic

9 March 2010

Review of Industry Takeover: All-Day Seminar/ Showcase

Liam Tootill, "SB.TVs resident blogger and Music Anthropologist" (his words) recently did a review of the Urban Development event Industry showcase last Saturday (which I also went to and would recomend 4 ppl hoping to work in music) at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green, East London.

"With the UK urban scene really stepping up the levels of late, (most noticeably, Tinie Tempah's sensational number one record, ‘Pass Out' and acts like Giggs and Devlin getting signed to majors) isn't it about time this scene started to get recognised for it's successes, rather than it's failings? The Industry Takeover event on Saturday (March 6) - arranged and organised by the Urban Development team - is just one example of this scene putting something really positive back into its community.

Industry Takeover, the all-day seminar and showcase, is ‘edutainment' (educating whilst entertaining) at its finest; it's all about empowering the next generation of MCs, singers, DJs and young music industry professionals. Urban Development (and their partners Bigga Fish,Rising Tide and the PRS, amongst others), in association with Rich Mix, took over the multi-media arts complex in Shoreditch, East London (from 12-8!) and delivered performances from the likes of Master Shortie, Ghetts, Griminal, Wretch32, NY, Mz Bratt, and Princess Nyah. Other activities included industry master classes, open mic sessions, a music market, vocal/production workshops and a fashion show, as well as exclusive video and short film screenings.

The event was hosted by Ralph Hardy and Shemika, who did an amazing job of keeping the gig running smoothly at all times. Rivmixx caught up with Mr Hardy and asked how he feels it went down.

"The all-dayer was as a success. Every aspect meshed together well, with the help of the UD team and those at Rich Mix. The audience were as warm as I expected, the contributors and merchandise sellers were active throughout the day and the hosts were top notch if I do say so myself! I'm just waiting for 2011 to come around for the next one."

The first seminar featured panellists Ras Kwame, Chantelle Fiddy, Miranda Cooper, Posty from Grime Daily and Terror Danjah; its purpose, to enlighten audience members about the journey from ‘Underground To Overground' in their respective fields. This was followed later in the afternoon with ‘How To Steal My Job pt.2'. The panel this time consisted of Twin B, Hattie Collins, Chris Meikan, Michael Lawrence and Mario Prince and provided further insight into the world of the UK urban music scene. Both seminars were extremely interesting; both highly informative and richly entertaining.

So, for all the negativity the UK urban scene has faced over the past decade; events like this, chart successes and a fledgling global recognition for the ‘urban' scene illustrates the progression Team UK are capable of when united, and the consequential ‘positive vibes' are a real good look.

Written by: Liam Tootill

Sourced from: here

EmeliSande ft Giggs Never Be Your Woman (Craze and Hoax Remix)

1xtra DJ MistaJam Exclusive right here. This is a rare type of track where the singer (Emelie Sandie) takes lead yet West London duo Craze and Hoax on the production and Giggs provide solid inputs. Another strong look for the UK !

7 March 2010

New dancehall mixtape download

New mixtape for £0.00 here sent over to me from RiddimStream by Konshens, an up and coming dancehall singer I've been listening to recently who notably featured on a recent track with the prolific Mr Vegas (who's apparently retired?!) on a brilliant track called 'Who's gonna help me praise Jahoviah' which I later discovered is a cover of an old Tenor Saw track of the same name.

Tinie Tempah hits the number 1 spot

Congratulations are due to Tinie Tempah, an MC from the grime scene who was today officially announced as having the UK's #1 single with 'Pass out'. This tweet (that's a Twitter post for those unsure of the term) from one of Grime's gatekeepers, Logan Sama summed it up best for me:

"Dear TinieTempah, thank you for showing UK artists they dont have to make pop music for 12 year olds to have a No.1 hit. Respect."

4 March 2010

new video: DVA ft Black The Ripper - Wake Up

Huge link up here from 2 of the UKs biggest underground artists. Black The Ripper goes in fully on conspiracy theories and government lies over a thundering instrumental from DVA . Look out for Black the rippers newest mixtape the endmonton dream which contains 60 tracks.

3 March 2010

Blatantlyblunt features on GrimeDaily's new blog

My recent interview with S-X from Stay Fresh Crew was featured on the new blog on

Big up to JP and everyone @ Grimedaily...

2 March 2010

Meth apologies to Waka Flocka over wackness accusation

Check this article, an interesting observance of true hip hop veterans seeing problems with the new breed of rappers (who tend not to put lyrical content as priority) ...

"Wu-Tang veteran Method Man has issued an apology to Waka Flocka regarding their differing opinions on the value of lyrics in today’s Hip-Hop.

In an previous appearance on Shade 45’s All Out Show with Raekwon and Ghostace Killah, Method Man spoke on his disdain for subpar lyrics in Hip-Hop music, specifically pointing out Waka Flocka after the hosts made him aware that the Atlanta rapper stated intricate lyricism is not needed in today’s climate.

“He has the right to his opinion. But the people that are in the know and know what time it is, know that if you ain’t saying s**tout your mouth, your time is very slim in this motherfucking game, b.”

Waka Flocka responded in an exclusive interview that he wouldn’t disrespect Method Man, and expressed disappointment an artist he looked up to would attack him.
Read the rest of the article here...

Method Man is making promotional rounds in preparation for a March 30 collaboration LP with Raekwon, RZA and Ghostface entitled Wu-Massacre.

Waka Flocka Flame’s debut project Murda Man Flocka is expected to drop this year. The 1st single, “O Let’s Do It,” was released in December."

New track: Jah Chosen feat. King D - Fire

Regulars will know I occasionally stray from the grime/hip hop core content; normally in the reggae dancehall direction. Check this by Jay Chosen it's called Fire and has elements of bashment, funky house, electro and what sounds like a Black Eyed Peas inspired hook as well as a sample from Tomcraft - Loneliness that was also used by UK rapper Akala! Make sure you check this if you're into lively jump up music!