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15 February 2010

P Money vs Ghetto; finally a beef we can believe in.

2 of the hardest most relentless artists in the scene go toe-to-toe in a battle that can be considered an clash of artists in (roughly) equal standing. This is great to here as a grime fan as recent clashes that have happened either weren't showcasing like for like artists (eg Wiley vs Goodz) or were fabricated (Wiley Vs Skepta).
Both Ghetts and P Money are gimick-less non-commercial MCs that have proven they can make grime as it's meant to be made (whatever that is) over the hardest beats with the best collabo's rep can buy.
Ghetts really put it out there by releasing 'Suicide', a track where he battles himself. As innovative as this may appear to be, hip hop fans may remember Cassidy sparring with himself on The Problem vs. The Hustla. Whether Ghetts got his idea from Cassidy we'll never know.

Theres a series of 'back and forth' dubs which I'm not going to list in full as I'll almost immediately be out of date but instead direct you to the relevant thread on GrimeForum and give you a 1 dub from each artist.


Thanks to Logan Sama
you can download the full and complete unedited dubs RIGHT HERE!

Ghetto – All Black Winter
Ghetto vs Ghetts – Suicide
P Money – The Dub
P Money – The Warning

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