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24 February 2010

BlatantlyBlunt meets S-X

Producer of one of 2010's BIGGEST instrumental's 'Woooo Riddim', I caught up with S-X; member of Midlands'/Birmingham's Stay Fresh Crew, who've made big moves recently, including being featured on Tim Westwood's Crib Sessions.

1.How long have you been producing?
I've been producing since I was like 11 when my friend gave me Fruity Loops 3, and I was like "Oh sh*t, you can actually make music on just a laptop" and I pretty much just went from there. I'm 17 now so thats 6 years, but I decided that this is what I wanted to do as a career about a year and a half ago.

2. How did Stay fresh start?
Damn, StayFresh started back in like 05, 06 those kind of times and was pretty much one of the biggest teams out in the Midlands, then it went quiet for about 2 years and it came back in 2008. I met Jamie Dred at a radio station and gave him 2 of my instrumental mixtapes which I had been selling to buy some equipment, and he could see I was hard working and had a good vision of where I wanted to take my music. So I got put in StayFresh, along with MenacEivy, Casper, Macca, Raider, MoVeZ, J1, Saf.One, Deadly, P.R.e, NatzSoBossy, Moky & Mental. We've also got Jamie Dred and Despa for management. And we've just been going hard since then man, we have put out 7 mixtapes and 3 music videos all in two years, which is pretty cool.

3. I hear you're working with some producers outside the UK, what's going on with that?
Yeah man, I mean you know, I think to get somewhere in this game you gotta be able to connect and stay connected, so I've been working really hard on that side, I won't say any names but people are definitaley gonna be interested and hopefully proud that I'm gonna be putting the UK on the map.

4. Which midlands artists should we look out for?
I think you should get ready for Macca, he is part of the StayFresh label. I think he is gonna do really well over the next 2 years, he has got a mixtape dropping soon called 'Reborn' which is sounding really good! There are other midlands artists such as Trilla, Raider, J1, MenacEivy & a few more, but they're all part of the StayFresh team, you can check them out on

5. How is the Midlands grime scene different to London or Manchester?
I wouldn't really say its 'different' as such, because we do the same music, I think its just a lot harder for Midlands MC's to get known in London and get the same level of respect as people who come from there. But I think its about the music, if you've got good music, what can go wrong?

6. Who in grime are you liking at the moment?
In grime right now I'm liking Skepta, he's just done the Bad Boy song, which is commercial but he's also dropped the 'Been There Done That' mixtape which I really like. I'm also feeling P Money, Devlin, Wiley, StayFresh (of course) & really just anyone who makes good music and works hard.. I respect the hustle more than the music, but the music has to be good of course LOL.

7. Have you had much mainstream response been to Wooo riddim?
Not so much mainstream response but underground definitaley! Everyone I've played it do really likes it so I really hope it does well, people keep saying its the best Grime beat of 2010 and we're only 2 months in.. thats crazy! We're looking to release it around April/May. But also thanks to that beat, it's opened up a few doors which I hope works out well.

Check S-X out online:

Check Trilla's vocal of the Wooo riddim:

Also check StayFresh artists Raider, MenaceIvy, Macca, Movez & j1 spitting over Wooo with Tempa T.

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