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26 February 2008

Method Man, Redman: Beat Box and Ludacris' off beat dilemma pranks

Method Man & Redman had a prank show before Punk'd called Stung, but it got cancelled not too far into it. In this prank Red & Meth wind up some beat boxers.

This one's funnier tho, and was everyone's favourite sting. They bring in Ludacris to rap over a beat that barely has a rhythm. But Luda actually works his magic, just watch... he plays fair and comes up with some interesting shit despite the circumstances.

25 February 2008

KRS ONE - Criminal Minded 2008

KRS ONE - Criminal Minded 2008 (produced by DJ Premier).

This tracks come about as part of a marketing campaign by Smirnoff, releasing a series of 'Signature Mixes'.
"The Smirnoff Signature Mix Series is a campaign pairing three acclaimed rappers with some serious beatmakers to create new versions of iconic hip-hop songs. Nationally renowned artists Common, Q-Tip, and KRS-One are joining musical forces with Just Blaze, Cool & Dre, and DJ Premier to remix Common’s “The Light,” A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight,” and Boogie Down Productions’ seminal “Criminal Minded.”
“I’m honored to have the opportunity to revisit one of my signature songs and give it a breath of fresh air,” said KRS-One. “I’m grateful to Smirnoff for providing the opportunity to work with such great talent on such a ground-breaking idea and recreate hip-hop songs."
This is the 2nd track released as part of marketing campaigns for corporations by KRS and Premo since the Nike 25 year anniversary of the Air Force 1; 'Classic'. I hate to say it and I don't blame them in the current hip hop sales environment but, doesn't this contravene what KRS was about in his hay-day?
In case you haven't heard the original Criminal minded from way back in the Boogie Down Productions ( KRS One,Scott LaRock R.I.P, and D-Nice) days, here's your chance to be schooled.
Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded (1987)

As the Bu$h error ends, songs get more personal..

Try and get passed the cheese and listen to the lyrics and follow with the images...
Dear Mr. President

21 February 2008

Blatantly Blunt interview with Terra Kid from Red Hot Entertainment

Ever since they burst on to the scene in late 2007, Red Hot Entertainment became the latest musical outfit to make it big through Youtube with their track Junior Spesh, a tribute to the kids meal (Junior Special) at their local fried chicken outlets in London. BlatantlyBlunt caught up with one of their members; Terra Kid who spoke about the deteriorating allegiances in the current grime scene, crossing over to other genres, the thriving t-shirt business in Grime, and of course, the infamous Junior Special Meal:

1) So Terra Kid, now that yourself and Red Hot Ents are making your way up in the world, has the Zinger Tower meal replaced the humble Junior Special Meal as your meal of choice? And if so, do you go large?
Ha Ha good question, well nah I mean Junior Spesh meal is a classic and being at £1.50 just makes it all that more worth while, KFC's 'Zinger Meal' doesn't really do it for me ...

2) Junior Spesh has got your crew exposure and received mixed reactions from the public. How do you plan to use this to take you career forward?
As you may know, we never had intentions to promote this song across England and that is what it has become, people all over have heard of it... it does make me want to expand on it,but I think it will remain where it is now, which is 'word of mouth' & on youtube etc.

3) In your eyes what does the grime scene need to raise it to the next level and what if anything is preventing this?

One of the biggest problems in the Grime scene, is no one wants to work together, everyone's hungry for there own success, 4 or 5 years ago listening to pirate stations like de ja vu, u heard the connection with MCs but now, there's not alot of love, its every man for himself if you feel me.

4) Who in the music game would you like to collaborate with and would you consider crossing over into lesser related genres should the opportunity arise?

Hmmm, there's not alot of artists out there that appeal to me, in terms of collaboration, but It would have to be Kano, proven by his album (Home Sweet Home) hes innovative and quick to think of concepts, me, he can create songs over a wide range of music. Crossing over genre's is not a problem to me, but i will always ....ALWAYS keep it UK.

5) Quite a few Grime artists/groups are promoting themselves and making some p through selling t-shirts. Has Red Hot Ents got plans of this nature?

Yeh thats true, the t-shirt game is craazy at the moment. Currently we've sold over 100 of our t-shirts which had 'Red Hot Entertainment' on the front which came in loads of different colours. At the moment, we've began another batch, but this time it has 'Red Hottie' on the front (Ladies Edition)
Terra Kid is appearing on the BBC Asian Network on 16 March on DJ Limelight's show. Fans can also join his ingeniously named Facebook group I Support Terra.

Members of Red Hot Entertainment can be reached through their myspace pages at the following addresses:

Red Hot -
Terra -
Jaxor -
Klayze Flaymz -
XRay -
Gracious K -
J Formula -

20 February 2008

Daniel Merriweather- "Chainsaw"- studio footage ft skinnyman

Heard this track this morning on 1xtra and thought I misheard it when Dev said it was featuring Skinnyman as I can count on one foot the number of times I've heard him on an R&B track. It was a good tune tho so can't complain.

I know I can, be what I wanna be...If I shock the public, I'll be where I wanna be

Maybe this will be a trend for arguably the greatest rapper alive (in my opinion anyway). Naming his albums with ridiculously controversial titles certainly gets him attention (and sales?) though has he gone a step too far to the point where Wal Mart and Tesco's won't stock his CDs? But as a 'true school' rapper that shouldn't matter....right?
Here's Nas at the Grammys being interviewed by CNN

If you're not of black heritage, is this the reason that you'll download or buy Mr Jones' new album online as oppose to asking for it in the shop?

19 February 2008

Bashy - Black Boys (Remix video part 4)


So this time round we got Swiss, JaJa (Leader of Peel Dem Crew; one of the biggest gangs in London who has now apparently renounced violence), Akala (the Dynamite sibling, maths genius, football playing conscious technical rapper with some of the sickest beats mainstream UK Hip Hop has offered) and Skinnyman (the only white boy to even get a look in on being on this but still came strong with his afro-centricly altered content). It was bound to be the remix to take note of, which is why I've not posted up all the video remixes but have gotta give you the link to Sway's Black Stars which he unsurprisingly dealt with in his own way, focussing on Ghanains rather than the black boys at large, and didn't fail to entertain (but then you knew he wouldn't). Other notable verses for this track came from Ms Dynamite and Chipmunk.

Disturbin the Peace are back in business

On the track 'Tell it like it is' off the album Release Therapy, Ludacris proclaimed his lost love for Chingy stating
"We never took no money from Chingy thought I was cool wit em
I wish his ass well but I dont want nothin to do with em".

Unsurprisingly in the fickle world of hip hop where connections are golden, the tables have turned and Chingys back with DTP but more importantly Luda's back again, and delivers in a big fashion as per usual. Chingy's slightly better than he was, which wasn't hard, but still pretty wack, and Bobby V clings on to the DTP coat tails in an attempt to revive his once promising career.

Overall this tracks solid party banger guaranteed to get these guys shaking their money maker (or money rinser in their case?).

Chingy - Gimme Dat [Feat. Ludacris & Bobby Valentino]

And just in case you've been missing a bout of Americans acting ridiculously over the top check this clip. The dunk is ridiculously sick but I think all the hype is just a bit silly, this aint WWE!
Dwight Howard Superman Dunk.

13 February 2008

Brand New Skepta Video - In A Corner

There's been a lotta hype in the grime scene about this video... Highly rated as the follow up club banger from Joseph Junior after the success of Duppy (later named 'Doin' it again').

Skepta & Trigger - In A corner Video Shoot

Skepta & Trigger - In A corner Video Shoot Part 2

10 February 2008

Rich Boy Ft. John Legend, Lil Wayne & Nas - Ghetto Rich

Remember that guy with the stupidest name in hip hop that came out with that track 'Throw some D's', with the crazy Just Blaze style beat? The one that Kanye completely destroyed when he did his dub of it? The guy that gets big budget beats like the afore mentioned and 'Boy Looka Here'? Don't get it twisted, before you judge the line up of this tune and wonder why Nas has dropped his standards again realize that this tune is big. OK Rich boy may not be the hottest rapper in the South but the feeling coming from it but more importantly the features and the beat make this a track that stands out. It makes you wonder how this dude got the budget to include three high profile acts, who are arguably leaders within their respective sub genres.

Ghetto Rich

9 February 2008

50's Response to the 'pin head' allegation.

This is 50's response to Bill O'Reilly calling him a pin head regarding the Hillary/Obama situation as posted below, but it doesn't seem to be the worst insult he's recieved since being brought on to planet hip hop:

Bun B on Houston Fox news talking frankly and articulately about Pimp C's death and the dangerous effects of s'urp sippin'.

6 February 2008

That's one HILL of a cough ...

Sorry to make this post's title akin to that of a possible headline of tomorrow's Sun newspaper but it had to be done... Looks like Clinton MIGHT have been on the crack pipe a bit too much as election fever kicks in.. or maybe shes been joining her spouse in a fat blaze.
Let's just hope that when the final vote grabbing speeches come she doesn't 'choke' (I'm not apologizing twice).

5 February 2008

"I'm not sure America's ready to have a black president"

Check this half minute interview with 50 cent on his views on the forthcoming presidential election. It amuses me how Bill O'Reilly the infamous hip hop hating Neo-Con Fox news anchor/broadcaster calls Curtis a 'pin-head' when infact 50's probably far richer than Bill, in a career that has undoubtedly not even last a third of O'Reilly's. Who's the pin head now?

Speaking of Bill O'Reilly and hip hop, here's a clip I HAD to post, imagine if O'Reilly was a rapper..

And another recent Fiddy moment, throwing Paris Hilton off stage. Someone had to do it...and it reminds us why he's the most powerful guy in hip hop or even mainstream music right now.

4 February 2008

The Authorized Biography of Snoop

"Boss of the city, boss of the coast some other n!ggaz try but none of em come close"

Just when you think Snoop's rapped just about everything there is to rap about, and his career is gonna end soon, he comes with a straight banger. A track which you hear for the 1st time and reminds you why Snoops the most consistent emcee in the game (on a commercial level anyway). If you ever heard Nas' track 'Unauthorized biography of Rakim' on Streets Disciple, then this will seem familiar. Snoop goes on a three verse journey through his 15 year career, discussing his success, criticisms and all in between. The beat delivers another peice if west coast class as expected and there's local crooner Uncle Chucc (not John Legend or Charlie Wilson as it first sounds)providing the backing vocals. and melodies to make it that much more SNOOP.

SNOOP - Snoop Dogg ft. Uncle Chucc - Neva Hafta Worry

Presidential Race Campaign (but I ain't talkin Hilary or Obama)

Now that the Carter administration is over and the Jigga man is back in the limelight as a RAPPER, it's time for a new face in the President's seat at Def Jam HQ. Jermaine Dupri is the one being attacked as a candidate so get your laughing gear in action and check this pseudo campaign video from those dudes at 'The Real'.

2 February 2008

Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury Festival 2008

I've never been and can't see myself going, but I know this will come as a shock to certain Glasto heads who still want to see the old guitar bands headlining...

Former Def Jam president Jay-Z will headline the Glastonbury Festival in the UK in June. The three-day event that is expected to a crowd of more than 175,000 people.

“He will appeal to the young people and under-25s for sure, so that’s a big pull for them,” a festival organizer says.


Some Cheif at MTV and 2 Guardian Bloggers on Grime's shortcomings

Him doing acapella and acoustic versions live of 'follow', 'breakaway' and 'something about..' on MTV... not feeling it but different.

Also 2 Guardian bloggers on violence holding grime scene back... specifically Crazy Titch. They make good points but have given quite a simplistic take on the scene.



This is what I could define as "HUNGER ON THE MIC". As an MC, keeping up that pace when spitting is something only the likes of 2Pac are able on to do on a regular basis while sustaining a real content behind their bars.

2.)Young Dot AKA Dot Rotten
This guys album 'This is The beginning' is a LOT. 1 of my all time top grime albums..
Here's 2 tracks that were uploaded from 'This is the beginning', the 2nd causing a bout of beef:
1st off... this is one of the greatest grime TRACKS, got all the necessary factors to make it a great..Could be compared to Pow... anyway this is 'Don't Chat Shhhhh'... don't (not) watch the lack of track name on the player, it's buzzin. Just hit play.

Wiley Vs Young Dot - "I'm sending I'm sending I can't stop sending"

Dot Rotten (left) has had a mixed history with Wiley in the past.. a few clash's here and there sent ... but an underground dubstep track sampled by both within close time to each other stoked the fire but made for some classic grime.. Wiley's track can be found on the Tunnel Vision best of compilation, mixed by DJ Logan Sama; go cop that.