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26 May 2008

Get this guy an MBE

This clip came about while I was on Fat Lace Magazine's site, in a feature about what emcees do when not rapping called 'Rappers are in Day Jobz' (for those that don't know its a play on the classic KRS ONE track title named "Rappaz R.N. Dainja".
Here Skinnyman describes how he's in a win-win situation when it comes to him dealing with the distribution of illicit substances. Now I ain't a socialist or a communist, or one hoping to bring the system down to their knees (I realized a couple of years back that constantly aiming to do this will only slow me down on my quest for riches)
but I do like Skinny's FUCK YOU mentality to the forces that be, and decided that this had to be broadcast.

Rumours of day jobs amongst other rappers named are:
Kyza - Parking Attendant in Soho
Bashy - Bus Driver in North Weezy (NW London)
Black the Ripper - Sainsburys
Pyrelli - Clarks

Any more half decent suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

On the music tip, apparently Skinnyman is hoping to release his sophomore LP (or something along those lines) named 'Council Estate of Grime' after the success of 'Smokin ban'.

25 May 2008

Nas backs down over controversial album title

With all the hype surrounding possibly the most controversial album title in Hip Hop since Ice-T's 'Cop Killa', Nasir Jones has U-Turned on naming his upcoming album 'Nigger' and instead settled for a much more sober decision by naming it 'Nas'. Isn't that his name I hear you ask? Something that artists do on their 1st album? Yes. Yes it is.

It's not as though the label had a problem with the shocking title, as Island Def Jam Music Chair, L.A. Reid, even went so far as to say "Anything Nas wants to do, I completely stand beside him." However, like Ghostface took the Killah 0ff his name in order to be sold in Wal-Mart and the like, Nas has renamed his album for commercial reasons.

Civil rights advocate Rev. Al Sharpton believes the title change is a victory in the fight against record label indecency.

"This proves that record companies and distributors realize that the community will not allow companies to profit from denigrating us and polluting the minds of our youth,” Sharpton said via press statement

"Everybody is trying to stop the title," Nas stated. "Record stores are gonna have a problem in this day and time selling a record with that title. Who knows what's gonna turn out and be on that title? Who knows what that title will be?"
For those of you who have been logging on to BlatantlyBlunt for a little while now you'll remember my previous feature on this album.

As a preview to the new album this is the latest Nas material to be leaked on to the net:

New Track:

21 May 2008

Free downloads

Free and legal downloads. If you own or hold the copyright to any of the material available for free download below, and would like it removed, drop me an email and I'll have it removed.

Music Videos


19 May 2008

New Video - Sincere - Once Upon A Time Feat. Natty

The massive new single from North London legend Sincere featuring man of the moment Natty; who's currently tearing up the reggae-soul scene. Perhaps this late June release will be Sincere's big break after years on grind?? I'd like to see it happen, as it emcees like this that rep the UK Hip Hop scene.

13 May 2008

"Which likkle fassy said I aint got lyrics? I got bars, they got gimmiks"

If it's the last thing you listen to today check this new track from Frisco entitled Ignorant. Right now he's probably the sickest in the grime scene. In this track he responds to Ghetts' lyrical jabs to him and the BBK camp, and shows that no one can accuse him of one line flows or gimmicky rap.

Frisco - Ignorant

In this video, Big Fris represents North London to the fullest, filming his own take on Ruff Sqwad's classic, 'Extra'. Filmed partly outside Alexandra Palace (a local hang out of mine on those summer nights), look out for fellow Alwayz Recording label mate and future star Chipmunk and repeat after me.."I'm from North London where the man dem are sho.. mandem are sho"

Frisco - Sho

11 May 2008

Wiley talks Rolex, disses The Movement, and generally reigns.

Richard 'Wiley' Kylea talks about his tune Wearing my Rolex to 1xtra's DJ Twin B and also discusses his new album, the meaning of 'commercial grime', and whos going places in grime, and who's not and i'm not talking with any subtly either.

Wiley - Raw & Uncut

And on the subject, check out this clip from the greatest channel to hit TV since BBC1; Current TV, about how the song and dance (literally) that is Rolex Sweep is the grime scene's answer to the Twist and Souljah Boy's crank dat, despite it being unashamedly camp and ripped off of a 90s Costa Del Sol craze. On this occasion the clip is hosted by a Guardian journalist with his ear to the back of the top deck of a bus after school. Shouts to JME's Blog on this one.

9 May 2008

Boy Better Know - Microphone Champion Session 1 Free Download

So the self named King of Grime is releasing his sophomore LP, 'Microphone Champion' later this year and as a likkle preview the Boy Better Know family (Skepta, Frisco, JME, Jammer, Shorty, DJ Maximum) have followed in the footsteps of rival crew The Movement and recorded a 'Fuck Radio' style hour long set of the North LDN collective spraying bars and proving why they're the best crew in the scene right about now.

If you've listened to these artists much in the last year you'll definitly recognize at least some of the verses but it's all good cos Maximum provides hot instru's and the ad libs fill the gaps to make sure its shower like the gym changing rooms.

Free Download:
BBK - Microphone Champion Session 1

If you cant make up your mind on this, peep the Grime Forums reactions.

3 May 2008

Wyclef Jean OnDaSpot Invasion Freestyle

I've been following Wyclef's career ever since his 1st solo album, The Carnival, 11 years ago (Needless to say, on the strength of 1996 Fugees classic 'The Score') and he's constantly delivered with a high level of quality and diversity, experimenting with more international sounds. Here he confirms his place as one of the most consistent and REAL hiphop artists as a producer, rapper and songwriter, freestyling over his latest single Fast Car, featuring singer-songwriter Paul Simon while playing it acoustically on DJ Green Lantern's Invasion show. If you're looking for the old qualities of hip-hop; conscious smart and challenging content; look no further.

New Video - Tinchy Stryder - Breathe

A very big tune for Stryds, this track by the producer with the midas touch - Davinche.

2 May 2008

Cypher Kings Trailer.

Trailer for the new DVD from my boy INC featuring rap clips from the likes of Skinnyman, Kashmere, Kulez, Skrein, Verb-T and many others. Look our for the DVD coming sometime before summer.