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30 August 2012

DJ Mix: Starkey for Redbull Studios!

This week American grime/dubstep producer Starkey takes the DJ baton for a sick 45 minutes of street bass and custom dubplates. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he is globally renown for grimey compositions that combine the best E3 basslines and synth patterns with US hip hop swagga and the occasional element of modern classical music. Stark has put some of the scenes top dogs to work in the booth with P Money, Durrty Goodz, Foreign Beggars and Trim all spitting bars for tracks.

Track list:
  1. Starkey, Renegade Starship, (Civil Music)
  2. Mr. Mitch, Bethlem Royal, (Slit Jockey)
  3. Starkey ft. Trim, DPMO, (Slit Jockey)
  4. Bloom, Quartz (Starkey Remix), (Gobstopper)
  5. DJ Cable, Pulse RBX, (SeclusJockey)
  6. DS1, Nether Edge, (Slit Jockey)
  7. DS1 ft. Coco, Addicted, (Slit Jockey)
  8. Starkey, Command, (Civil Music)
  9. Starkey, Sequence, (Dub)
  10. Kuedo, Work, Live & Sleep in Collapsing Space, (Planet Mu)
  11. King, Bloccrocc, (Dub)
  12. Starkey, Nucleus, (Self Release)
  13. Psymbionic, Ride With Me (Starkey Remix), (MalLabel)
  14. Starkey ft. Central Spillz, Open the Pod Bay Doors (Remix), (Ninja Tune)
  15. Starkey, Street Rockers, (Civil Music)
  16. Starkey, Pavement, (Dub)
  17. XLII, Throw Yo (Starkey Remix), (Civil Music)
  18. Future ft. TI, Magic (Starkey Remix), (Seclusiasis)
  19. Mr. Mitch, Shit & Sugar, (Slit Jockey)
  20. Iggy Azalea, My World, (Grand Hustle)
  21. Bassboy, Modify, (Dub)
  22. Starkey, Dark Alley, (Planet Mu)
  23. Baauer, Harlem Shake, (Jeffries)
  24. Manikan, For All Ya'll, (Seclusiasis)
  25. Mella Dee, VIP ft. Slick Don, (Slit Jockey)
  26. SRC, Tangerine, (Triangulum)
  27. Starkey, And Then God Built the Cosmos, (Civil Music)
  28. Starkey, Dystopia, (Civil Music)
  29. Starkey, Summer Streets, (Dub)
  30. Goonsquad, Devilish Mode (Dub)
  31. Starkey, Fresh, (Self Release)
  32. The Beatles, Her Majesty, (Apple)

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