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16 June 2009

A hardcore rap vid about high grade heroin

This shit is GUTTA. Thats the only warning ur getting.
The first single off the DJ Bless production album “Black Tar Heroin” has reached viral status and can be heard in every corner of the globe. Hip Hop heads, Ghetto Metal heads and underground music connoisseurs have stamped this track merciless. “You m*ther f#ckers stay tuned. It’s gonna be a long summer. I’m going to start debilitating some of these fake ass commercial hip hop producers. I’m gonna show them why underground hip- hop still reigns. I’m a brute when it comes to this shit” states DJ Bless, CEO of Never So Deep Records.

DJ Bless (feat. Jim Snooka & Sutter Kain) - Black Tar Heroin

Music Video: DJ Bless - Black Tar Heroin (feat. Jim Snooka & Sutter Kain) from DJ Bless on Vimeo.

Director/Editor/Producer: DJ Bless
Director of Photography/Operator/Colorist: DJ Bless
Production Company: Suicidal Filmz
Produced By DJ Bless

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