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31 July 2010

Download: Zdot - Route To Success (Vocals & Instrumentals)

Big producer in the scene. Has worked with the likes of Ghetts, Dollar the dustman, Shifty and loads more.. click cover to download:

Video: Big Cakes - Get By (ft. Akon)

Big cakes drops another hot video while pouring out hennesey!!

"fuck a dutty wine, they're bussin dutty nines, a big bucky bus a bullet in your dutty mind"

Big H Exposes Scorcher (possibly)

So SB TV posts up a request on facebook for questions for an upcoming interview with Scorcher... cool. Big H then poses some questions of his own. Now don't take this as the gospel as we don't really know if the accusations are true, but if they are.. DAMN. Scorcher better hope his new label Geffen Records isn't reading....

30 July 2010

Video: D Double E - Street Fighter Riddim

Nothing needs to be said about this but "oooh my goooosh". Definitley a contender for grime tune of 2010 so far! To be honest I'm not feeling the video as much as the one made for BBC 3 show No hats no trainers but its big none the less...

Audio: Yela Wolf - Love Is Not Enough - (DJ Flipz Remix)

My homie DJ Flipz drops a dubstep remix on this one from Yela Wolf, a southern US artist who's currently taking the underground/alternative hip hop scene by storm and is set to move overground since he signed to Interscope records...
Love Is Not Enough - Flipz Remix by Flipz

29 July 2010

The Gauntlet Preview (Producers - Litez & Nu Breed)

Preview of 'The Guantlet' an upcoming project from grime producers Litez & Nu Breed going head to head.. Look out for some nuts Maniac style grime right here!

Download: DJ Supa Dave - Droppin Science: The Best Of Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane (Throwback)

Throwback mixtape from the Bash Brother & DMC Champ, DJ Supa Dave who brings you the best of NYC legends Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane.

Download Here:

27 July 2010

Video: Charlie Sloth & Black The Ripper - Where did it go?

Charlie Sloth & Black the ripper drop this smasher, the first single from DJ Gone's compilation album. Big up all these artists putting in serious work in the UK scene approaching the game with a different angle...

25 July 2010

Audio: Loco - The Hello Instrumental E.P Sampler

After much behind-the-grime-scene work alongside the likes of UK heavyweights Ghetts, Frisco, Ms Dynamite, Mz Bratt and many more, multi-talented producer Loco introduces his unique production style to the scene in the loudest, rudest, grimiest possible fashion...albeit with a few added sprinkles of humour (check out the artwork and the movie samples!)

Video: Lil Wayne (Feat. Gucci Mane) - Steady Mobbin Uncut

Imagine a music video by Lil Wayne that was filmed in his house where he ashes in his Grammy award and his bars are more on point than you'd heard them in ages. This is it. Another wack verse Gucci Mane doesn't add much to the track except highlight far behind Weezy he actually is despite being one of the biggest in the game right now.

Video: Waka Flocka Flame ft. Ra Diggs & Uncle Murda - By The Gun

This is the side of hip hop a lot of 'hip hop fans' try to dis-associate themselves from but a for me, a few minutes of repetitive murder rap keeps me on my toes. Waka Flocka Flame in case you've not heard about him is the latest in the line of the igna'nt southern rap fans taking white suburbia by storm.. This reminded me why I love southern rap! Oh and Ra Diggs isn't Rha Digga of Busta's Flipmode Mode Squad tho I'd much rather hear a return from her! Uncle Murda's verse at the end sits comfortably like a squirt of brown sauce with a fried breakfast!

Video: Nikko Jax - Little Terror

Bizarre, eccentric and introspective are 3 words I'd use to describe this video. It's a retrospective glitch-hop ish song and breaks all the norms of uk hip hop. The video's well thought out and probably just as outlandish as the track itself. The fact that some of the lyrics don't match the vocals pretty much sums this song up!

24 July 2010

Free download: Phil Ade - The Letterman

Check this free mixtape from a talent from the US underground scene that i definitly co-sign.. Phil Adé. He's hooked up with, Okayplayer, Sneaker Pimps and Virginia streetwear company Cmonwealth to bring fans 'The Letterman'. Don't expect 'ign'ant' content on this tho, it's straight boom bap real lyricism! Mixed by heavyweight DJ/radio personality Don Cannon, the project features 20 original tracks, including the brilliant Hollywood Remix ft. Raekwon, Wale, Tabi Bonney, & Raheem Devaughn...
Click cover to download:

The Letterman Front Cover

Check this video for borderline which gives you a taste of what to expect from the mixtape:

Video: Jammer, C Gritz, Mumdance etc make a tune on stage

Jammer, C Gritz aka Camalot, Rodaidh McDonald, Sampha, and Mumdance creating a song in 58 minutes. Enlisting the help of the audience, the seasoned DJs and producers took a vocal hook from the crowd, “Too much alcohol in my system”, and set about remixing and layering beats on top of it. The goal of this crowdsourced pop music experiment was to collaboratively produce a pop hit...

23 July 2010

Audio: Byron - If I Had A Penny (Maniac 'Boiler' Freestyle)

Big track here from his latest free download Hard Worker E.P. FREE Download at Listen to the bars!!

22 July 2010

Download: Blackout Crew – Rib it Up

Bolton 'Donk' pioneers The Blackout Crew have put a donk on new Pot Noodle Sticky Rib flavour and you can download the track for free! Blackout Crew rose to internet fame after their modern day classic “Put a Donk On It” launched the donk genre in to the mainstream!
Now they’ve teamed up with snack food ledges to produce this ad and full length track starring the lads from Pot Noodle; Steve and Digger.
Click Here to Download the Track
Watch the video here:

Video/Audio: Skinnyman Appreciation

The revered veteran that is Skinnyman drops some knowledge in the way only HE knows how to do... Duno if I agree with everything he has to say in this instance but the guy's definitely a character and a half and has the same conviction and enthusiasm as he did when I saw him on his 'straight outta jail' tour 8 years ago!

Here's the flyer I've still got from the event, was crazy!

And this is the track! This would be big if it came out today but considering it's from 2001/2 this is fire!!! Honestly less than a handful of UK Hip Hop artists have come by and influenced a generation of London, English and probably Australian MCs in the same way.

Oh and if you're still not convinced then check this banger from a few years later on his 'better late than never' classic album 'Council estate of mind'. Go cop it!

Hopefully we'll see a release of his long spoken about 'council estate of grime' album. This is the only track to have surfaced but is another classic as I'm sure you'll agree. It came out right around the time of the ban on smoking but it seems he's not pissed about the cigarette ban!

To end the Skinny megapost here's sick battle between him and Saint, a succesful Jump off rapper that never got beyond just that.. Don't forget, these bars are from the top of their head (assuming they didn't pre-write apart from the odd line or 2). This is something that doesn't get done too often these days!

21 July 2010

Download: Sam Khan – Only One Me

New album here for free courtesy of Sam Khan, a talented and most importantly honest UK Hip hop MC with over 1m youtube hits and plenty of air play across the airwaves! I won't say too much just download and listen to the bars...Click cover to download

19 July 2010

Video: Row D - Fire In The Phone Booth #6

Row D goes in on DJ Gone/Charlie Sloth series Fire in the booth..

Regulars will remember I filmed a interview/3style with Row D a couple of months back:

Video: Professor Green - Greatest Punchlines

For those that didn't know this guy is probably the UKs most successful battle rapper, making his name thru the Jump Off which is where I first saw him tearing up mics back in 2003 or so! The Jump Off basically hosted basketball, dance, producer and MC battles (and occasionally chicken eating contests!!)... Pro G was the all out champ when it came to MC battles which caught the attention of Mike Skinner of the Streets and the rest is history... Respect is due certainly, here's his best punchlines as compiled by the Jumpoff...!

18 July 2010

Video: J Beatz interview & 'let the beat build'

I met up with J Beatz recently to get an interview and kick off my new series 'Let the beat build' a 1st for the grime scene where I get a producer to break down how they came up with their beat. In case you don't know about J Beatz he's a North London producer who JUST turned 18 but has already provided beats for some of the scene's biggest artists such as Devlin, Badness, Big H, M.I.K and loads more... He's got a number of instrumental released coming up including 1 which is coming out on DJ Logan Sama's 'Earth 616' out for this kid!!!

Audio: Elijah & Skilliam - 35 Mins of Grime

Swindle - Daredevil
Spooky - Night Time
JME & Tempa T - CD Is Dead (Royal T Remix)
Teddy - Speed
Wiley & Shifty V Ghetts & Devlin - 123 Lets Go
Terror Danjah - Bruzin VIP
B Live Feat Newham Generals & Skepta - Modern Warfare 2
Royal T - Freeze
Dizzee Rascal - Heavy
Mr Mitch - Fright Night (Deset Remix)
Teddy - Dirtbag VIP
Wiley - MC Pon 141
Rude Kid - Always Ready
Jammer feat Newham Generals - Badmind People
Numan - Secrets (Mr Mitch Remix)
D.O.K feat Terror Danjah - West Coast
SRC - Birmingham Palace
Maxsta - Back To Grime
SRC - Ryokou

17 July 2010

Download: Points & Gunjaman - OT Grime Instrumentals

4 full length instrumentals from Points and Gunjman.. These are tracks used by O.T (The collective Devlin reps) members at over various projects. The full 14 track release will be available to download soon. Check this in the meantime, the beats go in HAAARD...

Track Listing
1. Points - The War Goes On (From Dogzilla's Dogumentary Mix CD)
2. Points - We Keep It OT (From Dogzilla's Dogumentary Mix CD)
3. Gunja Man - FU (From Devlin's Art Of Rolling Mix CD)
4. Gunja Man - Military Strengths (From OT's Left 2 Rot Mix CD)

Video: JME & Souljah Boy - Digital

Not a collab between the 2 tho the idea would be a sick 1, but here's JME goin in on Souljah Boys new track, and also the original, which was only out a few days ago... If you're one of those people that by default dismisses Souljah Boy due to his lack of "real lyrics" or whatever then you're missing out !

JME IN STUDIO - DIGITAL FREESTYLE from Jamie Adenuga on Vimeo.

Video: Link Up TV: Behind Barz -Scrufizzer

West London MC Scrufizzer goes in for Link Up TV. I can't think of many MCs with a flow as good as this guy... only the likes of Ghetts, (pre- major label) Devlin or Goodz come to mind!!

16 July 2010

Downlaod: Byron - Hard Worker EP

New EP from Byron, a strong hip hop and grime MC representing the UK scene to its full potential. Following the success of debut mixtape Jack Of None, which gained radio play from 1Xtra heavyweights DJ Target and Ras Kwame to name a few, Byron drops this 5 track E.P of carefully selected covers as his follow up.
Hard Worker contains a version of B.O.B's smash hit 'Airplanes', a twisted love story told over Borgore's remix of Passion Pit's 'Sleepyhead' and a high-tempo assault on recently-incarcerated Grime producer Maniac's 'Boiler'.

Make sure you follow him on twitter:

15 July 2010

Audio: Wyclef ft. Esco - Weed For Sale

Wyclef and Esco go in over a bashment version of the 90s Luniz classic 'i got five on it'. Wyclef coming with that good vibe sound and catchy hook he's known for. Never heard of the dude Esco but he goes in hard!


Pioneer of the Birmingham hip hop scene Malik from the group Moorish Delta 7 drops some bars for the Grime Report fresh off his 'fire in da booth' session on Charlie Sloth's 1xtra show.

14 July 2010

Video: Just Another Day (TRAILER)

I can't lie, this looks pretty big! Jamie Hector (from The Wire and Heroes) plays a struggling rapper who dreams of getting signed by the legendary 'A-Maze' (Wood Harris from The Wire and Remember the Titans). Quite a few big rappers star in the film like Trick Daddy, Lil Scrappy, Ja Rule and Petey Pablo.. Also served as a cautionary tale a lotta of the upcoming UK guys!

13 July 2010

Audio: Sam Khan - Spell My Name

A lot of acts such as Phi Life Cypher, Blackalicious and Lowkey have done alphabet aerobics. N London MC Sam Khan runs that concept but spelling out his name. The track's strong and has solid bars and content. Taken off Sam Khan's new CD 'Only One Me' available to download from from July 19TH

12 July 2010

Download: Best Of The Wiley Zip Files

Wiley recently released a shed load of music which can be downloaded in full over TWELVE different Zip files over at Grime Forum. If you don't want to sift thru them all check out this 'best of' mixtape from Davey Boy Smith over at Southern Hospitality...

Click Image to download:


Dub College presents - Big Dada/ Banana Klan podcast... All new exclusive new material hosted by Roots Manuva/ DJ A La Fu

On July 23rd, Roots Manuva and his Banana Klan gather at the Queen of Hoxton, East Central London, for the first night of "Dub College," Prof Manuva's exploration of "bass culture". Special guests on the night come from Manuva's home label, Big Dada, who are showing up with Jammer, DELS, Juice Aleem, Offshore and Bang On.

To celebrate, the well-respected Big Dada podcast (hosted by whispering DJ A La Fu) is fusing together into a one-off mind-meld with Roots Manuva's own Banana Klan podcast.

1.Dawn Penn - no, no, no dubplate
2.Ricky Ranking - Colly Buds radio ridla remix
3.Ahmos - Shottas
4.Mr Man - Kunta Dub Plate
Seanie t - My plate, my pot, my stove
Amaziree - Spirit of Sound
Jimmy Screech - What a way
Rup the Brear - Go Bananas
6.KLAN inner cirle featuring:Roots Manuva, Amaziree, Ricky Ranking and Jimmy 7.Screech- Audio Murder
8.Ahmos- Skank Mos
9.The Illasapiens - Inner Daze
10. join the dots outro

Hosted by Roots Manuva, a celebration of Bass music culture


  • Jammer
  • Dels (live band)
  • Offshore
  • Juice Aleem
  • Bang On

Ahmos/The Illersapiens/Lucy Pink/Oliver Night/Ricky Ranking & DJ Rebel 'i'

Friday, 23 July 2010. 8pm - 2am
Queen Of Hoxton
1-5 Curtain rd, london, ec2a 3jx

£5 before 9/ £7 after
Buy early bird tickets here

facebook -

Audio: Bun B - Let em know (prod. by DJ Premier)

WOOOOOOI! The greatest Texan MC drops a joint with the greatest Texan producer (yep, DJ Premier's from TX, not NY as many wrongly assume!). It's a strong track, and although it may not be the best output from the artists individually, it's certainly worth a listen... This is from Bun B’s upcoming album, Trill O.G., in stores on August 3rd.

Download: Bun B - Let 'em know (prod. by DJ Premier)

10 July 2010

Audio: Gilbere Forte' - I Know My Love

This tune's hot. Kind of on a drake/BOB vibe... definitly quirky and unpredictable tho, i dig this!!!
Gilbere Forte- I Know My Love by RPM GRP

9 July 2010


Devilmans back and sounds sick over dubstep.. he has so many quotables he need his own soundboard!
"know what i meeeeeeeean, yea!"

Video: Doom Man - Dont Talk To Me

I already heard and liked the beat of this, 'Boriken Soul' produced by Chicago's Yo Nurican, and Doom Man jumps on the vocals and delivers.. Don't Talk To Me is set to be released in August from his own label Onslaught Recordings

For more info check out:

Video: Jammer: How I wrote ... Back to the 90s (in the Guardian)

8 July 2010

Video: Fat Joe – If It Ain’t About Money f. Trey Songz

Proof right here that Joey Crack still has that edge as he drops his latest video with R&B man of the moment Trey Songz - a singer who's finally getting the recognition he deserves, after 6 years in the game!

Video: Lethal B - Don't run it up (produced by Silencer)

Big video here even tho the tracks around a year old, I definitely rate it! Lethal B's an ongoing controversial but influential character in the scene, airing his beefs with Jammer and N Dubz publicly. Production from Teddy (who was known as Silencer at the time) provides that unmistakable grime vehicle for Lethal to spray bars ...

Video: Beat Drunx - Drunken Master Strikes Back

Big video here from a Belgium based rapper I linked at (the Belgian) festival 'Dour' last year. I like this track and it's definitely an achievement considering English is his 2nd language (could be 3rd!). Look out for his album ‘Moment Of Clarity’.

Beat Drunx: Drunken Master Strikes Back from Kitchhock on Vimeo.

6 July 2010

Audio: J Beatz - 1 Dutty EP Sampler (Out 19th July 2010)

DJs look out for this dropping on the 19th, gonna be HUUUUGE. Your favourite producers' favourite 'new' producer in the grime scene today

5 July 2010

Audio: DJ Cable - June 2010 Mix

DJ Cable drops another banging podcast which consists of a lot more Dubstep & Grime, featuring new releases from SRC, Darqwan, Rusko, Supra1, Gemmy, Benga and JME, forthcoming material from the likes of Doctor P, Redlight & Ms. Dynamite and Joker, plus recent heat from Swindle, Mensah & Terror Danjah. On the Hip Hop tip, there's new music from Giggs, The Diplomats, Kanye West & French Montana, plus recent club smashes from the likes of DJ Khaled.

01. DJ Cable - Podcast Intro
02. Giggs - Hustle On
03. The Diplomats - Salute
04. Diamond - Lotta Money
05. Kanye West - Power
06. DJ Khaled Feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross & Snoop Dogg - All I Do Is Win
07. Shawty Lo Feat. Snoop Dogg - Say Yeah
08. French Montana Feat. Curren$y - So High
09. Doctor P - Vampire Dub
10. TC & Joker - It Ain't Got A Name
11. Lost - Metal Foot
12. Matty G - Turf W*rz
13. SRC - Goin Out
14. Swindle - Coffee
15. The Others - Puppetwalk
16. Mensah - Pulse 80s
17. Mensah - Acid Dub
18. Swindle - Airmiles
19. Terror Danjah - Bipolar
20. Crissy Criss - Kick Snare VIP
21. Benga - Stop Watching
22. Rusko - My Mouth
23. Rusko Feat. Gucci Mane - Got Da Groove
24. Gemmy - Maroon Chant
25. Rob Sparx - Cold blooded
26. Darqwan - JahWan
27. Teddy - Teddy (Edit)
28. JME Feat. Tempa T - CD Is Dead (Acapella)
29. Redlight Feat. Ms. Dynamite - What You Talking About
30. Supra1 - Ghoster

Video: Mystro - AROUND MY WAY

The best track from the UK hip hop scene for a long while from Mystro, the guy who's comeback is 2nd only to Diego Maradona! DJ Swerve provides production on this one.. Definitly bringing it back to the foundation of what the culture's about!

4 July 2010

J cole hits up London


Probably my favourite hip hop mc of 2010, J Cole passed through DJ Semtex' show to talk on the forth-coming album,Semtex then took J Cole around London, and was at the Wireless festival this weekend...
In case you've not heard much from the Roc Nation signee, check his 2 mixtapes 'the warm up' and 'roc nation'

Video: Rain - Free

Another video from a US artist I'd never heard of. This track actually gets better so if you're not too impressed from the 1st verse (like me) keep watching and you'll see wat the tracks about...Almost like this is a US version of Jammer's track 'Better than'

3 July 2010

Video: RUDE KID & TEDDY Interview

Two of the undisputed kings of production right now in the grime scene talk to DJ Limelight about up and coming producers, why Silencer became Teddy artists they're working with and loads more.

Video: Chima Anya - Power

New video here from Chima Anya, shot entirely on the new iPhone 4 and it’s 720p HD video recorder... Chima's a lyrically strong emcee and talks about true issues. Check his album 'new day' and check my interview with him from a couple of months back below...

Streetfighter riddim!

One of the BEST releases in grime pretty much ever gets deserved full release. Check the artworkand the mini video. This once again proves NO ONE does it like D Double!

Audio: Hyper - Wooo riddim

Just when you thought it was over for the Wooo riddim, veteran MC 'Hyper' goes in and duppies the track!!!

Video - Grafh - Bout Dat (Featuring Jim Jones)

Straight ign'ant NY heat right here from Grafh, an artist who's been steadily grinding for the last few years but yet to make a real impact. The beats heavy, the hook does it's thing and Jim Jones adds that extra swagger. Definitly feeling this!

1 July 2010


Busking and hip hop come together with the one man Lewis Floyd Henry who performs the Wu classic in Tottenham Court Road (central London)! Gotta rate this, definitly feelin the drumming on top of everything else!!!

Jammer - Jahmanji!!

£8 tix for Jammer launch party - HERE

tix to Jammer launch party AND 'Jahmanji' CD -

Download: Jester Jacobs 'More Of The Sane'

It's been almost two years since the last release by Jester Jacobs who's a light hearted and sometimes even comedic London rapper who you can tell get's his influence from all over. The EP titel and image gives you a clue! Oh and listen out for the Jeremy Kyle clip at the end of 'douchebag with a guitar'!!!

More Of The Sane features a more acoustic summery vibe than his last release, Mental Disorder. Over 6 tracks the J-Man deftly tackles subject matters including forming an indie band, bad business acumen, tea, trains and perseverance.