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28 June 2012

What Would Wiley Do? #WWWD

Vice Magazine's music channel Noisey will be premiering a new YouTube show featuring Wiley, as their very own travelling agony uncle! In 'What Would Wiley Do?' the man himself will be dispensing words of advice to the public via the opening hatch of a specially customised ice cream van (above!).

Whether it's the meaning of life or where stars come from or the Olympics, what to study in college, gambling, bee-keeping, how much to tip strippers...WHATEVER it is, don't spend hours beating your sore forehead against the table and shouting at the mirror. Simply ask: What Would Wiley Do?

You can put forward any questions you would like to ask Wiley using the hashtag #WWWD on Twitter or by sending response videos on YouTube. You can also ask Wiley in person by following his whereabouts on Twitter on his travels around London in his specially designed ice cream van. So, if you're lucky or just happened to be in the area you can ask him your question in person..

In related news, the man just dropped step 12 of his 'It's all fun and games till..' series, with this one produced by Infamous... take a listen below!

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