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25 April 2008

Love Music Hate Racism Carnival '08 Victoria Park, LDN E3 This Sun. 27/4

I'm definitely gonna be heading down to this ridiculously sik line up in E3 and get some footage, blagging luck permitting.

Roll Deep, Wiley, Akala, Bashy, Tinchy Stryder, Hoodstarz, Natty, Skream & Benga, Ace & Vis, Jocelyn Brown, Heartless Crew, Snakeyman, Jammer, Juggy D + MC Special, Mecca 2 Medina, Ny, DJ Hype + Daddy Earl, DJ Luck and MC Neat, Chipmunk, Target, Mistajam, Hypa Fen & Marcie Phonix, Statik, No.Lay, Lil Rascals, Stylo G, Decypher Collective, DJ Rugrat, Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee, Lauren Mason..

All these guys for free? Damn.

23 April 2008

"The song is called what?!"

Lemme get this straight. This song is not posted because of the quality of the song, but purely on a 'wat the fuck' basis. The Florida rap scene (AKA Miami Bass for it's distinctive drum patterns and sounds) is known for it's outlandish sexual content (eg. 2 Live Crew and Khia's tune 'My neck, my back' plus plenty more i'll leave you to discover) and this time it's the girl wondering what the fuck her 'boo' has been sticking his one eyed monster in to while she's waiting for him to come home. This video has pure comical value so I'd take it with a bucket of salt (a pinch just won't do it) and enjoy while feeling sorry for the guys who have to show their parents the video they've contributed to producing.
Riskay feat. Aviance and Real - Smell Yo Dick

19 April 2008

Most unlikely news story of the year...

So Alicia Keys is being accused of being a conspiracy theorist after it was reported that she claimed the government were responsible for gangsta rap as a way of suppressing the African-American population and making them 'kill each other'. However in this video, CNN Reports how "Alicia Keys tries to clarify what she told Blender Magazine". Stick to the singing Alicia, leave that shit to Dead Prez.

And some more footage on the topic... those presenters define the term 'white boy'.

15 April 2008

The kids that are scaring the government (and old ladies)

Forget Ras Kwame, on 1xtra (as good as the show normally is!!) this is the REAL Homegrown business, created by 'Undastand', from the nokia/post-channel U grime generation comes a bunch of youngers mainly repping Camden Town, North London spitting fire (the good ones anyway) on camera with a mobile for a boom box. It's always amusing to see emcees who's voice hasn't broken but spit bars about causing terror to their victims and shotting nose candy... saying that don't be surprised to see some of these emcees in a few years with deeper voices and real beats behind them.

8 April 2008

BlatantlyBlunt Introducing... Lucy Love

As you know, BlatantlyBlunt invites up and coming artists to get in touch to showcase their material, and if we like them they get put on.
The latest artist to be featured on your favourite blog is a rising Copenhagen, Denmark based female grime MC by the name of Lucy Love, formely known as Alchemist (if you know much about US HipHop, you'll know why it was changed) who is currently working with producer Yo Akim and representing with Denmark based label Pilot Music, who cover other genres like Drum & Bass. Her debut single 'No V.I.P.' is safely making its way across the world and is being aired on Danish radio, as well as UK pirate stations like Rinse FM (check her spitting on Rinse here ) and other local stations around the world.
As an emcee, spitting intelligently in a language other than your mother tongue has got to be tough, so it's great to hear when a foreigner with UK influences can be more talented than someone like Lady Sovereign, Def Jam's first UK signing, who didn't exactly impress beyond her Missy Elliot featured first (and quite frankly novelty) single.

This stop motion extravaganza was created by talented artist Sif Westerberg, from over 5500 frames and a bunch of plasticine and cardboard and a bit of editing by Lucy Love herself.
Lucy Love - No V.I.P

Lucy Love's debut album is expected to drop this autumn so watch out.

4 April 2008

Devilman/D.E.Velopment- new vid on Tim & Barry TV

Blatantly one the best emcees out of the LDN, currently repping Aftershock camp with Terrah Danjah, Bruza and Mz Bratt. This guys hilarious and one of the only guys to dare to send for Skepta... Check out his mixtape 'the Re-Development', it's big!