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20 November 2008

Video: Wiley - Money in my pocket

So this is Wiley's new track, produced by Mark Ronson and featuring Daniel Mayweather, a vocalist who made a track with Skinnyman a while back which I posted footage of. As with Wearing my Rolex, Eski boy's not in the video, and instead, he's been replaced by a number of white collar workers in a corporate office somewhere in central London. Interesting idea for a video, even if 99% of them hadn't heard of Wiley before they were filmed lip syncing his bars. They've even set up a dedicated site for the track, inviting others (that's you or me) to make their OWN version of the vid for a chance to win £1000! Definitly a great idea to get the audience engaged in this and also hopefully come up with something a bit better than this one...

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