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1 February 2010

TMZ have an informal natter with The Game

TMZ, the Warner Bros owned Celebrity/Entertainment digital news giant chats to the Game, another artist who's undoubtedly a victim's of 50 Cent's wrath as is visible by his recent absence from the scene. Let's just say when he tells the interviewer he's writing for Dre (despite the dr sideing with Curtis), take it with a pinch of salt, tho don't rule it out completely as 50's latest output hardly flirted with the sales volume of Susan Boyle. But Game seems to be definitly left out in the rain, with his history coming back to haunt him as he confirm's, 1st hand that he was indeed on trashy love chat show Change of heart, 'before he was famous' tho is right back at 'em by claiming it's all scripted!

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