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28 June 2009

Ghetts previews his new album (& RIP MJ!)

This is my 1st post since the sad passing of my #1 musical artist EVER. Altho I'm not posting up my obituary to him, nor am I going to be posting up a mini mix or pictures of him as you'll find this on pretty much every other music/current affairs related site.. so i'll end it by saying RIP, you will be missed (but you didn't need me to say that, did you).

Anyway, moving back to the grime side of things, industry front runner, Ghetts previews and talks to MediaMassacre about his 1st official/full length LP by the name of 'Rebel with a cause'. Looks like its gonna be BIG! In this vid, ghetts comes across as a bit of a legend in the making..

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