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30 June 2011

Video: Walter Ego - Calm Down ft. Coco & K Dot

The Sheffield production duo, representing Bad Taste records drop this new grime banger that shows grime dancehall's roots. Feeling the beat and the MCs go in!

Video: Ghetts Ft. Wallace & Fix Dot'm - Brainless

One of my favourite tracks off Ghetts' most recent album 'Calm before the storm' gets brought to life in this (very) hood video. Straight up unapologetic bars here as the three MCs all do their thing. Good to see Ghetts working on different styles of tracks like this, though we all know he's best on grime!


This is the first I've heard of this Miami rapper, the latest in DJ Khaled's artist roster. After listening to the mixtape I'm pretty impressed, he definitely ticks the boxes for what makes a good southern artist and has some interesting yet slightly predictable content, and the features from Gucci Mane, Ace Hood and Freeway give it some extra flavour. The fact that two of the biggest mixtape DJs in the world are hosting this tells me DJ Khaled really believes in this guy, so take a listen!

Click cover to download:

Video: No Lay - Lord Of The Mics Hype Sessions

One of the toughest female spitters in the game drops some burning hot bars towards OG Nikki. Personally I don't see how a real lyricst who's been in the game 7 years should have to spar with a MC who's new and near enough novelty, but that's the music game. Looking forward to see what happens next!

Here's some info from Nolay herself behind the beef and how it started:

Video: Magnetic Man Feat. P Money - Anthemic

There was no doubt this was going to be a banger and it certainly doesn't disappoint. A good one for the cross over sounds tho I can imagine getting a bit tired of it quickly - especially if it get's played out as much as some recent hits from these 2 acts.

Video: Durrty Goodz challenges a speed texter

The grime legend drops this social video for Nokia, and sprays some recent bars off his recent banger 'Oi what you lookin' at?' while the girl tries to follow what he's saying. This would've been a bit easier for her if Giggs replaced Goodz with his slow flow, she might have had a chance!

Release: Rude Kid – Always Ready EP

One of the most creative and influential producers in the grime scene right now, who's worked with the likes of Wiley, Skepta, Kano, JME and Ghetts delivers his own take on where British underground music is heading in 2011.

ALWAYS READY EP available from iTunes now

Check this, a sick instrumental grime video for one of the tracks from the EP:

Audio: D Double E ft. Dizzee Rascal - Bluku Bluku (Radio Rip)

Something of a monumental track here as the first track from D Double's long awaited EP gets played and reloaded, and played and reloaded on Westwood's Radio One Show.  Anytime you see these two names on a track you know it's most likely a guaranteed multiple reload. Check 'Lemon' and 'Give you more' for other tracks that Dizzee's made with his Dirtee Stank artist and grime scene elder D Double.

29 June 2011

Audio: Royal-T: FACT Magazine Mix

Royal-T’s FACT mix is packed with unreleased grime, including more collaborations between himself, P Money and Blacks, remixes of Wiley and Katy B, and dubs from D.O.K, DQ Q and more. Definitely one to check if you want a taster of the authentic instrumental focussed grime!

FACT mix 259 - Royal-T (Jun '11) by factmag

Video: DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross Lil Wayne - I'm On One

New banger here from three of the biggest names in the hip hop world right now. Thankfully DJ Khaled doesn't appear on this track. The guy's track hosting skills were once bearable, for example on his 2006 album 'Listennnn' but his style has just got whinier and more irritating that even Fatman Scoop ruining classic R&B joints! You can't deny Khaled's done his thing tho, and it's unlikely his bubble's likely to burst anytime soon tho, having joined Cash Money records recently.

Audio/download: Dubbledge - Chess (prod. by Chase & Status)

After a little while away from the scene, UK hip hop legend  DUBBLEDGE is back with this CHASE & STATUS produced banger!

You may have heard Tinie Tempah rip up the same riddim recently but the track was actually originally given to DUBBLEDGE. Personally this one is superior and he comes with some interesting content, incorporating the metaphor of "life is like a game of chess".

Look out for the forthcoming E.P “DUBBLEDGE vs THE BOONDOCKS” and the CHEMO aka TELEMACHUS produced album “TEN TOES DOWN” coming very very soon!

Chess - Dubbledge vs Chase & Status by Charleevision

Download here!


19 June 2011

Video: Byron - SB Warm Up Sessions

The homie Byron continues his steady progression by dropping this sick one for SB. Make sure you watch till the end as he gets better as the video goes on...


The latest in the Trozion Tuesday series sees the teenage MC jump on this beat from Rude Kid... Check his YouTube Channel for more in the series.

Audio: Beanie Sigel ft. Jay-Z - Where have you been

It seems the two MCs who were previously label buddies in Roc a Fella's glory days have chosen Fathers day to openly squash their beef after Sigel apologized earlier in the month. Jay and Beans reminisce about growing up without their dad on this emotional and socially conscience track. Hopefully we'll see some more fire from Beans, the dude's got mad amounts of content and character.

13 June 2011

Audio: DuttyLex (aka Lexus Dutty) - Say what's real

One of the most under rated artists in the game is this guy, who's been steadily putting out lyrical grime/hip hop, collaborating with names such as Dot Rotten and Donae'o. Some insightful vocals into the mind of Lexus Dutty here...

11 June 2011

Video: Prodigy On The Mo’Nique Show

Prodigy, fresh out of jail speaks about the lessons he learned about himself while inside, and how he's reforming his life for the better... He also talks about his musical family history and how he deals with people claiming he's gone soft.

10 June 2011

Remix competition for Wiley's new LP '100% Publishing'

So Wiley's dropping his next LP in June, it's called 100% Publishing, and based on the instrumentals he leaked it's sounding ridiculously SICK!

Here's the man himself going thru the tracks. Remember, "IT'S JUST AN ADVERT"!

Pre-Order '100% Publishing' on iTunes Now:

The CD not only includes an exclusive bonus track (which features a very special guest,) but the disc is enhanced to include all the acappellas and instrumentals as 320kbps MP3s. These are the finished, mastered instrumentals by the way, not the ones he leaked.

Fans that pre-order the album via the Ninjashop, on any format, will be given three instrumentals and acappellas at the point of payment. Those customers will then be offered the chance to enter an exclusive remix competition, open only to people with valid receipt numbers, and thus to the real fans who've forked out hard earned cash for the album. Big Dada and Wiley will listen through to all entries, and the winning track will be released as a commercial download single by Big Dada Recordings.

The album is available to pre-order now on CD, download and 2LP here.
Get yours quick, and start working on that remix!!

Video: Marger -Alright

One of the bangers of his recent free Sneaky EP which you can download here.

9 June 2011

Interview - Killer Mike (USA)

With over ten years as a prominent member of the Atlanta/Southern hip-hop community, Michael Render better known as Killer Mike is known for his outspoken, overtly political and conscious yet gritty content. He recently released his fifth album; Pl3dge, through T.I.’s Grand Hu$tle label. 

Having been introduced on Outkast’s classic Stankonia album in 2000, Mike and Big Boi fell out in 2007 but recently re-united on the album’s lead single 'Ready, Set, Go'. We spoke to Mike on the phone about the South being embraced by the mainstream, Operah Winfrey, the lack of political hip-hop, the artists that shape who he is today and loads more…

BlatantlyBlunt: What kind of synergies will be achieved, combining Grand Hustle and (your label) Grind time?
Killer Mike: First off, I have to start by saying "free the King", till Tip (aka T.I.) comes home in September. We've been working hard independently at Grind Time Official, carving a niche market and Grand Hu$tle has provided a tremendous amount of life! They've re-awakened people that knew about me, but don’t follow the underground scene as much. They’ve introduced me to a new audience - by way of Tip fans that are far out of reach to just the South of USA and they also have their own cast of producers. If nothing else, it has been great to work with Tip and Jason (Geter) who are brilliant business men – I'm learning a lot from them.

BB: How did it feel for Tip to spend his last moments of freedom working on the record with you?
KM: Honoured and humbled! I can't say I'd be that unselfish. For a man to have to take a year out of his life, and spend time away from his small children, it shows his dedication to his business and other artists. I think he's a shining example of what a man is supposed to be - I got a lot of respect for Tip and even more respect now that I’ve seen some of the moves he's made, it shows a lot about his integrity.

BB: Considering the history between you two, how did it feel to have Big Boi on the remix of ‘Ready, Set, Go’?
KM: Man that was the biggest thing to happen since USA and Britain became allies! In short, it's just good to be back home. It's great to be making music with the people I was making music with eight or nine years ago.

BB: You mentioned on twitter that the South has created a style of music that has become POP. What is the significance for you to see the South embraced by the mainstream?
KM: It's a little honouring in that it's good to hear white kids (from non-urban areas) developing their style, which emulates UGK, 8 Ball & MJG and Outkast. It's comparable to when the (Rolling) Stones let the world know that (blues legend) Muddy Waters was their influence. A lot of the time, because of how we talk and dress, we're marginalised as this subgroup of hip-hop. However, our music is based on soul music, which is a global genre. So it's dope for me to see these new pop artists coming up whose song sounds like a
Three 6 Mafia song!

BB: In the long term is it a positive thing that the southern sound has been embraced by charts or might it lead to an absence of Three 6 Mafia/UGK type of authentic southern rap?
KM: Well that's the scary part - that the music will become homogenized. We don't know, but it happened to reggae in the 1980s, and there's still tonnes of great reggae artists still around. I don't know if it's ultimately going to be good or bad. As long as we are supporting the authentic artists then it will always be here, but right now it's a beautiful sight to see.

BB: Does your strong belief in God encourage you to stay positive and conscious in your lyrics? Also do you think there's much contradiction towards that side of things in the game?
KM: I think I'm just as contradictory as any other human being walking the earth! Parents will say one thing to their kids and then go to the pub, drink three litres of beer and drive home. So when I speak about my belief, it isn't about a particular book, a particular synagogue, church or mosque. It's me recognizing that there's something in the universe bigger than me, overseeing it all. My responsibility is to always be thankful and try to help other people and not be a hindrance.

BB: 'That's life' is a track you've resurrected from a few years ago. Despite it being one of your greatest tracks, why bring it back?
KM: ‘That’s Life 2’ is the sequel to the track on (the album) 'I pledge allegiance to the grind' from 2006. It covers the caste system. It's easier to slide down from the middle class, than it is to move up amongst the rich and wealthy. It’s me recognizing that this exists and that people at the top should shut up and let the people at the bottom figure it out for themselves. If you're not going to come down to the ghettos we don't need your criticism. I also talk about how abusive the church and the political system have been to the people at the bottom of the country.

BB: You’ve previously aired your thoughts on Operah Winfrey not supporting the hip-hop culture. With her forthcoming TV network, do you think she is more likely to embrace the culture in some form now?
KM: I think she'll embrace the hip hop icons like Jay-Z and Kanye West but as a culture she doesn't see any value in it. That’s fine though, no matter how rich and influential she gets there will always be people more powerful than her that will always know she's not influential on their culture. They'll look at her as a part of our culture and she's fighting that stereotype. However, I don't see how she can do so by putting people like (controversial hip-hop video model) ‘Super Head’ on the show and not the likes of Eve or Ice Cube. If you don't have that balance I find it difficult to believe that she'd ever give our culture a look in. I don’t think she owes us that, I'm more interested in what hip hop can do for itself.

BB: You mentioned in an interview a few years ago that the people letting down hip-hop are the realest artist that not releasing music. Who's responsible for their side lining?
KM: I think the corporations have done well at buying artists out young. After Tupac died, artists became afraid to be socially conscious. They don’t want to be attacked by government and the law enforcement authorities. They don’t want to be marginalised by the corporations they work for. It's also the audience who haven’t had to deal with a real struggle. They believe as long as they can go to the mall and buy stuff the world is OK.

Killer Mike HELLO (BANG^3) from Christopher Simms on Vimeo.

BB: So who are the next generation of artists to fill that void?
KM: I think I am! But in terms of new artists, I think Big K.R.I. T does. There are tons of artists you've got to discover for yourself, and think more critically about what's being said.

BB: Which 3 rappers have inspired you to be the artist you are today?
Ice Cube, Scarface and Sade. KRS ONE's also a huge influence but in terms of what still affects my writing to this day these are the main three.

Follow Killer Mike on Twitter:

Mike's new LP 'Pl3dge' is out now. Look out for the video to the next single 'Go out on the Town' featuring Jeezy, dropping soon!

Interview by Nick @ BlatantlyBlunt

8 June 2011


Jeez this is a modern day NYC hip hop at it's FINEST! Illa Ghee, a Mobb Deep affiliate (who you may recognize from his verse on the Mobb's classic 'Hold you down') joins forces with BK legend Sean Price. Love the production, especially the sax loop on this and bars are tight from both!


D Power AKA Diesel, who's a certified veteran of the grime scene has been on fire recently, dropping banger after banger with his own style of hard bodied lyrical grime. On this video he drops bars exclusively for the grime report, as part of their Best in Grime series... Can't deny this is sick!

Event: True Skool launch party - 23 June - Brick Lane

Thursday, June 23rd sees the launch of a brand new night that fuses definitive classic vibes with the freshest new talent around. True Skool opens its doors at the Vibe Live gallery & bar, overlooking Brick Lane.

The launch night will feature performances from female grime star RoxXxan, drum‘n’bass legend MC Det, rude boy vocalist Chrome (the voice behind Dizzee Rascal hits ‘Holiday’ and ‘Dance Wiv Me’) and - fresh from delivering acclaimed single‘Darkness’with Klashnekoff - Kings Of The City front men Ali Bla Bla & Danny Wilder. Add the booming Beatbox Unorthodox, punch line specialist Phayme, poetical prose from Simon Mole,plus La Bella Mafiadancers and you’re all set for an event that redefines‘fresh’.

Audio: Foreign Beggars & Lazer Sword - What's Good

The Beggars have been on the grind since 2002, considered thoroughbreds of the UK hip-hop scene. They found a new audience in the European dance scene and have spread their sound far beyond and are currently smashing it here in UK with their remix of Vato Gonzalez' Badman Riddim. This is taken from "The Harder They Fall" EP, this is a future garage/dubstep (ish) collaboration with production Lazer Sword... BIG!!! Cop this from

Foreign Beggars & Lazer Sword - What's Good by ForeignBeggars

Audio/download: Revilo aka Row D - Take Off Freestyle

The north London rapper and producer jumps on Faze Miyake's anthemic Take Off beat. Follow Row D on twitter @RowdBeats. Download his mixtape Row D Ness free on his bandcamp here, containing features from SuparNovar, Flow Dan and Flirta D.

Take off freestyle (Produced by Faze Miyakie) by rowdbeats

Audio: Jammin No singing freestyle

Nationality member Jammin drops a new one in preparation for his forthcoming EP 'Wake Up Call' over this sick instrumental from Teeza called Switch, which is off his 'Bounce EP'.

Download: Byron - Deep Lyrics/Dirty Beats

The guy that plays by his own rules, Byron returns with the release of a brand new two part mixtape: ‘Deep Lyrics/Dirty Beats’. The mixtape contains mainly dubstep orientated beats, expressing his inner thoughts on his life and everything around it. The mixtape is set to continue the 25 year old's rise to establishing himself as a unique artist that has is someone to take note of. 1Xtra DJ CJ Beatz hosts the mixtape and production from Sony producer Chris Loco provides most of the beats here.

Download the mixtape by clicking below:

Check this video from one of the tracks off the mixtape:

Byron - Reaching Out from Ben Marlow on Vimeo.

Video: Mr Shaodow ft Ghetts - Get Stronger

After weeks of build up and promotion, sending out special vocals to DJs, dropping teasers of the video and general hype, Mr Shaodow's final video for 'Get Stronger' finally drops, via SB.TV! Featuring the mighty Ghetts, this tune hits hard and the video is like no other grime video you've seen before. Sit back, watch and enjoy. The video broke the 10000 view mark in just over 24 hours. Not bad!!

7 June 2011

Video: Redway - Scriptures

Feeling this new one from the Canadian artist I was put on to by Toronto's favourite grime artists Tre Mission. This one reminded me of a Jay-Z type rapper but definitely has that 2011 feel to it. Download the tune here.

Video: Logan Sama After Hours ft P Money, Blacks, Jendor, Desperado, Jammer & Jammin

Latest episode of Logan's extended grime MC cypher sessions. Doesn't get much bigger than this!
Download the full audio of the set here:

6 June 2011

Audio: Wiley “I’m On One” Remix (Snippet) – Create a BUZZ!

Here’s a snippet of Wiley going in on DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One”, off of his upcoming 'Create a Buzz' mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid. Wiley is the third artist to release a mixtape with the US hip hop radio and mixtape DJ, after Tinie Tempah and Skepta. Hopefully this will be the best yet.

Video: Sam Khan - Back To My Old Ways

B Somebody’s Sam Khan returns with this banger, produced by Newcastle producer Rimshox.

Sam Khan goes back to his old ways on this one, with his raw lyrics and flow accompanied by a sick video that chops in between past achievements, such as his Jumpoff battle footage, he was the 7 time Jumpoff MC battle champion.

You can download the track from

Video: FAM B.I - To da white meat

This is one of the greatest examples of dirty south goon rap I've seen since Lil Jon and 8 Ball & MJG dropped a song of the same title on 2005's legendary 'Crunk Juice' album. So grimy that you'd never hear it on radio because the whole track would be censored to the point where you'd practically be listening to the instrumental.

Follow these guys on Twitter.

4 June 2011

Interview: Cyrus Malachi

Cyrus Malachi burst onto the UK hip hop scene with his crew Triple Darkness in 2008 on their debut album 'Anathema', an L.P which has become known as a UK classic. He recently released his new album 'Ancient future' via No Cure records. The twenty track LP features US acts like Ruste Juxx, Bronze Nazareth and UK artists Melanin 9, Kyza, Iron Braydz and more. Toby Kay chatted to Cyrus exclusively for Blatantly Blunt...

BlatantlyBlunt: Firstly, your name, Cyrus Malachi, how did you choose that?

Cyrus Malachi: Simple, Cyrus is Persian meaning ''of the sun'' and Malachi in ancient Syriac comes from Malak which means messenger so Messenger of the Sun.

BB: Wu Tang affiliate Darkim be Allah and Duck Down Records artist Ruste Juxx appear on the album. How do you go about getting these Stateside artists on board?
CM: I had already worked with Ruste twice, the second time was when i featured on his album ''Adamantine'' and Darkim be Allah was through Endemic....

BB: Despite the American features, you also have the UK features, is there anyone that you wanted to get on there, but for whatever reasons couldn’t?
CM: Not really, I am happy with the UK line-up on there. Kyza is a UK legend and a crew member (in Orphans of Cush), and Cipher Jewelz is also a UK legend who I have always wanted to work with. So that was a blessing and Iron Braydz, like myself, is an up and coming artist with a lot of passion and heat who also has a buzz....

BB: How long did 'Ancient Future' actually take to complete?
CM: It probably took about eight months to actually record, but I worked on it throughout 2010.

BB: What is it you want your listeners to perceive of Cyrus Malachi when listening to the album?
CM: There’s nothing I particularly want them to perceive about me. More the message I bring in my bars and for the music to powerfully affect them when they listen. If they perceive anything about myself I hope its that I am a torch carrier of 'real hip-hop' and a true lyricist who loves the art form through and through. Also I hope they see that people who grow up in the ghetto are capable of intelligent thought and sociological reflection....

BB: You are working with independent label No Cure Records. If a major did come knocking, what would you have to say to them?
CM: I would have to consider it as I have children and need all the money I can get from my craft, but I would definitely have to look into what they were offering and the amount of control I would have. The obvious advantages that come with being signed to a major label would greatly help the furthering of my career and my status within the game...

BB: 'Animal Circus' is a great concept song. What is your outlook on rap music that’s popular today though?
CM: My outlook is simple – it’s a shit, garbage, pre-packaged, dumbed down, diluted version of the music I love called Hip Hop. I can’t get with it man. I mean each to his own but in my opinion commercial mainstream ''Hip Hop'' is the worst it’s ever been, and continually helps to perpetuate the stereotypes of my people which is nothing more than exploitation on a grand scale.

BB: Any last words that you’d like to add?
Thanks for taking the time to interview me, keep real Hip Hop alive... peace.

Follow Cyrus Malachi on twitter @CyrusMalachi.
His new album is available to buy now!


3 June 2011


Short little Wiley documentary here as the man chats to GrimeDaily - giving you an insight into his thought processes and how he sees his role in the grime scene. There's also footage from a gig he played recently for

Video: Logan Sama After Hours ft Revolver, Warlock & Wariko May 30th

Ever since Logan Sama's monday night grime show on Kiss got down to one hour, the extended MC sessions were sorely missed, which has resulted in his 'after hours' sets.

All these MCs are on Z Dot - A New Light is out now from here.

Follow on twitter: @Best_Revolver @TheRealWariko @WarlockOfficial @DJLoganSama

2 June 2011

Review: Streamago - broadcast your gig!

Imagine you are at the studio or having a freestyle session with your boys, and want to broadcast what you are doing, right then and there! You don’t really want to record the video, upload it to your computer, find time to edit it, log on to YouTube and wait for it to upload to your channel then spread the link around!

There is another option, as long as you have a decent internet connection and webcam you can log on to Tiscali's new service   Streamago and broadcast your gig, studio session or even the club or venue you’re in and show off what’s going on in your part of town! Get your fan base (and haters) commenting and providing feedback on your freestyle session. 

On top of that you don’t need to download any program to your computer. You can also be streaming the live event you’re broadcasting on your Facebook wall (forget watching tv!) so you’re more likely to get people involved that don’t want to leave their favourite social network! Check Streamago's Facebook page here.

You can also add Streamago as an app on your iPhone, which is currently the only application that allows you to send in true real time! However, if you want to allow your fan base that weren’t online at the time to see that crazy mix you dropped at the rave at 4 AM, record your broadcast and save it to your account (each user can use a disk space of 10GB!). Once it’s uploaded, share the link on twitter and Facebook or embed it on to your blog, and hopefully get other people to do the same!  Try it out and drop us a comment on here to let us now what you thought of it...

This is a Sponsored Post.

Viral video by ebuzzing

Tech N9ne - Fuck Food (Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Krizz Kaliko)

With a line up like this you already know the track's not one to skip. Tech N9ne's slowly coming back to the game and fully deserves to be embraced for his raw double time rich content. For those that know about this guy they'll be happy to see his return. Just check his back catalogue.

This is a recent video interview he did with Nardwuar. A great intro to both these guys if they're new names.

Audio: M.I.K - DPMO (Prod. By Nu Klear)

M.I.K drops a new banger ripped from DJ Logan Sama's Monday night Grime show entitled 'DPMO'. This time produced by up and coming grime producer Nu Klear. Set for release mid/late June this is another smash from him this year...

Check this video interview we made with from him, you might need to turn your volume up a bit, but it's worth it!

Mix: DJ Lubertz - Sugar Overload Mix

Download or stream this new one from DJ Lubertz, bringing his own mix of grime, dubstep and lots and lots of BASS!
DJ Lubertz Sugar Overload Mix by djlubertz

emakay - true romance
Foreign Beggers - Contact (trolley Snatcha remix)
12th Planet - Reason (Doctor P Remix)
P Money - Bass Cannon
Tempa T - Hypest Hype
Dizzee Rascal - Heavy
Sukh Knight - ?
DJ Q - Teabag
DJ Q - You What (Wideboys remix)
Rusko -Woo Boost
Sukh Knight - Tricks of the trade
Maniac - Thug

1 June 2011


About a month ago, I posted the audio to this banger by the member of Infamous Mobb which is now known as Love and Loyalty . Now the video has dropped, explaining the story of him getting shot by NORE...

Download: Marger - Sneaky EP

The grimey grime MC who's amongst my favourite over the last year drops this freebie, shortly after announcing he's done with the music biz. Luckily for us he's not, so give this a download and listen to the guy that's riding the Kushwave 24/7.

Download: Marger - Sneaky EP

Follow him on

Check the review of his Kushwave release by myself and DJ Ordio Kid here.


Video: Lioness, Lady Leshurr, Amplify dot - Grime Freestyle Session - Wooo Riddim

Three of the hardest females in the grime scene who are collectively known as 367 drop bars over the Woooo riddim. This was filmed by The Grime Report last Friday at the G Shock store in Brick Lane which I went to. It was a sick night!

Audio: Tuggawar - Dem ah pussy (Monsta Man Riddim)

The Hackney dancehall star jumps on Giggs' recent hit in his own UNIQUE style. Check more from him over at

I caught up with the man himself a little while back at the premier for his video for 'The Surf'. Check it...


The Leeds collective drop this very original video - both in concept, production and the darker than hell visuals, which are reminiscent of something from Aphex Twin! The grumbling beat was produced by Sasquatch from Senseless Records and the MCs are Matter and Prys. I have to say the yout' miming the bars is pretty good at his role! He'd make a good pop singer one day. Download the track here.

Video: Drumma Boy "Get Rowdy" ft Young Buck, DJ Paul

Three of some of Memphis hip hop's biggest names collaborate on this club banger. In case you're unaware who DJ Paul is, he's the lead MC and producer from Three 6 Mafia.