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30 October 2009

Ghetts Helps Census 2011


Hit grime artist Ghetts has joined up with a government body to help black men get their voices heard by partnering with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to encourage young men take part in the 2011 census.

The 'Sing for me' rapper, real name Justin Jude Clarke Samuel, was approached earlier this year and asked to produce a track 'Invisible' to persuade black men to participate in the 2009 Census Rehearsal and the 2011 Census. The 25-year-old told Urbanworld 'I thought this is definitely worth getting involved in because not many people are fully aware of the census'

It has been reported that am increasing amount of young black men are not completing the Census and so it is hoped that by enlisting the help of Ghetts, that boys from a similar background as the Newham rapper will get involved. Over 140,000 homes in the Newham area have now taken part in the rehearsal Census, results will help improve procedures for 2011.

Ghetts said: 'I don't believe in the Government, but it's difficult for them to do their job not knowing the exact numbers of the ethic minorities. I testing them if they do know the real numbers and nothing is happening from there, then we have a problem, then I will make another track that they won't like'.

28 October 2009

Kano - NWMOS

That stands for "niggas want my old shit" in case you were wondering. This is a strong 2nd come back track from the one time grime front runner but I can't help he's trying to emulate Lil Wayne on certain parts of this track. Tho I'm not gonna lie this pretty big and could make up for his bandwagon jumping "Rock and Roll". Hopefully we'll hear some more like this from the former Chelsea FC trialer...

Download it here

27 October 2009

Big H - Street Crime UK review

This one from one of our new bloggers, Tom...

The other week, Street Crime UK actually got released. This is the debut mixtape for an mc who's been in the game so long that Skepta used to be his dj. The reasons given for the delay were that Big H has been busy on road and in various legal issues. He was also quick to deflect questions on the release by maintaining that rap is just a hobby. Despite the wait, the mixtape is not a disappointment with new material as well as tracks that have been circulating online a while.

It is Skepta again who hits up the production duties on the tracks 'Hooligan' and 'New Moves', as well as a guest verse on 'Life and Death'. The featuring mc's are pretty consistent with spitting from all the Meridian Crew, as Pres T, JME, 9 Milli Major, Paper Pabs and Bossman all drop verses. H maintains command throughout the album with effortless flow. Probably one of the most entertaining things about the cd is the rate at which Big H is so casually violent. Summed up well as he carelessly drops the lines "H is cold, they just discovered, wife children everybody smothered, husband chopped up placed in the cupboard, I don't remember, ain't really bothered".

Assassin (track which above lines are taken from) is a stand out track for me and a good example of the production. Aside from Skepta, H hasn't used big name producers and through this has managed a fresh sound. The instrumentals for each track are consistently brutal with occasional branching off into what sounds almost like southern US style beats (particularly on 'Wrap Skills' and 'Whitewash') while staying true to grime.

This is probably the most consistent grime mixtape to date. Big H remains casual throughout and is just generally f'ing cool. It's a cd that he suggests other mc's buy in order to learn. Big H has proved himself properly and is now moving up in the world, so much so that he now hangs out in industrial estates…

20 October 2009

DJ Concept - The Chemical Formula (Hosted By: The Alchemist)

What do you get when you take rhymes from your favorite emcees, beats from one of the illest, plus cuts & blends from a real DJ? You get THE CHEMICAL FORMULA. I've always been a fan of the ALC so I figured it was time to pay homage. All Alchemist beats: All dope. Where else can you find Big L, 2Pac & Biggie together on the same Chemist soundscape? An instant classic.

DJ Concept - The Chemical Formula (Hosted By: The Alchemist)


The Alchemist / Fix Ya Faces Intro
Royce The 5' 9" / The Best Kept Secret
Big Noyd / Can't Fuck With QB
Xzibit f. Mobb Deep / Something Retarted
Redman / Smokin Herbals
Infamous Mobb / It Gets No Realer
Dr. Dre, Eminem & Obie Trice / Serious Shit
The Alchemist / Uncut Interlude
Big L, 2Pac & Biggie / Rap Game Heavy Hittaz
Tha Liks / Spaced Out
Defari / Expansion Team Interlude
Defari / For The MCs & DJs
Infamous Mobb / Back To The Block
Eminem / Hush Little Baby
Nas f. AZ / Green Diablo
The Alchemist & DJ Concept / I'm Here Interlude
The Game & 50 Cent / Chrome Hydraulics
Mobb Deep f. Nas / What Yall Want
The Beatnuts f. Big Pun / Guard Your Grill
Mike Zoot, AG, Pete Rock & Large Pro / Underground Marathon
Mobb Deep / Infamous Up In This
Lloyd Banks, Eminem, 50 Cent & Nate Dogg / You Can't Ignore It
Big L / Uno, Tres, Nueve
Cam'ron & Jay Z / Damn Right
Bye Bye Outro

aim & twitter: concept1200

Kromestar//D Double E//Badness etc @ The Den

The 4th installment of S.O.M.E Night this Wednesday Night 10-3am @ The Den.
EVERY Wednesday at the world famous End Night club (now called the Den).
.O.M.E night = Sound.Of.Music.Evolution
SOME #04

10PM - 3AM - Entrance only £3 B4 11 £4 after if your on the guest list info below

Entry is £5 b4 11 £7 after without guestlist

17 October 2009


I don't tend to post up much non hiphop/grime material, but here's another powerful with Parisians rioting as they love to do! Check this, both for the track and video, reminds me of that brilliant Justice video, Stress

Source: Kanye's blog

The Message Is Love (The Heatwave Remix)

This was originally released by No Hats No Hoods along with remixes by L-Vis 1990, Mumdance, Rude Kid and Starkey but check this from reggae Bashment online musical outet The Heatwave. This is Badness & Jammer's soca/grime carnival anthem The Message Is Love. Both of these dudes are some of the grime scene's pioneering and creative artists..Look out for their material!!

Buy the full release from Boomkat.

Download mp3 (320kbps)

Alternative download link: Mediafire.

Massive USA - UK Collabo here!

Very strong track here from north London representers the Foreign Beggars who have been consitently amongst the few UK Hip hop artists who have adapted and kept their sound fresh since 2003. In case you've only been fortunate enough to have heard just their recent material I'd highly recommend checking out their first full length album  This collabo's with Guilty Simpson, one of my favoured MCs in the Stones throw records type scene. Make sure you check this on the Beggars' upcoming project United Colours of Beggattron.

BONUS! Foreign Beggars ft. Guilty Simpson "Prove It"

Spooky Bizzle - The 4 Dimensions EP

Spooky Bizzle presents...
*The 4 Dimensions EP*
100% pure raw, uncut grime...

1. Violent Killa
2. Rotten Roses
3. Tropical Fruit Punch
4. Spider Web


15 October 2009

This deserves a massive NO HOMO

Big up LondontoMK on this one...Don't kno too much about Twissman but he's definitly been tested by Spiff TV!

13 October 2009

Birdman and Co visit LONDON!

WOW. I live in London and don't even want to think about how much Lil Wayne's ACTUAL adopted father paid for this hotel suite (which is blatantly in somewhere like Chelsea or Mayfair). Listen out for his 1st order as he sits down! Also, having known about Jay Sean since about 2003 it's odd but great to see him cotching with Birdman as the latest Young Money/Cash Money member...


While we're on the Cash Money issue, check this interview preview from Wayne and Westwood who's looks slightly uncofortable in his New Era fitted (tho better than 99% of 53 yr olds I suspect!). Huge respect to Tim tho

WTF?! NY's biggest MCs behind the scenes @ 'ThisIs50 Fest'

Wow, talk about good album promo here ('Before I Self Destruct, above') is due for release soon..
The relentless 50 cent hosts his own day at Governor's Island in NYC. Looks like he might have pulled off a miracle, looking at this picture alone. Check the full blog article on

In order: 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Maino, Lloyd Banks, Styles P, Sheek Louch.

In case you got a short term memory, 50 was in a (fairly) major feud with Jada, P and Louch so it looks like Fif's tryna make peace with his former rivals..
That's not all tho. Here he's got Papoose, Crooked I, Uncle Murda and Royce da 5'9 and in the next pic Joelle Ortiz don't look too happy to be snapped with Tony Yayo... something about their body language...Pic 3 is another image you wouldn't bet on seeing; 50 with Juelz and Jimmy Jones, no Cam'ron there..could spell the certain end of Dipset then.


FrankRadio and iHipHop Distribution are proud to announce the highly anticipated follow-up to 2005's "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 1"

On November 10th, the newest and freshest sounds in underground electronic music encounter the grimiest and most hardcore hip-hop click in this one-of-a- kind album: "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep."

As Vol. 1 sought to introduce hip-hop fans in general, and specifically, the famously large, loyal and diverse fan-base of the Wu-Tang to the burgeoning world of underground hip-hop, so Vol. 2 seeks to expose another untapped resource of underground talent, skill and artistry to this very same avid and intrepid fan-base.

The project serves a double purpose as well: many of the pioneers and practitioners (DJ's and producers) in the Dubstep world came up in a time when Wu-Tang ruled the international airwaves. Unlike much commercial hip-hop, the immediacy of Wu-Tang's sound spoke to many outside of the scope of the typical hip-hop fan, across oceans and at home. Their music and style helped to shape an emerging artform that hadn't yet defined itself. Now, in 2009, as dubstep continues to grow, expand and encompass more styles and subgenres, the Wu-
Tang sound is reintroduced into the mix, to spawn a new and unique musical crossbreeding, that is greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

This groundbreaking album is trail-blazing the collaboration between Dubstep and Hip-Hop, with stomach-pounding, bass-thumping guttural beats, and gully, gritty and grimy lyrics that break into the next decade in the chapters of each respective genre's history. With Scuba, Parson, Trillbass, Dakimh, DZ, Rogue Star, Stenchman, Datsik & many more producing not remixes, but complex re-interpollations that include a veritable goldmine of Wu-Tang verses from the vaults that feature Raekwon, Ghostface Killa, RZA, GZA, Method Man, U-God &
Masta Killa, Wu affiliates Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, Prodigal Sunn, Solomon Childs, Son One & more, and guest spots from Busta Rhymes, MF Doom, Pimp C, Three 6 Mafia, Ras Kass, Vast Aire, Canibus, Lord Jamar & many more, this one of a kind compilation is at the forefront of an emerging cultural and musical blend that is taking place on the margins of the mainstream, but will be talked about for years to come....

12 October 2009



Young Jeezy - I Got This"

Young Jeezy is back with a street banger called "I Got This" from his upcoming Thug Motivation 103 album. This is the first official leak and it already has hoods around the world on smash! We need you DJ's to get this record in wherever you can...especially on all the mixtapes. The streets ask for these anthems and Young Jeezy continues to deliver them. DJ's and Media let's get this one poppin now. Jeezy don't worry homie because "I Got This" on lock!!! Lookout for new USDA coming soon!

9 October 2009

Dubbledge - One inch punch

alternative image text

Dubbledge - 'Juice' ft. Kyza:
Dubbledge - '09 Til Infinity':

2007 saw Dubbledge's highly anticipated, critically lauded debut on the then revered
Low Life Records: The Richest Man In Babylon. Recieving glowing reviews from the likes of Observer Music Monthly, Hip Hop Connection (Album of the Month) and The Metro, big things were seen in the future of this Watford-native.

A few short years later, and Edge has returned to the booth, first with this CD, and ultimately leading to his sophomore album proper. One Inch Punch picks up where
Richest Man In Babylon left off lyrically, with clever, erring to the side of political verses, tied in with witticisms and a untouchable, flawless flow that only a fool would attempt to mimic. Edge makes rapping this good look incredibly easy.

Lyrically, its Edge all over. Production wise, this pre-album mixtape is themed for an epoch that any hip hopper worth their salt is vastly influenced by: the Golden Era. Taking beats from classics from
Method Man, Black Moon, Dr Dre and Snoop, Group Home, Raekwon, Jeru Da Damaja and more, Dubbledge does every single one justice. Smacking out the witticisms like nobodies business, this is one rapper that has not undertaken the task of remaking such respected songs lightly.

Kyza featuring Juice (AKA Da Duppy Tamer) is high octane mic swapping, as two of the countrys best pay homage on a beat Rakim made famous. 09 Til Infinity nods to the Souls Of Mischief as Edge smashes it like only he can.

With his new album coming, this mixtape of revamped classics cannot be missed.

8 October 2009

New Vid: Frisco - Darkside

Boy Better Know's "big dutty stinkin'" Frisco breaks it down over this grime track. This guy's doin a lot for the real uk scene, regardless of genre. Go get Back to the lab 3, his latest mixtape in the series.

7 October 2009

Tune of the year??

Breakage feat Newham Generals & David Rodigan. Release date oct 19 2009. Taken from the forthcoming Breakage album Foundation on Digital Soundboy.

This track's nuts, heard it a little while back and yes it is indeed 'hard'. Newham Gens for me are closest the UK has come to Mobb Deep. 2 emcees, one of which is a producer, and they refuse to do give in to the industry's pressures.

6 October 2009

M.I.K - I Declare War!

Check this latest promo from the grime scene's Workaholic. On this he sends for various guys in the scene. Make sure you cop MI's latest full length mixtape, Workaholic but in the meantime click the cover to download this...

TuggaWar - Anyting Mi Say a Law

Tuggawar coming straight outta the musical melting pot North London has got to be one of the most controversial white rappers artist since Eminem. The half greek and half Irishman (real name Neofytos Neofytou) receives criticism from those such as The Guardian and countless youtube e-gangstas but conversely was also picked by 1xtra in their recent showcasing of UK Reggae music at the expense of his caucasian reggae counterpart from Ipswich, YT.

You can see why he's gained his controversy in this, probably his biggest track which contains a (vague but definite) sample of Nirvana's 1990's classic 'Smells like teen spirit'. In this one Tuggy provides the bravado and self praise that we'd expect from someone who's spent time in a Jamaican prison.

Click the cover below to download this mixtape, full of dubs and bangers. If you got an open mind you'll like it...check the review here

Endemic & Cappo - Needle Drop


ENDEMIC & CAPPO - "Needle drop" EP

Released Nov 16th 2009




Endemic / Cappo "Needle drop" EP

1. Intro
2. Needle Drop
3. Hacksaw (feat Cyrus Malachi & Iron Braydz)
4. Needle Drop Instrumental
5. Crumbs
6. Eagles (feat Scorzayzee, Cyrus Malachi, Lee Ramsay & Iron Braydz)

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT to one of hip hop's most talented producers and one of the UK's sharpest emcees.


For more information contact:

No Cure Records


The Snowgoons, the German production crew (consisting of DJ's Det, Illegal
and Waxwork) who have come to be known for their head-banging
international underground hip-hop collaborations with the best indie MC's
around, announce a major step forward in their career. The Snowgoons are
officially launching their own record label "Goon Muzik" in a unique partnership
with iHipHop Distribution. With international physical and digital distribution,
control of their own record label and a fantastic, feature-filled fourth album to
kick things off, the Snowgoons, Goon Muzik and iHipHop Distribution are
proud to announce "The Trojan Horse," available in stores and online October 27th.e Snowgoons return to their time-tested formula on "The Trojan Horse,"
collaborating with such upper-echelon indie MCs as: La Coka Nostra (ILL Bill,
Everlast & Slaine), Heltah Skeltah (Ruck & Sean Price), Rakaa (Dilated
Peoples), Termanology, Sabac Red (Non Phixion), Young De, Freestyle
(Arsonists), Reef The Lost Cauze, Outerspace, King Syze, Block McCloud,
Chief Kamachi, Reks & many many more.

The first single off the album is titled "Hey Young World," and features two of
Indie hip-hop's most respected crews: La Coka Nostra and Heltah Skeltah.
With verses from ILL Bill, Everlast, Slaine, Ruck and Sean Price laced over
this track sings with the signature sound of the German production trio.

Download "Hey Young World" Featuring La Coka Nostra & Heltah Skeltah NOW!!!

2 October 2009

MOBOs are hobos

Check this article from Grime super-journo Joseph Patterson on the urban music shambles ceremony aka the MOBOs. He seems to share my fustrations with the ceremoney which doesnt show love the real guys putting in work without majors backing... (and they didnt even recognize those that did!). Check the article on NME here.

"So I didn't win a MOBO after having the highest-selling urban single of the year and selling over 1 million singles this year," fumed Tinchy Stryder last night, via Twitter. "F the MOBO's".

F indeed. After 13 years, the MOBOs – once a worthy and respectable celebration of black music – have atrophied into a shallow, celebrity-obsessed, tragic excuse for an awards show.

Tinchy Stryder

Let's review last night's ceremony, shall we? It all began with a performance from the aforementioned Tinchy Stryder. Good call – except, er, his microphone wasn't working properly. Perhaps the organisers should've invested all that Lebara Mobile sponsorship money in a decent sound system, instead of flying Keri Hilson over to present.


After that, Donaeo, Egypt and Gracious K were allowed all of 15 seconds of the BBC's precious airtime. From then it really went downhill. The nadir? When presenter Reggie Yates - Reggie Yates! - cut to that notable urban music expert Peter Andre backstage. I'm sure Katie Price wasn't the only one laughing long and hard at the screen.

Which brings me on to the most epic fail of all, the awards themselves. Now, I know I've written about Dizzee and Tinchy turning their backs on grime, but surely they deserved recognition for what they've achieved in the past year? Instead we saw the likes of X-Factor rejects JLS and ghetto-superstars N-Dubz win a slew of awards.

Unsurprisingly, people are angry. Within hours of the ceremony finishing, an online petition surfaced on Twitter, entitled 'Tinchy Stryder + Dizzee Rascal Got PARRED' (ie robbed).

The thing is, I believe there is a value in the MOBO's. Potentially, it could shine much-needed mainstream light on under-exposed genres. For example, UK funky has been the biggest sound to take over the black music scene in the past 12 months. You'd think a platform such as the MOBOs would really embrace that (as they did with garage, So Solid Crew et al, years ago). But no. They chose to honour N-Dubz instead.

Here's how the awards should have looked.

Best UK Male: Dizzee Rascal
Best UK Female: Estelle
Best Video: Bashy ft H Boogie – 'Your Wish Is My Command'
Best UK Funky Act: Donaeo
Breakthrough Grime Act: Tempa T
Single Of The Year: Gracious K – 'Migraine Skank'
Collaboration Of The Year: Giggs & Mike Skinner – 'Slow Songs'
Best Hip Hop Act: Giggs
Crossover Artist Of The Year: Tinchy Stryder
Best DJ: Logan Sama (KISS)
International Male: Drake
International Female: Jazmine Sullivan

West London rapper turns King Of New York

...with a southern rap beat! I've not even seen King of NY but i know that's Chris Walken's famous line... check this out, i like this track. Good fun hip hop material! Dude's got a cool name too!

Chris brown's back with a banger

Courtesy of this collabo with polow the don and juelz santana. This is a great track with hot production and a nice 16 from Juelz. I noticed the "sample" from the horns/trumpets but couldnt think where from then it came to me, it's that BRILLIANT big band re-working of sexual healing by the Hot 8 Brass Band.

Listen to them both and you can see where Polo's got his inspiration from. Hope this track does well and C.B makes a full recovery(!) with his new album Graffiti due out when his label/PR team thinks its appropriate!