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8 August 2012

Ramson Badbonez - They Will Never Know

Review by Suave Debonair

Badbonez is back with this hype free download ‘They will never know’. Always was a fan of Mr Badbones flow and on this Zygote beat he is putting the world to rights. Talking to those of us that have invested our time and efforts into this hip hop thing, either as a fan or in any otherwise, he’s blatantly pointing out the things that the average joe just aint gonna know about us...

Amongst other things, they dont know about real hip hop, hyped up geezas, scratch and sniff, fuck the feds, how to sleep on floors, monkey bars, cuts and scars, constant blazing, hydro peng and much much more..

Badbones always brings the goods so dont sleep on this home grown talent and go check his other tracks, there’s plenty out there..

Free Download here:

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