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5 February 2008

"I'm not sure America's ready to have a black president"

Check this half minute interview with 50 cent on his views on the forthcoming presidential election. It amuses me how Bill O'Reilly the infamous hip hop hating Neo-Con Fox news anchor/broadcaster calls Curtis a 'pin-head' when infact 50's probably far richer than Bill, in a career that has undoubtedly not even last a third of O'Reilly's. Who's the pin head now?

Speaking of Bill O'Reilly and hip hop, here's a clip I HAD to post, imagine if O'Reilly was a rapper..

And another recent Fiddy moment, throwing Paris Hilton off stage. Someone had to do it...and it reminds us why he's the most powerful guy in hip hop or even mainstream music right now.

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