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3 June 2009

Em gets parred twice in a night!

Both were set up but one affected him more than the other... You may well have seen this, one of the greatest PR stunts of all time, but below that is a REAL news story, after it was revealed that MTV, Bruno, AND Eminem were in on it (didn't surprise me to be honest, I kinda guessed that no one would take the piss out of Em to that extent!)...But here's a slightly more serious peice of news from Rap Godfathers that probably is real...

Rap star Eminem was the victim of a robbery on Sunday (May 31) at the MTV Movie Awards. According to reports, the rapper's hotel room was burglarized during the infamous awards show, as robbers made off with a $60,000 necklace.
Additionally, the thieves stole Eminem's personal laptop computer.
The news comes on the heels of a now infamous incident, in which comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" landed bare bottom - in Eminem's face.

In more positive news, the rapper's album Relapse album topped Billboard’s Top 200 Album's chart having moved over 608,000 copies last week.

The album also sold another 225,000 copies, making the top selling album on the Billboard 200 chart this week as well.

At press time representatives for Eminem could not be reached for comment.

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