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9 August 2009

Giggs: the guy I love to hate

Giggs is the type of rapper that doesn't come around too often, but this isn't a Giggs apprecation thread. Don't get me wrong I used to be a certified 'Giggs hater clan' member, considering him nothing much more than a fly by night rapper but when the pressure's on he performs. See 'Zip it up' with Wiley, 'Look out', his collabo with Skepta and has now a genuine chance of reaching the mainstream with his new one Slow Songs being requested on track by Mike 'The Streets" Skinner. Seems as tho this was a win-win operation for the 2 of em. The video's doin a lot, havva look:

But when he comes with vids like this on RasKwame's new interview/freestyle video series i feel as tho the guy needs some video coaching skills if he's really to blow.

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