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21 February 2008

Blatantly Blunt interview with Terra Kid from Red Hot Entertainment

Ever since they burst on to the scene in late 2007, Red Hot Entertainment became the latest musical outfit to make it big through Youtube with their track Junior Spesh, a tribute to the kids meal (Junior Special) at their local fried chicken outlets in London. BlatantlyBlunt caught up with one of their members; Terra Kid who spoke about the deteriorating allegiances in the current grime scene, crossing over to other genres, the thriving t-shirt business in Grime, and of course, the infamous Junior Special Meal:

1) So Terra Kid, now that yourself and Red Hot Ents are making your way up in the world, has the Zinger Tower meal replaced the humble Junior Special Meal as your meal of choice? And if so, do you go large?
Ha Ha good question, well nah I mean Junior Spesh meal is a classic and being at £1.50 just makes it all that more worth while, KFC's 'Zinger Meal' doesn't really do it for me ...

2) Junior Spesh has got your crew exposure and received mixed reactions from the public. How do you plan to use this to take you career forward?
As you may know, we never had intentions to promote this song across England and that is what it has become, people all over have heard of it... it does make me want to expand on it,but I think it will remain where it is now, which is 'word of mouth' & on youtube etc.

3) In your eyes what does the grime scene need to raise it to the next level and what if anything is preventing this?

One of the biggest problems in the Grime scene, is no one wants to work together, everyone's hungry for there own success, 4 or 5 years ago listening to pirate stations like de ja vu, u heard the connection with MCs but now, there's not alot of love, its every man for himself if you feel me.

4) Who in the music game would you like to collaborate with and would you consider crossing over into lesser related genres should the opportunity arise?

Hmmm, there's not alot of artists out there that appeal to me, in terms of collaboration, but It would have to be Kano, proven by his album (Home Sweet Home) hes innovative and quick to think of concepts, me, he can create songs over a wide range of music. Crossing over genre's is not a problem to me, but i will always ....ALWAYS keep it UK.

5) Quite a few Grime artists/groups are promoting themselves and making some p through selling t-shirts. Has Red Hot Ents got plans of this nature?

Yeh thats true, the t-shirt game is craazy at the moment. Currently we've sold over 100 of our t-shirts which had 'Red Hot Entertainment' on the front which came in loads of different colours. At the moment, we've began another batch, but this time it has 'Red Hottie' on the front (Ladies Edition)
Terra Kid is appearing on the BBC Asian Network on 16 March on DJ Limelight's show. Fans can also join his ingeniously named Facebook group I Support Terra.

Members of Red Hot Entertainment can be reached through their myspace pages at the following addresses:

Red Hot -
Terra -
Jaxor -
Klayze Flaymz -
XRay -
Gracious K -
J Formula -


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