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10 December 2008

New brand new grime videos

Wretch 32 ft. Ghetto & Badness - Inna Di Ghetto (produced by Maniac)

Strong contender for grime tune of the year? Let me know what you think. It's a shame this vid's a bit out of sync. If this one gets picked up maybe they'll make a new one for it as it's the type of track I can see crossing over to the US scene (which is unusual for grime, as i'm sure you're aware!).

Newham Generals - Violence.
Brand new full length video featuring Newham Generals, G-Man and the man himself Dizzee Rascal. This tunes biiiig. Coming from quite possibly the most anticipated album in grime music history, Generally Speaking. In case you were wondering why Dizzee's on this video which is actually grimey (no disrespect to Diz but his full on grime tunes are more scarce than they used to be), it's cos the Newham Gen's are on Diz' label; Dirtee Stank.

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