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23 March 2010

Jay-Z in an Arsenal State Of Mind

Jay-Z has announced he’d consider investing in Arsenal football club.

Speaking to the club’s official magazine, the Empire State Of Mind rapper said, “I am a businessman, and I will always look at an opportunity, and if it feels right great. I don’t know a lot about the business of soccer, but in the future if the right opportunity presented itself, then who knows?”

The rapper, who already owns a stake in the New Jersey Nets basketball team, says he got hooked on the Gunners after seeing Thierry Henry play a few years ago.

“When Thierry Henry was at the club I saw him play and I just thought he was an amazing player. Ever since then I have been a big fan of the club, following you guys, and still today you play the beautiful football that Thierry did. I think he had a real long term-effect on the team.” He told the magazine.

Last week it was rumoured P Diddy was interested in buying Crystal Palace football club, but a bid failed to materialise.

Source: MTV

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