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19 September 2012

Audio/Download: Natural Selection - Tape Decks [+ mixtape review]

Words by 'Dutty Harry'

They are called Natural Selection, their mixtape is called Tape Decks, and it is one of the dopest things I' have heard in ages! As a firm believer in hating as much as possible, it pains me to say that this... I love, and if not love then really like. Their use of live instrumentation and MPC production has paved the way for a project that has exceeded what I (and I'm sure others) were expecting.

Really great to hear Nottinghams finest, the iron condor that is Cappo feature. I think their beats really suit his delivery style, and as ever he murks it. Not to forget Joker Starr and Sonnyjim on this as well, a nice little roster of "who's who" in the little hub that is UK hip hop. It's a free download so make up your own mind, hip hop is alive...

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