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8 August 2009

Cash Money rapper Brisco Robbed At Gun Point

Armed men stormed a Miami barbershop last week, pistol-whipping rapper Brisco and stealing jewelry and his Range Rover.
Police are searching for four men who stormed the Player's Choice Barbershop at 6301 NW Sixth Ave. on July 29.
Brisco had left a photo shoot and arrived at the shop before 1 p.m. One man walked into the store, pretending to be a customer.
The man spoke on his cellphone, telling whomever was on the line it was OK to come in. Then three men, armed with handguns, entered the shop and told the customers to keep their heads down.
The men demanded Brisco's car keys. Check the vid below:

Brisco doesnt waste time and has already made a track against the suckers who did this:
Brisco-Revenge :

1 comment:

  1. "To have his bling stolen they may well have stole his heart" Hahahahaha