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19 February 2008

Bashy - Black Boys (Remix video part 4)


So this time round we got Swiss, JaJa (Leader of Peel Dem Crew; one of the biggest gangs in London who has now apparently renounced violence), Akala (the Dynamite sibling, maths genius, football playing conscious technical rapper with some of the sickest beats mainstream UK Hip Hop has offered) and Skinnyman (the only white boy to even get a look in on being on this but still came strong with his afro-centricly altered content). It was bound to be the remix to take note of, which is why I've not posted up all the video remixes but have gotta give you the link to Sway's Black Stars which he unsurprisingly dealt with in his own way, focussing on Ghanains rather than the black boys at large, and didn't fail to entertain (but then you knew he wouldn't). Other notable verses for this track came from Ms Dynamite and Chipmunk.

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