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19 February 2008

Disturbin the Peace are back in business

On the track 'Tell it like it is' off the album Release Therapy, Ludacris proclaimed his lost love for Chingy stating
"We never took no money from Chingy thought I was cool wit em
I wish his ass well but I dont want nothin to do with em".

Unsurprisingly in the fickle world of hip hop where connections are golden, the tables have turned and Chingys back with DTP but more importantly Luda's back again, and delivers in a big fashion as per usual. Chingy's slightly better than he was, which wasn't hard, but still pretty wack, and Bobby V clings on to the DTP coat tails in an attempt to revive his once promising career.

Overall this tracks solid party banger guaranteed to get these guys shaking their money maker (or money rinser in their case?).

Chingy - Gimme Dat [Feat. Ludacris & Bobby Valentino]

And just in case you've been missing a bout of Americans acting ridiculously over the top check this clip. The dunk is ridiculously sick but I think all the hype is just a bit silly, this aint WWE!
Dwight Howard Superman Dunk.

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