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17 August 2009

2 Hot new vids outta the NYC

sI'm heading over to NYC this week so thought i'd celebrate this (and probly make this my last blog post till i'm back) by posting up a couple videos I've enjoyed today.
The 1st one's from the uncle you wished was yours, Uncle Murdah. Hopefully dude will have a succesful career after being dropped by Def Jam and goes hard over Jay-Z's anthem of 2009. Murda's got mad passion and you can tell he ain't fresh outta acting class.

The next vid's from Jay-Z and Fabolous. I personally like this track think it's got mad character and content and brings that NYC sound hard! This one's off Loso's Way, the new album from the F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S.

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