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26 November 2008

Blatantly Blunt Radio Episode #3

Once again shit popped off for the 1st show since Urban FM TV took over from Axe FM.
As well as the whole heap of brand new Hip Hop and grime tracks we had 2 guests in the studio; INC and Illa Man. Trust me, nothing in live radio runs smoothly (as also goes for hip hop its gotta be said) so it was a relief when the show reached a new level with probably the best pairing of emcees yet.

Radio Show Episode #3


1- Frisco and Faith SFX - Skeng_Box
2- Ghetto - Live Inda Booth
3- Little dee - Live in da booth
4- Freeway ft Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss - Walk wit me
5- Kool G Rap ft. DJ JS1 - Take a loss
6- Ruste juxx- Duck Down
7- Ludacris - MVP
8- Ludacris feat. Nas and Jay-Z - I do it for hiphop
9- Uncle murder - A Goood Man Is Gone
10- Skepta - Reflecting
11- Skrein - Reach
12- Frisco, Chipmunk & Double S - Skeng Man Mode
13- Little Dee - Star In Da Makin
14- Little Dee - The grafters
15- Foreign Beggars ft Rouge a Levres - Hit that gash
16- Kulez - Smell the tea
17- Nature ft NORE and Prodigy - Cold blooded killer
18- Uncle Murder Feat Jay-Z - He Asked For It
19- Show & AG - Experience

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