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26 December 2008

2 New grime vids!

Ghetts Ft Griminal - Dont Phone Me (Official Video)
What a tune. What a video. What a collabo. What a beat. This tunes makin big moves. Ghetto's gotta be MVP for 2008. Griminal's gotta be best younger for 2008. Watch the damage he does to the scene in '09.

Devilman over Benga for Tim & Barry TV. This is jokes. I posted up a different D.E.Velopment vid with Tim and Barry a while back, and here's another one. In case you listen to bassline and you recognize that line where Devilmans sayin "back a lickle bit, back back a lickle bit" and your thinking, he robbed that off MC Bones' tune 'Back it up', na, he dint.

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