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5 August 2012

Video: Devlin - Watchtower ft. Ed Sheeran [review]

Review by Suave Debonair

Just when I thought things were getting a bit stagnant in the UK scene I was surprised to have some faith restored by an emcee that if I’m honest I’ve never really paid much attention to. Dagenham grime MC Devlin is not a dude I would seek out new releases from but when I stumbled across this video while having a few beers at a mates I was real impressed. Before I get into the track itself the visual art that accompanies it is made up of a class cast including Neil Maskell from ‘The Football Factory’ and the excellent Jamie Winston. With Devlin and Ed Sheeran putting in great performances alongside these big names I wonder how long it might be before we see either of them on the big screen?

What I like about this track is that it’s executed with a distinctly British feel despite the Jimmy Hendrix sample on the hook, which probably has a lot to do with its instant appeal. It’s a great example of how using an infamous sample should be done, breathing new life and energy into it without taking from its dignity as a standalone piece of work. It’s not Jimmy, but the video combined with the song does a great job of bringing something intense and exciting back to the scene, and I might just pay a little more attention to this Devlin fella.

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