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17 March 2010

Tony and Souljah Boy make a banger

Despite the majority opinion of most 'knowledgable' hip hop listeners I'm actually a fan of Souljah boy and Tony Yayo purely for the fact they make well produced tracks with a rapping style that represents accurately where they're from and what they're about. This one over sinister instrumental present Tony and Souljah boy collabing both on form...

Forget their most famous tracks, i.e. the mega hit 'Crank dat' for souljah boy and 'So Seductive' by Yayo the truth is they've both put out classics, eg Turn my swag on by souljah boy and Tony's features on 50's early mixtapes and Mobb Deep's punishing 'Click Click'.

At the very minimum this track isn't aimed at the pop charts like Banks and Juelz Santana's Beamers benz and bentley which is a decent track but I can't see either of them rtearing up the chart with it, whereas 'King of the pyrex' is strictly for the streets and white suburbia!

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