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23 August 2012

Video: Remus - MOBC

Remus is ‘on one’ with his new offering. It doesn’t take the cleverest person to figure out where the influence might’ve come from for this track - listen and you’ll crack it yourself. The question is whether that influence is too great.

The bars and delivery here are at a real high level and the black and white swagger of the video fits perfectly. It’s no surprise that the YMCMB sound is gonna get jumped on, mind you this also has hints of older stuff too. Either way this track is sick, and as far as imitations go don’t try it unless you can hold up to the originals. Thankfully Remus can, so I’d expect more good stuff to come from him in future. The son of Farma G of pioneering group Taskforce is surely one to watch for!

Review by Suave Debonair

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