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18 September 2012

Video: Stig Of The Dump - Head Banger Boogy

Yes, this is the FU Music general at his best!! Big Stig goes in on this beast of a new track from his ‘Cannon Fodder’ EP Stomping his feet and bangin your stupid heads together. There’s no surprise that with underground production boss Pete Cannon on the flex this shit bangs harder than a Squady bangs his bitch after an 8 month stretch in the desert. 
 Don’t think that this track is just on some throw away content though, Stig always brings heavy rhymes and here he’s tellin it exactly how it is. For a dude that has been on the scene for a minute you can see he has a few problems with the ‘industry’ and aint bothered about sharing his thoughts. 

What sets Stig apart from allot of these heads is that although he likes a moan he aint showing no sign of stopping, Where other Rappers might lose heart and give up this MC will just turn it to passion and throw a fuckin fire ball your way. Get ‘Cannon Fodder’ and get to understand the realness.      

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