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27 September 2012

Review: Kingdom of Fear [A Jehst produced album] [YNR Recordings]

“Jesus, bad waves of paranoia, madness, fear and loathing - intolerable vibrations in this place. Get out. The weasels were closing in. I could smell the ugly brutes.”

Review by Suave Debonair

When asked to review the new Jehst produced YNR project I was excited, as Jehsts' previous project ‘The Dragon of an Ordinary Family’ has been on heavy rotation in my headphones since it dropped.

On ‘Kingdom of Fear’ although Jehst chips in with rhymes on a few tracks he leaves the lions share to YNRs unnamed lyricists that he describes as “a severely disturbed individual”. Now I have a pretty safe idea who this dude is but I’m gonna leave you lot to work it out yourselves.

What you need to know is, this project is something a little different - both in its concept and execution. The album itself takes inspiration from the widely revered author Hunter S Thompson's book ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. An account of a drug fuelled escapade in America's most sin filled city, cinematically portrayed in 1998 with Jonny Depp taking the role of Thompson.

“There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

With help from his YNR brethren, Jehst manages to paint out the most banging of desert acid trip soundscapes, moving shakily between uppers and downers in a sun blistered form, staying true to its inspiration. The bars are all on a level as high as a hit of pure adrenaline, dragging the listener kicking and screaming through casino doors and cackling as you stumble off the turntable carousel in a dumb stupor. All emcees that make an appearance here bring their 'A' game and the fact that this was all done in the space of around 2 weeks makes it more remarkable!

All in all ‘Kingdom of Fear’ shows a great amount of creativity, and further cements YNR's reputation as a leading force in the British hip hop spectrum. It’s also a great salute to Hunter S Thompson - a man that lived fast and had his ashes sent skyward in a fire work!

Go cop ‘Kingdom of Fear’ on it’s release on October 15th


26 September 2012

Interview: Phoenix da Icefire

Paul J Nelson better known as Phoenix Da Icefire is a deep lyrical hip hop artist from East London, and is one part of the well respected group Triple Darkness. His debut album 'The Quantum Leap' features Ruste Juxx, Keith Murray, Klashnekoff, Kyza and more, with production from Chemo and Beat Butcha. 

What were the main inspirations for producing and writing for the album Quantum Leap?

Originally the album was going to be called 'Right Timing' because of an incident which happened which made me view time in a different way, for that split moment in time everything was in sync... the music matched the actions of the muted TV and with the conversation I was having all at once and I had never seen that before, it changed my perception of time and life itself thus the concept of the album was born. I then began looking at quantum mechanics and saw the natural growth of the album as a kind of portal to another time as the tracks were so far from each other in the same universe/album... I then re-named it “The Quantum Leap” for that reason.


Explain the ideas and concepts behind your cover design?

The cover of the album means many things. It’s me sacralising myself and my time for my city and the love of true hip hop. It is also an oxymoron because the very thing that has set me free in the scene (as this is my first album) is the same thing that has caged me, because making real hip hop puts you in a box I feel and is unattractive to the mainstream heads.

Why did you decide to bring the likes of Keith Murray and Klashnekoff on the track together?

It was something that a lot of people didn’t think I could do, so I decided to pull it off making it a rare jewel on the album.

'The Point of No Return' Ft. Keith Murray & Klashnekoff

Did you always have the passionate drive towards music from a young age? If so how did you channel that in your early projects/ventures?

I first channelled my energy into Triple Darkness’s first release “Anathema” and having no product out there of my own made me want to push that particular sound only they brought in the UK scene at the time.

Were there any childhood influences or role models you could count on, as moulding the person you have become today?

My dad was the best representation of what a strong man should be. My mum/living Goddess taught me how to survive with almost nothing. Minister Rebel & Dr Malachi taught my about ancient Africa which I feel was and still is very important.

Echoing Thoughts

What advice would you give your teenage self, and young adults who want to break and succeed in this industry?

Make sure you love the art form you intend to use, discover your own love and signature and use your imagination - don’t be caged behind the bars you write.

How would you describe your style of hip hop to a to someone deciding whether to buy your album?

I’m telling you something you don’t know in a way you’ve never heard the story told. The album is an original concept that has never been done before and five years worth of pain, suffering and craft has gone into it. This album is the closest friend and diary I have never consciously kept.

Phoenix Da Icefire's debut album "The Quantum Leap" is available to buy now from

Interview by Katie Allen and Nick BlatantlyBlunt
Online Editing by Nick BlatantlyBlunt

25 September 2012

Video: Mic Righteous - Warm Up Session [SB.TV]

Mic Righteous returns back to SBTV after filming his first Warm Up Session in 2010, two years later, he's still going in hard as ever!!! Not many emcees can bring this much emotion and lyricism so salutes to the young Kent rapper! Check this short interview and freestyle vid I grabbed with him last year...

Audio: Gambit Ace ft B Star - Stay Strong [Amy Winehouse cover]

Rap and actor Gambit Ace will release 'Stay Strong', the lead single from his mixtape 'The Livewire' dropping this Friday! In tribute and based on Amy Winehouse's 'Love is a Losing Game', he delivers credible yet simple lyrics; which many on first listen would immediately be able to easily relate with. His clarity in delivery and lyrics helps makes this an easily pallitable track!

Furthermore one can tell it's extremely personal, about his hard graft of relationships in life; so included there are evidently written meaningful messages behind this track. Indeed it touches and tugs at even the hardest of heartstrings, while the legacy of dear Ms. Winehouse deeply resonating throughout.

Review by Katie Allen

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Video: SP Ft FuntCase - Liars

Following the release of 'Coming Along' the first of 6 EP's leading to his album, Birmingham's SP, an artist we've been supporting a long time has hooked up with previous collaborator and well respected dubstep producer Funtcase (Circus Records) to produce this grimy banger available to buy from iTunes now. Set to some dark visuals look out for more treats for the eyes and ears in the lead up to the new EP More Imagination, which drops within the next month. @SpzAbout @Funtcaseuk

23 September 2012

Audio/download: Lunar C - Sewer Side Sex [mixtape]

Easily one of the most real UK hip hop artists at the moment, repping Leeds - just listen and discover what it means to be considered up there with the best. Dope guest MCs and producers like JME and Pete Cannon!

Video: Juicy J feat 2 Chainz And Lil Wayne - Bandz A Make Her Dance

One of the dopest tracks of the year deservedly gets a video, with two equally massive southern stars jumping on this strip club anthem. Let's hope Juicy J keeps knocking out tunes on this vibe in his own unique style. If you feel this and haven't heard his 'Blue Dream and Lean' mixtape, slap yourself!

Video: Mr Miniature ft. Krept & Konan - Close To Me (Tick Tock)

The promising grime/hip hop cross over emcee [f.k.a. Deekay] drops a cheeky lyrical wordplay themed track about the joys of hooking up. He re-works Jamaican dancehall star 'Busy Signal's hit from a few years go 'Tik Tok' with a sick vintage video game themed lyric video - suitably placed to ensure you clock what kinda levels they're working with! With Krept & Konan, one of the most formidable names in UK rap featuring, and despite the slightly mismatching style of auto-tuned chorus this is a sure fire banger!!

Mr Minature featured in this recent freestyle we uploaded along side Maxsta, iCon and Justo outside the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town.

21 September 2012

Video: Tabanacle - Hurricane ft Don Jaga, Squingy & Lefty [USG]

The SW London rapper links up with a few members of the USG crew (headed up by K Koke) for this melancholy 'zoners'. Big video to accompany it also!

Audio/download: J Beatz - Injunction Promo Mix

J Beatz - Injunction Promo Mix by jbeatzmusic

1. J Beatz - Injunction (Crown Jules)
2. Juzlo - Escape (CDR)
3. Terror Danjah Feat. Riko - Dark Crawler (Hyperdub)
4. Trends - Punch Bag (WPF Records)
5. J Beatz Vs Skepta & JME - Meridian Walk Remix (Myth)
6. J Beatz - R.I.P (Crown Jules)
7. Bok Bok - Silo Pass (Spyro Remix) (Night Slugs)
8. J Beatz - Wave Down (Crown Jules)
9. Araabmuzik - Underground Stream (Electronic Dream)
10. Mr. Mitch - Super Freak (Gobstopper Records)
11. Simplexxx & EK9 - Sleepy Hollow (Mercury Music)
12. J Beatz - Injunction (Mr. Mitch Mix) (Crown Jules)
13. Trends - Bassmode (WPF Records)
14. J Beatz - Bass Booster (Crown Jules)
15. Dismantle - Computation (Wheel & Deal Records)
16. J Beatz - Jail Break (Crown Jules)
17. J Beatz - Foundation Riddim (Crown Jules)
18. J Beatz - 138 Leng (Crown Jules)
19. J Beatz Vs Durrty Goodz - Gangster Remix (Myth)

Download Link:

J Beatz - Injunction EP out digtally September 28th. Pre order now from HMV.

Video: Foreign Beggars - Apex

Apex is the new single from Beggars' album ‘The Uprising’, and demonstrates a real eclectic mash up mix of quality dubstep and hip hop. They continue to push boundaries whilst captivating an atmospheric dark but vibrant energy. One can detect real craftsmanship within the vocabulary content and delivery.

Futuristically shot and located in an underground warehouse/nuclear plant; it has an intense Frankenstein-esque feel about it, . The ‘rule of three’ imagery is a recurrent theme, as well as the pulsating electric blue eyes being featured throughout.
Despite the fact it may get a bit 'chanty' at times, there's no doubt it's relevant and an on point song.

Review by Katie Allen.

Available to buy: iTunes: ||
Pre-order 'The Uprising' :

20 September 2012

Audio: Al-Doe - 5:46AM feat. Boldy James & Vado

Grimey hood banger from Al-Doe who links up with Boldy James and Vado for “5:46AM” produced by Elemnt. This is off of Al-Doe’s forthcoming project "Nose Candy" set to drop in October. Via GFCNY.

Audio: Badness Ft. KMD - Bad Road

New banger from the two Birmingham artists, with Badness providing a tongue twisting energetic chorus as KMD provides grimey vocals on the feature, with production by Gone Clear.

Badness Ft. KMD - Bad Road (Prod. By Gone Clear) by A WE SHELL DOWN BOWZER

Check this video I got with Badness in and around the studio in Hackney

Also grabbed some interview and MC footage with KMD alongside Lady leshurr at the Luton Carnival 2010!

Video: Sneakbo - Zim Zimma

As anticipation rises for his debut album, ‘Sneak To Da Bo’, the South London raised Lagos born rapper drops 'Zim Zimma' which builds on the success of his previous single 'The Wave'.

With over 20m YouTube channel views notched up in little over a year, recommendations from the likes of MistaJam, and listed as Drake’s favourite UK rapper, the support continues and the fans persist on jumping onboard the ‘Jet-Ski Wave’.

Zim Zimma released to iTunes 29 Oct on Play Hard Records.!/SNEAKBO1

19 September 2012

Major Hip Hop releases and events scheduled for 17 - 23 September

This page will give you an overview of the main Hip Hop releases and events scheduled in the UK for this week. The info has been put together by HipHopListings who provide heads across the UK with updates on new events and releases.

Let us or HipHopListings ( know if there’s anything you’d like to see added to this overview (or any future ones coming up)

Releases scheduled for 17 - 23 September

18.9DJ DramaQuality Street Music
18.9Double ABMedia ShowersMan Bites Dog
18.9KreayshawnSomethin’ Bout KreayColumbia
18.9Homeboy SandmanFirst Of A Living BreedStones Throw
18.9Brother AliMourning in America & Dreaming in Color
18.9Wiz KhalifaO.N.I.F.C
18.9G.O.O.D. MusicCruel SummerDef Jam

Events scheduled for 17 - 23 September
17.9Macklemore & Ryan LewisLondonKing’s College
19.9B.o.B.ManchesterHMV Ritz
20.9B.o.B.SheffieldThe Leadmill
20.9Maverick SabreGlasgowO2 Glasgow
21.9Kid InkLondonKing’s College
22.9Kid InkBirminghamHMV Institute
22.9B.o.B.NorwichThe Waterfront
22.9Maverick SabreLeedsO2 Academy
22.9Wiley and othersLondonProud2
22.9E-40 & DJ Quick [CANCELLED]LondonHMV Forum
22.9Kid InkManchesterManchester Academy

Audio/Download: Natural Selection - Tape Decks [+ mixtape review]

Words by 'Dutty Harry'

They are called Natural Selection, their mixtape is called Tape Decks, and it is one of the dopest things I' have heard in ages! As a firm believer in hating as much as possible, it pains me to say that this... I love, and if not love then really like. Their use of live instrumentation and MPC production has paved the way for a project that has exceeded what I (and I'm sure others) were expecting.

Really great to hear Nottinghams finest, the iron condor that is Cappo feature. I think their beats really suit his delivery style, and as ever he murks it. Not to forget Joker Starr and Sonnyjim on this as well, a nice little roster of "who's who" in the little hub that is UK hip hop. It's a free download so make up your own mind, hip hop is alive...

Video: Maxsta - Pop Off

Show N Prove provides the beat once again for the East London MC to beat up the track on this heavy weight banger! For more information on the upcoming free EP and when the Maxsta tee will be available join the mailing list - Maxsta, Deekay, iCon + Justo spat some heavy grime bars exclusively for our channel - take a look!

Video: "The Art of Rap" Outtake: Dr. Dre

In this exclusive "Art of Rap" outtake Ice-T finds out why Dr. Dre has some of the cleanest mixed records in rap. "Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap" digital video and DVD available online and in stores NOW! Check our interview with the man himself, talking about making the movie, his biggest inspirations that made him the man he is today and looooads more!

Video: Dru Blu - Check [All Eyes On Me] ft. Stylo G

Having been certified as one of the kings of the UK Rap scene, the SE London rapper previously known as Don Strapzy gets ready to release his first official single which features one of the hottest UK Reggae/Dancehall artist – STYLO G.

Between them they’ve racked up over 5million You Tube hits and together have created a banging rap, reggae, booty shaking, cross genre anthems of recent times. The co-sign comes from CHARLIE SLOTH, who made the track number one in his ‘Hood Heat Chart’ on his BBC RADIO 1 show.

Video: KINGS OF THE CITY - The Devil [+review]

Kings of the City are back with a sick video for track “The Devil” from their latest ‘No Guts,No Glory’ double EP. They really ain't mucking about with the product they’re bringing at the moment and it seems the band aren’t ready to skimp on the visual side, following their other productions from the EP.

The video is slick and stylish and portrays the message of the song to great effect... dont believe me though - check it out for yourself and see what the hype is about!
Review by Suave Debonair

You can catch Kings Of The City live on the following dates:

21st Sept - Mischief Festival, West Sussex
23rd Sept - Village Underground, Shoreditch
5th Oct - Jazz Cafe, Camden
12th Oct - Oxjam Islington 20th - Winchester, Bournemouth
3rd Nov - Plan B, Brixton

Event: RED BULL CULTURE CLASH 2012 @ Wembley Arena 7 November


Tickets are now on sale for the Red Bull Culture Clash which returns to London for a third
time with a heavier line-up than ever before. On 7 November Wembley Arena will be transformed into a massive musical battleground for this unique live music concept: four stages, four crews representing four different genres and only one winner. 

Keep track of all announcements at

+ Special Guests


Feat: Redlight + Rudimental + Disclosure
Special Guests: P Money + Ms Dynamite


JME + Skepta + Frisco + Wiley + Shorty + Jammer + Solo 45 + Maximum


Winning the Clash is all about selecting the right tracks. Like the soundsystem crews, you'll need to carefully select 15 minutes of killer tracks to win.

 Major Lazer, Annie Mac presents Magnetic Man, Channel One and Boy Better Know will each choose the set list that most inspires them and invite the selector to join them on stage at Red Bull Culture Clash.
This is your chance to feel what it's like to stand in front of a Wembley Arena crowd when the bass drops!

 Create your set list before 24th October for your chance to Get On Stage.  
Visit their site for all info:

Wembley Arena, Arena Square, Engineers Way, HA9 0AA

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 // 18.30pm – 00.00am

Tickets – £15 via Ticketmaster

18 September 2012

News: Wyclef Jean Reveals Affair With Lauryn Hill, Says She Misled Him About Child

Via Hip Hop DX

Wyclef Jean reveals he and Lauryn Hill had an affair, and that she made him believe her first child was his.

It's a widely known fact that former Fugees partners Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill don't see eye-to-eye anymore. Now, in a recent report from Vibe, Wyclef drops a bomb shell as to nature of their falling out.

In an excerpt from 'Clef's upcoming autobiography Purpose: An Immigrant's Story, the Haitian born emcee revealed that he and Lauryn Hill had been having an affair prior to the Fugees broke up. What put the final nail in the coffin, however, was that Lauryn misled Clef about her first pregnancy, making him believe it was his child when it was actually Rohan Marley's child.

"In that moment something died between us. I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that," he wrote. “She could not longer be my muse. Our love spell was broken.”

Clef's Purpose: An Immigrant's Story hits store shelves tomorrow.

Video: Stig Of The Dump - Head Banger Boogy

Yes, this is the FU Music general at his best!! Big Stig goes in on this beast of a new track from his ‘Cannon Fodder’ EP Stomping his feet and bangin your stupid heads together. There’s no surprise that with underground production boss Pete Cannon on the flex this shit bangs harder than a Squady bangs his bitch after an 8 month stretch in the desert. 
 Don’t think that this track is just on some throw away content though, Stig always brings heavy rhymes and here he’s tellin it exactly how it is. For a dude that has been on the scene for a minute you can see he has a few problems with the ‘industry’ and aint bothered about sharing his thoughts. 

What sets Stig apart from allot of these heads is that although he likes a moan he aint showing no sign of stopping, Where other Rappers might lose heart and give up this MC will just turn it to passion and throw a fuckin fire ball your way. Get ‘Cannon Fodder’ and get to understand the realness.      

Video: Chima Anya - Still Here

"Grown folk music" is the term Chima used to describe his new track, which it's certainly nothing short of. German producer Dexter provides the jazz orientated beat for for the GP and lyricist to go in about life, love and everything in between. First single from "The Doctor's Note" released 12 November. Here's an interview I grabbed with him back in Jan 2010!

17 September 2012

Video: XO MAN - 'QUAG'

The first track to be taken from XO Man's Unwrap The Club EP, QUAG (Produced by BassN8s - DJ Jden & XO Man) has been receiving love on the airwaves from the likes of DJ Target, CJ Beatz, Mistajam and Annie Mac. Download "Unwrap The Club EP"

14 September 2012

Audio: Ryan Leslie - Swiss Francs ft. Booba

The multi-skilled musician, singer, rapper and producer has linked up with quite possibly the biggest rapper in France to create this well constructed track - Ryan Leslie follows on from Diddy as the second US star to collab with Booba. Check out 'Caesar's Palace'!
Look out for the "Swiss Francs" music video, which was filmed in black and white and shot on location between the Wall Street area of New York and Zurich, Switzerland. For now here's some preview of Leslie's documentary 'Les Is More' - looking dope!

Video: Smoke DZA x Harry Fraud - Kenny Powers

One of the most rated underground NYC rappers at the moment, Smoke DZA drops a dope track over this Harry Fraud beat while Couzin Bang puts the chase-the-chicken hook into literal terms!

13 September 2012

Audio/Download: Waka Flocka Salute Me Or Shoot Me 4: Banned From America [Mixtape]

Flocka returns to the sound he brought to the world on his debut album 'Flockaveli', with this new mixtape which is 100% grimey throughout!! This is a great introduction to what the guy's about, in case you've not yet had the pleasure!

In terms of production this has got to be one of the most unique and trippy beats on the mixtape!

12 September 2012

Video: Hilltop Hoods Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Australian Hip-Hop group Hilltop Hoods spoke with Ryan Maxwell of Hip-Hop Kings in an exclusive new interview during their tour of the U.K. Hilltop Hoods also speak on their collaborations with the likes of Classified, Pharoahe Monch and others, along with their real feelings on touring and the music making process.

Video: Red Cafe Champagne 4 The Pain ft. Young Jeezy

Bad Boy records artist Red Café drops a banger over some victorious sounding production, and a sexy Vegas filmed video! Strong verse from Jeezy also.

11 September 2012

Audio: MIK - Exhibit G (Prod. By Faze Miyake)

Staying in trend with his recent Wu Tang Gravel-Pit sampling 'Gunpowder', Faze drops the 808-heavy grime beat sampling Ludacris - #1 spot (produced by DJ Green Lantern), which was in turn a sample of the Quincy Jones' Soul Bosanova, or the theme tune in Austin Powers!

In the latest of his alphabetized bite-size grime bangers M.I.K goes in with the on hard hitting delivery and bars.

Here's a clip of MIK at the Logan Sama show, I filmed back in 2010...

Video: SINCERE - KOG Live Sessions at Red Bull Studios

Long serving London rapper Sincere performs his track 'Deja Vu' for KOG with the vocals of Ria Ritchie and his ride-or-die producer/DJ Kid Bass in the rehearsal room of Red Bull Studios London.

Sincere then talks about his forthcoming work, which includes an exciting collabo with Jamaican star Pop Caan - he also exposes the number one woman in his life... you maybe surprised to hear who it is!

Video: Tre Mission - Kick Flip

The Toronto grime MC proves what level of heat he's bringing on this, off his brand new free album entitled 'Malmaison'.


Really feeling this new artist to come out of Harlem, NYC who could be described as Danny Brown meets Uncle Murder (in the best possible way, not in a copy cat style!).

Nakim drops his latest project, with appearances by CurT@iN$, Smoke DZA, Fat Trel and more.
Download link here and for a taster of what he's about check this video, using a chopped up version of the UK alt-pop track from the 1990s White Town - Your Woman, UK fans might recognize it from Wiley's track of the same name, featuring Emelie Sande..

9 September 2012

BlatantlyBlunt TV: Maxsta, Deekay, iCon, Justo - Electric Ballroom Freestyle [grime]

Straight grime barring outside the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, London. @itsmaxsta @MrMiniature @imicon @Justowavey

Video: Mike GLC - Celebrate That

Veteran UK road rap artist Mike GLC recognizes the progress the British scene has made - from the days when the mainstream media took no interest in the scene, to today, where then likes of 1xtra, Grime Daily, Channel U and other paved the way for the big guns to take shine, and now achieving international stardom.

Major Hip Hop releases and events scheduled for 10 - 16 September

This page will give you an overview of the main Hip Hop releases and events scheduled in the UK for this week. The info has been put together by HipHopListings who provide heads across the UK with updates on new events and releases.

Let us or HipHopListings ( know if there’s anything you’d like to see added to this overview (or any future ones coming up)

Releases scheduled for 10 - 16 September

11.9SaigonBread & Circuses

Events scheduled for 10 - 16 September
12.9Rick Ross and othersLondonWembley Arena
14.9Boom Bap Hip Hop FestivalPeterboroughTBC
14.9Oddisee with BandLondonJazz Cafe
15.9Boom Bap Hip Hop FestivalPeterboroughTBC
15.9B.o.B.NewcastleNewcastle University
15.9El-PBirminghamRainbow Warehouse
16.9B.o.B.GlasgowO2 ABC

Audio: Jam Baxter - Tins Of Worms Ft. Chester P

Well respected producer GhostTown provides the beat for this epic link up, as Taskforce's Chester P brings the heat on his contribution to Jam Baxter's 'Gruesome Features' LP which is out now on High Focus Records.

7 September 2012

Video: INC - King

Dope new grime banger from the North London MC/host.

Video: Narduwar interviews E-40! [+ London gig info]

Yet another EPIC interview from the Canadian music boffin!

Make sure you head down to his show on 22nd Sept in London!
It's sure to be UNMISSABLE! Check the facebook event page for more info and ticket link here:

6 September 2012

Sponsored Video: Adidas & Foot Locker - Space Diver

Despite being a multi millionaire with all the fame and respect a rapper could ever need, Snoop still reps adidas with to death!

Having added some new colours of their 'Space Diver' trainers, the street wear/sports attire giant have partnered with retailing outlet Footlocker to bring in the 'reincarnated' rapper, who is now going under the moniker of 'Snoop Lion', to feature in their new campaign. As he pulls on the trainers he summons the power of the lion, a three-dimensional mystical creature - composed entirely of blue smoke!

In the advert, the Long Beach, California rapper is seen wearing the navy pair of 'Space Divers' alongside the 'Chile 62' Adidas tracksuit, looking fresh as ever! Great to see the 40 year old hip hop pioneer is still relevant, 20 years deep into his career!

Having worked extensively with the best of the best, from 2pac, Dr Dre, Pharell - and more recent big hitters like Wiz Khalifa ('Young Wild and Free' was actually pretty dope!), his new transformation into 'Snoop Lion' has already raised more than a few eyebrows - and rightly so! He told reporters that he was 'rechristened' Snoop Lion by a Rastafarian priest in Jamaica and that he is Bob Marley reincarnated!!! Perhaps he's starting to lose his mind or maybe his new PR/marketing team are very ambitious in keeping his name under the media spotlight - though he will inevitably anger a number of the most zealous Marley disciples!

Here's the trailer for Snoop's forthcoming 'Reincarnated' documentary - this should provide sufficient evidence for you to decide for yourself whether this is just a marketing spin or whether Calvin Broadus has truely found his new 'raison d'etre'... What do you reckon?

This video was sponsored by adidas.

5 September 2012

Video: A$AP Mob - "Bath Salt" (feat. Flatbush ZOMBiES)

New fire from one of the hottest new crews in the US hip hop game! This is off 'Lord$ Never Worry'.

4 September 2012

Mixtape: Lil Wayne - Dedication 4 [Hosted by DJ Drama] (Download/Stream)

Weezy drops part 4 of his legendary mixtape series with Drama, after a truck load of anticipation and hype surrounding it they finally let it loose!

3 September 2012

Video: J The Exodus - S.O.L.D (Signs Of The Last Days)

Premiered at the British Film Institute (BFI) the gritty and well-crafted music video for “S.O.L.D” is a dark and poignant visual representation of our changing yet “nanny state” society in 2012.

Video: Dub Pistols - Rock Steady feat. Rodney P & Lindy Layton

UK hip hop veteran Rodney P features on this hip hop flavoured reggae track with Dub Pistols, off their fifth album ‘Worshipping The Dollar’.

Audio: Wu Block - Union Square (Sheek Louch, Ghostface Killah)

Two of hip-hop's most respected groups, Wu-Tang Clan and D-Block (formerly The LOX),
will collaborate on a new album released early October and features Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch, Method Man, Raekwon The Chef, GZA, Jadakiss, Masta Killah, and Styles P!!!

Ghostface says, "This is a unique album combination like carnation milk with
oatmeal. And a dash of cinammon. We got killing on lock. It's like assisination day - nothing but darts being thrown. It's like Batman and Robin shit. It's real street sh*t for the fans. They've been thirstin' for this."

Here's the first track to emerge from it, straight NYC dopeness!

Video: Cyko Logic feat. Mr Fox - Peace

Three weeks into his #UndeniableThursdays series, Cyko Logic forgets about that autotune life and flips the record over, offering an acoustic version of his track 'Peace', accompanied by the husky tones of Daryl Fox's vocals and his guitar. Sharp lyrics, tongue-twisting flow and a knee-bending hook are the ingredients for this.

Cyko Logic feat. Mr Fox - Peace #Undeniable Mix Tape [Acoustic Video] from Cyko Logic on Vimeo.

2 September 2012

Video: Rival - Late Nights, Early Mornings

Brand new video from one of grime's more introspective yet fully gritty MCs, as he guides you thru his thoughts and life. This is out Sept. 23. Fire!

1 September 2012

Major Hip Hop releases and events scheduled for 3 - 9 September

This page will give you an overview of the main Hip Hop releases and events scheduled in the UK for this week. The info has been put together by HipHopListings who provide heads across the UK with updates on new events and releases.

Let us or HipHopListings ( know if there’s anything you’d like to see added to this overview (or any future ones coming up)

Releases scheduled for 3 - 9 September

4.9Blu & ExileGive Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them
4.9G.O.O.D. MusicCruel Summer

Events scheduled for 3 - 9 September
6.9Chali 2na & Roc CLondonJazz Cafe
7.9Verb T, Kyza and othersLondonVibe Bar

Video: 2 Chainz - Birthday Song ft. Kanye West

Wacky and humorous new video from one of the hottest in the game right now!! Dark production but a fun vibe with a dope verse from Yeezy! This video has racked up over 800,000 views in under 2 days so far!! CRAY.

Video: S.A.S (Eurogang) Feat Shwain - Want It All

"Want It All" is the fourth release off S.A.S' new mixtape Narnia, produced by CyFyre who has worked with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, B.O.B and Wale, and features a promising singer called Shwain. The song shows and tells SAS's ambition and ability to diverse in music, strong all round!

Catch SAS supporting E-40 and DJ Quik on Sat 22 Sept!

All info below check the facebook page here.