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11 August 2009

A-Stout - Drinks

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Urban music is in trouble. Its protagonists are not responding to the popular call for pure hip hop music. An international task force is stepping in to take over the radio waves. The rescue operation begins this summer.

"I used to love hip hop but I don't listen to the radio anymore. I don't even listen to music anymore. We need help." Immanuel, age 25, London.

As a response to this growing concern, A-Stout, a musical adventure of international proportions that deliver consistently high quality hip hop, has arrived. The multi-national task force is made up of Rootwords (Zambia/USA), LarynX (Ghana) and VLM (Mexico) and was formed in Geneva, Switzerland in 2000.

A-Stout are no strangers to recording, having released several mixtapes and toured extensively throughout Europe. They have worked with artists as far reaching as Common and Jay Sean, and the time has now come to release their debut single 'Drinks', as the first offensive towards urban liberation. Through a hybrid of both conventional and guerrilla tactics, A-Stout hope to lead several more offensives before releasing their debut album by year end.

A-Stout bring hip hop to its purest form and elevate people through meaningful lyrics and thought-inspiring references. To date, A-Stout have released five tracks digitally arming the masses with weapons of their own so they too can spread the message and help the resistance.

A-Stout are signed to London based Acuphen Entertainment.

Check out the video link below!

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