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12 March 2010

Luda does an album for the fairer gender (or gash)

I've got to give an e-pat on the back to Ludacris (and his whole marketing team) as he's done well at finding a gap in the market. Rather than making his next album, 'another Luda album' (as a result of his gradual slide into un-greatness) it's themed on 'women' as a whole and features the likes of Lil Kim, and the loveable Nicki Minaj to try and reverse the tables on who's fuckin' who (a kind of hip hop feminism... take note Germaine Greer!). Lead single How Low is definitly strong on paper and has all the elements but doesn't compare with the standard of 'Stand up' (1 of Kanye's greatest productions) or even recent a hit such as One more drink with t-pain. I'm not even gonna listen to his new track with 16 year old Justin Bieber, I'd rather try and earn the fee he got for that collaboration! Anyway here he is talking about the album on

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