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13 June 2009

Tuggawar .. a new white reggae artist enters stage

I'd only heard of this guy a handful of times until i watched this.. but he's certainly an interesting characher.. backed up with a live band on 1xtra Dancehall sessions recently (which definitly added to his performance) Tuggawar seems to go beyond the levels most white british dancehall artists (im thinking YT who was about in the mid 00s for a little whilee here as well a few other unmentionables) and could potentially gain some mainstream exposure like german outlier Gentleman, New Yorks coolest Hassidic MatisYahu and the guy with the most success of recent Berumadan Collie Buddz who brought us that ganja inspired instant-classic Come around... Check the rest of the vids on their page for some more UK Reggae..

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