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20 February 2008

I know I can, be what I wanna be...If I shock the public, I'll be where I wanna be

Maybe this will be a trend for arguably the greatest rapper alive (in my opinion anyway). Naming his albums with ridiculously controversial titles certainly gets him attention (and sales?) though has he gone a step too far to the point where Wal Mart and Tesco's won't stock his CDs? But as a 'true school' rapper that shouldn't matter....right?
Here's Nas at the Grammys being interviewed by CNN

If you're not of black heritage, is this the reason that you'll download or buy Mr Jones' new album online as oppose to asking for it in the shop?

1 comment:

  1. Maybe not THE greatest, but up there. (Just hard for me to pick a greatest) You're right, Wal Mart and Tesco (Tesco must not be in FL) not carrying his CD won't matter, at least not for him and his fans. It's about the music not the sales, for the most part. Plus, his fans know that the title isn't JUST for publicity . . . for the most part.
    Peace and much love.
    Q. Thomas

    Oh, and that video is funny and if you're on facebook join the group "In Support of Nas' New Album." Peace