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2 December 2008

Grimey Christmas has come early!

As it's almost Christmas (I couldnt care less about Christmas but thought this would be a good time to drop something in about it), there's a bunch of new free (and legal, may I add) downloads for the loyal fanbase (I say loyal but really I mean anyone that wants free music will seek it out like a fiending sniffer dog in the departure lounge of Amsterdam Schipol airport).

1st up is the new mixtape from one of grime's top Jamaican-esque acts; Badness, who's been doing big things in 2008, the highlight of which was probably his collaboration with Maniac, Wretch 32 and Ghetto on the BANGER 'In a di Ghetto', one of my favorite tracks of the year.
Here's a taster of him, with his debut video; 'Cut Out':

Download the mixtape here:
Badness - Uncalled IV

1. Want U there (A Milli)
2. Young 3 & Single
3. Born Winner ft. Wretch 32
4. 2 Late
5. Skit
6. Buss It
7. Fine Out ft. Stylo G
8. Dutty Doin
9. Murder ft. Scortcha Italo
10. Spontanious
11. Prison Tune (and bonus)

The next free mixtape for you is Left Turn Radio. Take a look at the front cover and if you like any of the artists on there (my picks are C Gritz, English and Jammer, but they're all sick). Make sure you download this and listen to every track and it's jam packed with quality (like one of those vitamin bars costing £6.99 for like 30g) as well as straight up fun time grime with a bit of garage and hip hop influence. The mixtape itself is quite varied so if at first you're put off, don't worry, and contains freestyles, radio show spitting and recorded tracks...
Left Turn Radio Mixtape (Free Download)

Finally, the humble mix. This one comes from my boy Jonas, and is full of mellow dubstep goodness, so hit this on if you're feeling that dubstep shit goin down at the moment, taking over the clubs; bassline by bassline...

Mellodubs Dubstep Mix (Free stream/download)

1: Dusk & Blackdown feat. Teij & Farrah - Kuri Pataka ( The Firecracker Girl)
2: XI - G-Funk 3000
3: Short Stuff - Never Mine
4: LV feat. Dandelion - CCTV
5: Clouds - Shallow
7: Mala - In Luv
8: L-Wiz - Lady Smilin'
9: L-Wiz - The Girl from Codeine City
10: Tes La Rok - Livin' Fire
11: Kulture - Lost Emotions
12: TRG - Killed it Dead
13: Tribe Steppaz - Haille Sellasse I
14: Caspa & Rusko - Rock Bottom
15: Ed Solo - Age of Dub
16: Rooted - Righteous
17: Art of Noise - Moments in Love (Caspa remix)
18: L-Wiz - Fruit Shop
19: Clouds feat. Tiiu - Under the Dancing Feet
20: Darkstar - Need You
21: Emalkay - My Story

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