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19 February 2010

Griminal jumps on a dancey autotune trak

Seriously, what's happening to the integrity of some people in the grime scene. I understand there's a need to make money but since his chart friendly track Invincible, he's released this SP1 talkin about having 'sweets in his pocket, ready to pop'. What I don't get tho is how Grim gets cut off in the middle of his verse for more auto tune melodies.. Personally I can't see this track going too far but you never know!
Download: SP1 ft. Griminal - Tonight


  1. Too many sellouts in grime.

    Its gettin ridiculous.

    Even though UK hip hop never really got big, at least everyone repped themselves properly.

  2. real talk the prob is that i dont reckon hes in the position to turn down tracks like this...